DD TV Playlist 20th January 2019

Duran Duran – Lonely in your nightmare

Dom Brown – Dr. Feel

The Gravity Drive – The wild light

Andy Taylor – I might lie

The Power Station –  Let’s get it on

Robert Palmer – Nobody but you

John Taylor – Time lapse (“Essere amato” original soundtrack)

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Feelings are good

Warren Cuccurullo – Think kartoons

Arcadia –  Election day

Bloom Twins – Set us free

The Devils – Aztec Moon

Shadowy Lines – No one is supposed to be anyone

Luke Skyscraper (Pull of Autumn)  – They came down

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

Erin Stevenson – Take you away

Anna Ross – Sell me down the river


DD TV xx


DD TV Glam rock party – January 2019


Hello peeps! Resuming our latest adventures from rock world…

We’d like to share our good opinion on the so-called “hard-pop” albums… : for example, one of the latest Prince’s spin-off projects, for example certain American bands in the ‘80’s, at the peak of “New Romantics” released albums where the guitars sounded loud, the riffs were equally and generously spread on their songs. These albums hosted a really interesting, intriguing guitar and, how funny, they were not rated “rock albums” and, they have been and still are often underrated.

Now some “rock” news, the most relevant to us:

29th September: guitarist Marty Balin, co-founder of the psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane (then “Starship”), passes away. Awesome legacy, in particular for the songs he co-wrote in the Seventies. Rock in peace.

9th December: the leader of punk band Buzzcocks , Pete Shelley passes away. We are too young for knowing him, but seen that most of our rock idols cried for his passing we join them sad chain. Rock in peace.


SANTANA – ABRAXAS (1971) We were not even born when this album was released, but we can assure you we often heard it later! Carlos Santana was the name of the band and they first played at the Woodstock Festival in 1968. They impressed people with their rock music and Carlos, the lead guitarist soon became the “star” and started to release solo records. “Abraxas” is one of the early records and it is the most successful, thanks to rock melodies as “O ye como va?”, “Black magic woman”, “Samba pa ti”. Guitar riffs that reached out to more than one generation.

LENNY KRAVITZ – 5 (1998) Twenty years ago exactly the release of an album by this young American artist, which skyrocketed in that hot Autumn. That’s his most successful album. Things like “Thinking of you”, “Fly away”, “American woman”, If you can’t say no”.. dream-y rock songs

BRYAN ADAMS – SO FAR SO GOOD (1993). It is our fav “Greatest Hits” of this amazing long time Canadian artist. Maybe his rock is a little commercial” and doesn’t reflect the rules of the proper “American” rock, but this is amazing. It features all hits of the 1980s and the then brand-new song “Please forgive me”. His rough voice is a model to the young vocalists who are applicants in the various Talent shows, particularly X Factor

EAGLES – BEST OF (2018, our own playlist). We picked up the main historic hits of the American band plus the two most famous songs of Glenn Frey (“The heat is on” and “You belong to the city”). Rock, class and good vibes.


The first of the two studio albums produced by former Duran Duran Guitar God Andy Taylor is an amazing rock album, performed by the British band “Thunder”. The lead guitarist is Luke Morley, who later became friend of Andy’s and he also toured with the reunited Power Station in late 1996. Thunder got split up in 2000, to re-start again in 2002, in a new line-up and since then, they’re still on the road and since their third studio album without Andy on the production.

Nothing to share with The Power Station, because John + Andy’s spin off project in the initial intent was musically a blend of “Sex Pistols + Chic”, which we can’t hear on thunder, as we hear a more hard and heavy rock sound.

Stylistically they’re far from Guns and Roses, as well: funny that hard & heavy is familiar in rock music, but few bands manage to customize their style … and Thunder did! Andy’s former partner in crime, Duran Duran’s bassist, still fascinated by rock music, John Taylor, around 1996 formed a powerful rock band called “Neurotic Outsiders”, who in the line-up had Slash, Steve jones, Matt Sorum, etc … : how far is Thunder from John’s band? Not many light years away, but Thunder, again, to us,  sound “different”!

The ballads on Thunder’s Backstreet symphony are sweet pop metal numbers. Lyrics are never oversentimental and they read mostly about split-ups and search of love after the break.

The cover is Blues Brothers “Gimme some lovin”, which sounds really … electric!

Awesome job guys: you did a memorable rock party album

DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 13th January 2019

Duran Duran – Read my lips

Dom Brown – Vanity

The Gravity Drive – The wild light

Andy Taylor – End of the world

The Power Station –  Taxman

Robert Palmer – Discipline of love

John Taylor – Don’t talk much

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Better way

Warren Cuccurullo – Old photographs

Arcadia –  Rose arcana

Bloom Twins – Set us free

The Devils – Newhaven Dieppe

Shadowy Lines – Broken shine exemplar

Luke Skyscraper (Pull of Autumn)  – Breath

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

Erin Stevenson – Truthfully

Anna Ross – Karman line



DD TV The Reader – January 2019


Henry Rider Haggard – King Solomon’s mines

It is the first adventure novel that I’ve started in years. I wanted to take a little breath from history…

It is the novel that inspired a cinema version in 1985 with Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone.

H.R. Haggard is often compared to the Italian contemporary Emilio Salgari, the one of Sandokan fame.


Le ultime 18 ore di Gesù (Jesus’s  last 18 hours of life)– Corrado Augias

It deals with an enquiry by which the author, one of the best Italian journalists, tries to investigate deep into the latest hours of life of Jesus, as a Prophet, as the man. It is also a piece of history of Ancient Rome, Israel and the Middle East at the time of Jesus, on Jesus’s last day.

There is lot of history: Israel, Ancient Rome and Middle-East… 2,000 years ago, which is so fascinating to me.

The most delicate part of the book is to balance the share of guilt of “killing our God” of both Israel and of the Romans, avoiding to be biased, to throw any blame and keeping telling just the facts. At the end of the book, you are supposed to know probably the real reason why Jesus’s life was sacrificed.

I am reading and learning: nothing reads to be biased, because the writer is known to be a non-believer and it gets you curious to go deep with him in the tale. In the final “credits” portion you can read the list of other books and sources the author got inspiration from.


Dalai Lama – The beauty of being patient

I purchased this book with a “hint” of irony, because being myself not very patient at all in my real life, I said: “Wow, Dalai Lama is my healer…LOL!”

Instead, according to Buddhism, there are rules and theories on the very concept of “patience”, how to gain it, how to “feed” it, how to keep it. According to Buddhists patience brings beauty and health and it can improve our society.

Actually I read about their concept of “soul”, “afterlife”, “prayers”, God”, which are not the same as in my religion, but similarly. I read of Dalai Lama acknowledging that the Catholic religion shares a couple of points with Buddhism – in fact I know peeps of my circle, who in the past turned Buddha followers, the bodhisattvas –  His Holiness Dalai Lama also warns that if one day they’d regret on their choice, their turning back to the original religion might be painful.

Another part of the book I enjoyed is when Dalai Lama explains what do with your enemies, the people around you that you do not like, how patience and tolerance could be opportunity, not a waste of time: amazing!

The essential things to know about Buddhism are the last 15-20 pages, where there is also a glossary, which features the key words from A to Z about the religion.

I can’t say that by the end of the book you’ll be a Buddha believer, but you will have learnt amazing things on the religion. I was shocked, at first, I was afraid I could be “upset” by the words in this book. No worries: it is more than a translation of the Dalai Lama tales, the author/translator stops by and explains what you need to know, those stops are sort of “pit stops” on the path;

I did not feel forced to understand, or to believe in all what I was reading.


Christian Jacq – The Ramses’ son, The damned tomb

This the first of the three books of the saga, written by this awesome author, known to be fond of the Ancient Egypt. It might recall the legendary best seller “Sinuhe the Egyptian” of Mika Waltari and probably there is a “fil rouge” that keeps the two stories together.

It is well done because I could “visualize” the scenes described in the tale and only awesome history novels are able to make me feel like this.

I have found the differences and made a comparison like the following within these three writers: Glenn Cooper is history and suspense, Ken Follett is history and fiction balanced mix, this author is more fiction than history.

I think I am not going to get and read the next two chapters of the saga: it is granted it will be a final “happy ending”! I just got this book, because I was curious to read about this author.

Next update: in June 2019


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 6th January 2019

Duran Duran – A view to a kill

Dom Brown – I’m not bitter

The Gravity Drive – The wild light

Andy Taylor – Suffragette City

The Power Station –  Power trippin’

Robert Palmer – Every kinda people

John Taylor –  I do what I do

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Good news

Warren Cuccurullo – Simple man

Arcadia –  The flame

Bloom Twins – Amnesia

The Devils – Big store

Shadowy Lines – No one knows everything about anything

Luke Skyscraper (Pull of Autumn)  – Heaven now

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

Erin Stevenson – Naked

Anna Ross – First day


DD TV xx


DD TV – Hope and speculation

I’ve seen frequently enough speculation within the fellow fans and friends of my circle, thru the years since I became a music fan, on the magazines, or on the radio either on the internet thru the social media. The symptom, so to speak, is usually a  huge mass reaction over a photo, a phrase pronounced in an interview from our music heroes that did change the course of the events, that made history

The funniest facts I can remember and also the one facts that touched my fandom directly are: phrases heard/misheard on the interviews from my rock icons; a picture taken with other artists, an event/party/concert. Being a fan of a band who often changed line-up, the stir anytime caused by the above events sometimes led my heroes to change their decision at the very last minute.

My own reaction: do I speculate? My very first reaction is generally to believe what I see, by instinct. I did have my “beliefs”, my “information” stuck in my head for long. I tend to keep my “beliefs” as a form of hope that what I saw was true..

What’s my relationship with the fellow fans who believe and the ones who do not believe in what they see/hear? As I mentioned you could find me within the fellow “believers” and I sometimes spent my time supporting my opinions, trying to support my arguments with evidences. Whenever I get disappointed, it feels hard, because I felt like being “hurt”, after the disappointment I might have to face the “revenge” so to speak, from the friends who speculated on the opposite. Today, I can say I acquired a certain wisdom by those disappointments. The truth shared by my rock icons allowed me to know them better.

Am I going to believe in the future, seen the wisdom acquired so far? I’m a long-time fan and the clues and traces left on the path on the social media by my heroes are still an ordinary fact and it is something I have to get used in the future: their clues can take place and can also anticipate the official news; their “clues” as opposite, might be “traps”, or lures, so I need to be grounded if I want to avoid being disappointed. My attitude for the future should be the one of “taking note” and of “keeping there the clue in a sort of stand-by position”. Of course, “taking note of it” is not like indifference: it means “Ok, that’s it!”.

We fans we get bombarded by the “clues” daily, this is the “2.0 generation”; our eyes and ears and worn-out, but we can boost of having experienced antennas in our bodies. It is fun and it is getting a challenge to move in the right direction, on the lane.

I suppose that my artists, on their side, are “2.0 artists”, they are aware of new forms of communication, they are aware that they might (want to) leave elements on the ground: probably they are aware of the speculation of their fans, so it is a challenge also for them to use the media correctly, hopefully not to deceive us, or to mislead us.


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 30th December 2018

Duran Duran – Hold back the rain

Dom Brown – Love another day

The Gravity Drive – The wild light

Andy Taylor – Visible target

The Power Station –  Let’s get it on

Robert Palmer – Blackmail

John Taylor –  Dance for freedom

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Angelina

Warren Cuccurullo – The lesson

Arcadia –  Say the word

Bloom Twins – Talk to me

The Devils – Signals in smoke

Shadowy Lines – The clouds cannot sleeps

Luke Skyscraper (Pull of Autumn)  – Downpour

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

Erin Stevenson – Virtuous

Anna Ross – Trace elements


DD TV xx

DD TV Glam Pop Awards party – December 2018

The “winter month” kicked off with excitement, due to the preps and celebration on December 15th of our Music Awards. The second part of month was with friends and family and slowing down a little, as we focused enjoying the Year-End Holidays!

Keeping our lane on the Awards, we are now going to celebrate the end of 2018 in the very same way as we did with the past months: that is  you will find some of the old topics used before here, matched, according to our taste, with the winners’ names off one of the Music Awards won by one of our favorite band. The matches are shortly argued, explained and justified.

The Music Awards are recent: the names of winners aren’t from before than 2000.

The winners are from the main categories (if not, we are doing the list of similar to the following ones): Best Album, Best record, Best Female and Best Male Artist, Best Video clip, Best Breakthrough act and Best Live act/concert

Here we go: this time is the turn of the Ondas Awards 2000:

The “Premios Ondas” a.k.a. “The Ondas Awards” are annually organized and given away since 1954 by Radio Barcelona, the main Radio Station of Catalonia, Spain, to various categories off the arts: music, cinema, television, entertainment in general

The winner in music back in 2000 for his  “international career” was Sir Elton John

Our matches

Listening pleasure: We are huge fans of Elton John since the late Seventies. It’s a mix of pop, rock and few experimentations thru the years. The “Sir” added to his name was deserved and also this Spanish honour was widely well deserved, as well. Just a “universal” artist

Legacy/currency: artists who usually write, and record classic pop music rarely can boost about having a long time successful career, with more than one generation of fans following. Sir Elton John could and have. The key of his long time career (now about to end as he recently announced to get retired) is just all those catchy-pop songs that could embrace cross-over generations.

Make up/style: we can only say that his glasses and his hats each marked an era.

Video clips: He wasn’t the “video man”, or a “video icon”, but he could always let  being able to be seen performing on a piano always enjoyable!

Lyrics: We have to thank Bernie Taupin, the main long time author and lyricist of his poems of today we are still chanting along Sir Elton John’s songs!

DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist 23rd December 2018

Duran Duran –  Planet Earth

Dom Brown – I get loaded

The Gravity Drive – The wild light

Andy Taylor – Night train

The Power Station –  Life forces

Robert Palmer – Where can it go?

John Taylor –  Gabe

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Always wrong

Warren Cuccurullo – 6th sense

Arcadia –  Say the word

Bloom Twins – Blue

The Devils – Big store

Shadowy Lines – We didn’t believe in the ocean until it swallowed us

Luke Skyscraper (Pull of Autumn)  – Elusive love

Michael Des Barres – Raw Power

Erin Stevenson – Funk them

Anna Ross – Silk


DD TV xx

DD TV The 2018 Music Awards blog

This is the report of what happened at the 2018 DD TV Music Awards party, which took place this past Saturday 15th December.


Needless to say, it was an amazing night and again needless to say, we are all exhausted, but proud for the hard work behind … in order to make it something enjoyable to all fans and all music lovers out there, who supported us and sent in their votes for all those previous months.

We also updated our Walk of Fame, by adding the names of this year winners.

Speaking of the show itself, we had in mind something special and simple at the same time and something that could represent the “spirit” of us as long-time Duranies and long-time music lovers.

The stage was composed of the classical one: red curtains up and in front of it a sort of round little stage, up and isolated from the rest, as if a sort of “isle”.

This is what happened …

Smoke is on to give the “fog“ effect, curtains are down, curtains open, the screen of the monitor, located on the left of the stage, turns up and the writing “Duran Duran 1978 … 2018” appears and goes on streaming from right towards left. From the back of the stage – smoke keeps going but fading now – a group of guitarists, a guitar on – make their way on the stage. Each of them plays a set of guitar riffs, or guitar solos taken from DD’s discography: a total of 24 guitar solos “Mediterranea”, “Point of no return”, “Reach up for sunrise”, “What happens tomorrow”, I don’t want your love”, “ Lake shore driving”, ”Ordinary world”, Drowning man”, ”To whom it may concern”, “Yo bad azzizi”, None of the above”, “Virus”, “Stop dead”, Falling Down”, Downtown”, Liberty”, ”Read my lips”, “Electric Barbarella”, “What are the chances?”, “Butterfly girl”, New religion”, “ The seventh stranger”, “Cracks in the pavement”, “I wanna take you higher” “White lines”. One of them slowly approaches to the microphone before located within them and intonates “Pop Trash Movie”, 2000 taken from the band’s album “Pop Trash”, the first part of the song, “Saw a close up of your pretty face – part of celluloid dream”.

Performance ends and the camera rolls on the other smaller stage, “the isle”… two presenters are there, a grin on their face and ready to kick off the proper Awards! After their cheers they announce all nominees of each category and proclaim the winners of the Duran Duran Portion

It was the first time John was elected as “Boy of the year” and Nick was behind him with only a 100 votes discrepancy. “The wild boys” was the well-deserved winning track and it was the first time to see a single song getting over 200 votes. The “battle” this year was in the Best Album category, between “Rio” and “Paper Gods”: for a while it was “Paper Gods” the winning album, but the gap was thin and it was easy for “Rio” to recover, so to speak! It was great to finally see something else than “Secret Oktober” winning in the Best B-Sides category, to all respect to Oktober, of course. Thanks for voting to the fans.

Break: a DD TV footage for all to watch, a collection of slides that we made featuring 40 pics of the band, one for every year from 1978 to this day.

Camera is rolling back in the studio. Another couple of presenters is ready on the stage at the podium for the nominees and winners off the categories off the General Portion.

It was surreal to us to present few Awards to “young” music acts, in more than one category. The only “veterans” to be honored were the winners of the Best Concert – Tour Award: the awesome Guy Pratt, Gary Kemp, Nick Mason. As for the Best Italian Act Award, the winner is the Italian band Maneskin: winners of the 2017-2018 X Factor Italy edition, the guys have been on the road just for one year with dozens of sold- out shows and they are still very popular. Congrats to everyone!

The final. Earlier this year we decided to leave out the “Fact of the year, Person of the year…” category, as we thought it was made of the most variegated topics: we saw it just led to confusion and led to mis-vote. The presenters go summarize the year with introducing the projection on the screen of our own 2018 “thing of the year”.

If the prestigious magazine “Time” dedicates their cover to a “Person of the Year”, DD TV could not be different, … we had our own! So, on the screen the presenters go describe it: the same red square frame as of the original “Time” magazine design, the same characters for “Person of the Year”, below our own font and our own red characters for the writing of “DD TV Time”, below the writing of the “object of the year” (in 2018 the witch hunts)  and below the art representation of “Envy” by Italian artist Giotto.

The two groups of Presenters (the ones for the DD segment and the other part, already on the stage) reunite on the main stage – where the guitarists performed – and sent their final cheers to the virtual audience.

Happy Year-End holidays to you all and see you next year, for another brilliant Awards night!


DD TV xx