DD TV Playlist – 19th March 2017

Duran Duran  – Is there something I should know?

Andy Taylor – When the rain comes down

Dom Brown – I’m not better

Warren Cuccurullo – The lesson

Arcadia – Election day

The Power Station – Murderess

Neurotic Outsiders – Revolution

The Devils – Come alive

John Taylor – Hey day

Autohypnosis – The nuclear winter of our discontent

The Gravity Drive – Wake up dawn

Michael Des Barres – What’s going on?

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Go to sleep

Level 42 – The Chinese way

Sergio Sylvestre – Con te

Marian hill – Down

Meghan Trainor – I’m a lady



DD TV xx

DD TV The Screamer – March 2017


Getting the best concert ticket at the best price, for the best seat in the venue, we guess it’s the realization of a dream, for every music fan.

The thrill is finally there and you can personally hear your music heroes, just next to you playing and performing your music: who and what can replace this magic?

Unfortunately, not everything during a concert woks well: there are funny incidents and worse incidents taking place on the stage, which is better not wish to see to any of your friends: here we deal with the comic ones, the funny ones, who make you laugh over and over … although your favourite performer cuts a poor figure in front of thousands adoring fans!

One of the funniest facts is when they forget part of the lyrics while singing: at first you can’t believe it’s just your hero who has skipped the lines, then then you feel angry, because he was just your hero who did that – and everything had to be perfect to you., then you laugh, because you finally understand your artists is a human too and … what the f*ck!

The above are the human and most immediate reactions to when it deals with a long time singer, because it is harder when they have to keep in mind dozens of lyrics for their live shows.

When it deals with a breakthrough artists the feelings get into regret and anger, disappointment: in this case they young vocalists have longer to get ready with rehearsals and the tours are largely anticipated, that’s why they should try their best to not disappoint their fans.

We do not think there is any insurance company behind that can cover these incidents, just because they’re incidents: no one can say exactly when they happen and they’re human! Vocalists just have to warm up for the gigs at their best.

We had for some time stored somewhere on our computers our own music hero taped while forgetting the whole second part of a hit of the past (you could hear him singing at some point singing “… la la lalalala … ” and the fans singing along loud the right lines), but we removed the audio file. We removed it as a sign of respect to him!



The new edition should be back this spring, but the rest of the details still have to come in.

So far, we haven’t seen much success from the winners of this Talent Show and as it has been often under pressure from “X Factor”, the other “rival” big Talent Show.

Judges and Coaches were relevant, but we think the ones of the early editions left the best signs, when those editions coincided with the top viewers’/fans’ curiosity.

We wouldn’t miss the broadcast of this show if next spring weren’t be scheduled for airing.

We regret for the young talented people, who are trying all the ways to be noticed.

We were glad the format was nominated at the Kid’s Choice Awards


X FACTOR 2016-17

We supported for Manuel Agnelli’s team.

The finale was aired  on December 10th, 2016 : the winners were a multi-ethnical rap-hip hop – style band, named “Soul System” from the Alvaro Soler’s  team.



It deals with a new format for vocalists, but it is not a Talent Show and no coach/Judge is scheduled to take part to.

The performers are invited as guests and other talented tribute vocalists are, as well. Both original artist and tribute fans have to sing several hits of the famous performers’ catalogue, hidden inside a box and the audience in the studio have to guess in which box the real performer is, by hearing only the voices of all participants. The most voted box implies the exit of that vocalist from the match. There is no prize for the audience.

It is an original brand new format; it is also a celebration of the official vocalists, given the presence of the tribute vocalists, but if the audience never wins, what sense has this game?



DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 12th March 2017

Duran Duran  – Rio

Andy Taylor – Night train

Dom Brown – Blue Boy

Warren Cuccurullo – The third eye

Arcadia – Missing

The Power Station – Power Trippin’

Neurotic Outsiders – Feelings are good

The Devils – Big store

John Taylor – Love is bondage

Autohypnosis – Information is boring

The Gravity Drive – Wake up dawn

Michael Des Barres – What’s going on?

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Go to sleep

Depeche Mode – Stripped

Paola Turci –  Fatti bella per te

Imagine Dragons – Believer

Lorde – Green light




DD TV xx

DD TV The F*ck it list – 11th March 2017


You will find listed below in no particular order and with  a short, more or less hilarious comment, the things I think I just don’t love.

  1. the moment when you are awakening and you suddenly feel the need to empty your bowels: painful, awful, a true shock!
  2.  I’d rather be with a b*tch than with a bimbo: bimbos do leave you in a limbo. B*tches use all their means to bother you, but at least they’re smart, there is somehow an interaction.
  3.  I have trouble dealing with touchy music fans.
  4. I learnt thru bad moments with friends that I’d better skip speaking of politics! Right now, more than it was before, even if one is asked to, sharing your opinions has become extremely dangerous. Don’t know … people are frustrated by the current situation and that makes them impulsive, aggressive.
  5. I’m rather sick of the people approaching me saying they need my help to figure how to do whatever, begging me over and over. Their fear of getting wrong is the excuse to abuse of my kindness and patience. This way the lazy bastards don’t work and let me do what they are up to!
  6. I don’t like kicking off my working day late and I’d rather, when possible, not coming back home late.
  7. I don’t like having headache
  8. I usually avoid purchasing records of artists I just feel admiration, but do not love: those albums usually end up in my drawers, rarely listened.



DD TV Playlist – 5th March 2017

Duran Duran  – Serious

Andy Taylor – Take it easy

Dom Brown – New soul brother

Warren Cuccurullo – In-flight entertainment

Arcadia – Goodbye is forever

The Power Station – Some like it hot

Neurotic Outsiders – Better way

The Devils – Come alive

John Taylor – Soul fire

Autohypnosis – Donald has to return some videotapes

The Gravity Drive – Wake up dawn

Michael Des Barres – What’s going on?

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Go to sleep

Dee D. Jackson – Automatic lover

Michele Bravi – Il diario degli errori

SIA – Helium

Little Mix – Touch




DD TV xx

The challenge: the celebration of milestone anniversaries


One of the music acts I love and support next year is going to celebrate their 40th anniversary on the road; this is not the only long time music act which is going celebrate 40 years of making music between last year and next year. I have noticed a different set of plans to share the big date with their fans and I am going to discuss the main differences.

The tour – The plans of a big tour in support of a studio album are regularly made; on the other hand, I saw less frequently artists organizing tours to celebrate special occasions, but it does happen.  It is awesome also to hear the “special” set lists the artists announce to have in mind, in order to remark the special dates and the fandom awesomely and enthusiastically respond to, because it would break the studio album-tour-studio album-tour routine.  A celebrative tour would be healthy also to the artists, as they can enjoy live their audience affection for all hits, their artistic achievements, and their success so far.  The prices for the concert tickets would certainly become “special. The trouble of the secondary ticketing is another trick that recently came out, in particular on the concerts planned to celebrate dates or anniversaries, lonely events.

The release of special items – After years of selling items dedicated to each and every studio album, I wonder what special items can be designed and put out for the fans on these special events. My “wonder” turns into curiosity, though. Since the important dates just happen once in a lifetime, I guess every fan like me is supposed to eagerly await for an announcement in this direction: whatever designed with the musicians’ logo and only on this occasion is rated like a relish to worship, it is like having a piece of them taken in that moment. Musicians know it and I heard generally they approve to design brand new items.

The above plans are basically the ones I saw and they’re the only possible ones that can be realized by any long time music act on the road. On the other side, we fans are dreamers at heart and we always had in mind other things we wish could happen to celebrate any milestone date.

Here is my wishing list and I discuss of the things we basically dream about!

A special set list for the live shows – my favorite band, who are about to be 40 years on the road, next year – are now actually on the road in support of their latest studio album. Personally, I’d love this current line-up – as I think it is very complicated to bring back the original line-up of every era off their long career – to play a long(er) special set list.: say 40 songs: one for each year?

The release of special unheard music items – I tend to purchase every new object featuring their logo every year, in order to renew my kit – keyrings, mouse mats, pens – I’d love to hear new, special music items shared in these particular occasions: that song/remix, live version, that re-arrangement …. You know, things of these types would remind me of the event … And it would be a special memory also for the band, if they tried to rate such releases under the emotional point of view. That would be nice to a great number of people.

On the top of my thoughts and wishes, but I’m hastening to say it occupies the lowest rank of my list, you’d find a reunion for a farewell tour. As for my favorite band, the reunion would fail, because the band members have been strong egos, which, if put together could never find a real chemistry:  no management so far was able to create peace within them and maybe their early producers in the 80’s managed to share some human touch to them. As opposite, a reunion designed for a farewell tour is a more possible thing to happen: all tensions would end, because everyone would think it is the last time on Earth they would meet with each other and us fans we could enjoy really terrific moments with all involved in on the stage!

The farewell tours are maybe the most expensive ones to plan and to realize for the record companies and insurance companies and it is a business. For us fans, it would actually be the beginning of a long period of tears, due to the end of whoever artist’s career.

I didn’t realize that, considering all of the above aspects, celebrating a milestone year in long time artistic careers is just a huge challenge. Do not to underestimate it.


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 26th February 2017


Duran Duran  – The wild boys

Andy Taylor – French guitar

Dom Brown – Vanity

Warren Cuccurullo – Whatever you say Mac!

Arcadia – Election day

The Power Station – Lonely tonight

Neurotic Outsiders – Good news

The Devils – Hawks don’t share

John Taylor – 21st century teenager

Autohypnosis – To stave off death with noise

The Gravity Drive – Wake up dawn

Michael Des Barres – What’s going on?

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Go to sleep

Wendy and Lisa – Waterfall

Ermal Meta – Vietato Morire

Amy Lee – Love exists

Take That – Giants




DD TV xx

DD TV Glam Pop party – February 2017

We are saying goodbye to February, the shortest month of the year (and as the a little superstitious ones say: now fewer months ‘til the end of 20 … 17!!).

Whenever a month is coming to an end on our blog it is time for lists…

We have decided to change the method to make the lists: the subject that we pick up “goes versus” the other topics we are used to discuss on our blogs. It must be said that not all the rest of the topics are suitable to the subject we have chosen.

This time the list is “news”.

We tried as always to add humour, so feel free to have a laugh when you think it is due.



News: clothes/style

The Fashion Weeks in September are a terrific source of news about clothes and style, about the new trends for both fans and artists.

News: the question

One million dollars question: do  the news media amplify what is true or do they only what is “convenient” to let people know?

News: live shows

The announcements of live gigs should arrive on time to let the fans search for the best seats tickets on time.

News: legacy

The facts we know thru the news make history and, in case of the artists, they make his legacy.

News: the challenge

Every journalist and every news media must make the best to get the news credible, truthful, not biased. There must be no corruption, at all! Wow, awesome challenges!

News: the charts

The number of the rank occupied by the our favourite artists’ records is a precious news item. The rank in the charts is used in the artists’ biography, in the fans’ chats, in the stories passed from old generation to younger generation of fans.

News: Live Aid, Live 8 and Live Earth

We were totally in the dark when Live Aid was held, but in a 30 years-time we got all the news we needed to hear to re-live it. Confessing we didn’t know some things  about Live Aid felt like being a bit out of time, but we were without MTV and our media then didn’t cover all.

News: DD TV Music Awards

News on our own Music Awards will be shared bit by bit, thru the year until the show day in mid-December! So stay tuned and thanks for support, for submitting your entries and voting.

News: radio

Radio share news, as well. We think it is the one medium that doesn’t bother you all day hammering you with certain items and subjects, maybe because they do not have the same number of journalists the press, the TV stations, the web stations have the chance to have.



DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 19th February 2017

Duran Duran  – Girl panic!

Andy Taylor – Feel like making love

Dom Brown – I get loaded

Warren Cuccurullo – Roadrage

Arcadia – Election day

The Power Station – Go to zero

Neurotic Outsiders – Good news

The Devils – Newhaven  Dieppe

John Taylor – Dis-order

Autohypnosis – To welcome death with noise

The Gravity Drive – Kaleidoscope

Michael Des Barres – What’s going on?

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Go to sleep

Queen – One vision

Fiorella Mannoia – Che tu sia benedetta

The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk – I feel it coming

Parov Stellar – All night



DD TV xx

DD TV Eye on Fashion – February 2017

February 2017


Milan Fashion Week  22nd – 27th February 2017


Newly elected US President tycoon Donald Trump was married to two top models: Ivana Zelnickova Trump and Melania Knauss. 


Valentino is owned by the Arabian Emirates; Krizia is owned by non – Italian hands: the famous “Made in Italy” logo was born here to be sold away.


Another fashion-related trademark is owned by non-Italian guys: Bulgari.


Top models in music? In the 80s few top models made amazing albums, although they were properly professional singers: We pay homage to Sade, Brenda Russell, the late Whitney Houston started as a top model and ended up as a vocalist. Later Naomi Campbell did an album. The most successful was the lovely Sade.

Rock on girls with your style!


PUNK MASTERS BY PATTY PALAZZO: Patty is an awesome woman-designer on demand. She can create some cool drum logos (played by some awesome drummers): she’s been doing designs for new tees; she designed artworks for records and books.

Patty is hosted in this space as “special guest” in the behind the scenes of the Milan Fashion Weeks.





Mid-December 2016: Armani, White and Versace were the first ones apply for the January 2017 first Fashion week. Again meetings and briefings for the measures to take to keep everyone safe in the occasion.


On Dec. 22nd Franca Sozzani, the Managing Director of Vogue Italy, the pioneer of the Vogue Fashion Night Out events in September in Milan passed away and she was only 66. Design in peace.


Early January: The January Fashion Week for Men’s Wear: White and Pitti Uomo, in Florence were amazing.


20th January: Melania Trump, the new USA First Lady had a Dolce & Gabbana’s dress on and she looked gorgeous. But our two designers were attacked for designing her a dress.


26th January: “Coutu” is the brand of Carlo Conti ‘s wife. Carlo is one of the most popular Italian TV presenters, DJ, entertainers and he’s going to present the upcoming Sanremo Music Festival. His wife is a talented designer who is launching this clothing line, named “Bark & Dust”: it is actually inspired by Nature, like the color and the lines of the bark of the bark of the trees and the leather of certain jackets lead to look spoiled to recall the rust. All support to this new line!


2nd February – Givenchy, the French design firm and brand has to soon appoint a new designer and art director. The former one. art director Mr. Riccardo Tisci leaves the group after 12 years. Good luck guys!


10th February – Ms. Patrizia Reggiani, the ex-wife of Italian designer Maurizio Gucci, who was the nephew of the founder of the fashion brand “Gucci”, she spent 26 years in the jail for murdering the designer and now she was granted by the Italian justice to receive a monthly revenue from their two daughters, as a sort of source of surviving  We are not going to comment on this! RIP Gucci.




DD TV xx