DD TV The Playlist – 21st April 2019

Duran Duran –  New moon on Monday

Erin Stevenson – Make it last forever

Anna Ross  – Seventh heaven

Dom Brown – Amazing

The Gravity Drive – The wild light

Andy Taylor – French guitar

The Power Station –  Hot pants

Robert Palmer –  Between us

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Feelings are good

John Taylor – Time lapse (“Essere amato” original soundtrack)

Warren Cuccurullo –  The third eye

Arcadia –  The promise

The Devils –  The tinsel ritual

Bloom Twins –  Nothing ever changes

Autohypnosis –  And time moves forward

Luke Skyscraper (Pull of Autumn)  – Laura song

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

DD TV xx


DD TV – The pioneers

I was watching on my local media, basically on TV and on the radio, the documentaries and some of the dedicated gigs on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the passing of Kurt Cobain, the lead singer, front man of grunge – rock band Nirvana.

25 years without the presence in rock industry of a talented, but unfortunate young man. Sanctification as the one of Freddie Mercury? Perhaps…

I can cry at thinking of the further good rock music he could have shared if he was still here. I think Kurt Cobain was just a “pioneer”: in my opinion, Grunge music kicked off with his band and it was something new to all, but ill fate did not let him develop all that. He was just the seed of a plant that could never grow, he was just the seed of a flower that could never blossom.

Kurt Cobain had an incredible charisma, live and otherwise and it is still hard to find someone like him.

On one of the dedicated footages I Hd the chance to watch on that day they referred to him as  the “voice of the X generation”: I was only 18 year old when Grunge arrived, but I was too old for the so-called “X Generation”, though. I think it is referred to as “X” Generation”, because those guys didn’t have any of the strong benchmarks we have had in the previous decade: Post-punk, MTV, to name a couple. Nirvana just appeared and had that impact socially that could represent a generation of guys, a bit like Simon LeBon is to my generation. What makes the glue between you and an iconic musician is more than his voice or his style at playing his instrument, but I do not know what it is exactly that is so strong to get stuck on you… for a long-time!!!

Rock in peace Kurt and thanks for being a “start” of something.



DD TV xx


DD TV Playlist – 14th April 2019

Duran Duran – Success

Erin Stevenson – Make it last forever

Anna Ross  – Seventh heaven

Dom Brown – going down but not slow

The Gravity Drive – The wild light

Andy Taylor – Don’t let me die young

The Power Station –  Living in fear

Robert Palmer –  Pressure drop

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Better ways

John Taylor – Time lapse (“Essere amato” original soundtrack)

Warren Cuccurullo – Sikar

Arcadia –  Missing

The Devils –  Memory palaces

Bloom Twins –  Nothing ever changes

Autohypnosis –  Fractured beauty

Luke Skyscraper (Pull of Autumn)  – Vanishing spell

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

DD TV xx


DD TV Legacy – Leaving Neverland … for “Witch hunt” land

I watched the subject-of- recent-much-talk documentary about the late and great Michael Jackson in mid-March, the footage which is becoming the “case of the year”. The footage was first projected at the “Sundance Movie Festival”, then on some of the major TV stations and arrived, in mid-March,  in two parts also on the Italian TV.

Prior to say, I did purchase and always enjoyed Michael Jackson’s music when I was a kid, although I was never a fanatic and I am aware during the “Thriller years” the artist approached to my current favorite band for a possible music collaboration;

Prior to say I’ve had few shadows of doubts both of on his real private personality (who is the real mother of his two children?) and on such accusations, during the last few years of his life,

Prior to say we are living hard times where blaming one another is growing as a necessity, the witch hunt is our favorite sport; we are living times where the phrase “I got the evidence that …” is the most spoken phrase, used both to attack and to defend anyone,

I wanted to watch the documentary “Leaving Neverland” with the most open mind I could. Here is my feedback

All of the audio excerpts where you can hear Jackson speaking to the kids… well, it sounds like the excerpts are taped in other situations, with a naïve “copy and paste” technique , so that the viewer gets to believe the kids and the popstar are having that conversation in that moment

I’ve never seen a really traumatized face or attitude from the accusers/victims during the interview: they look to speak quietly, often making pauses … as if they try to recall what they have to say. They do not show the smallest trace of grief.

The most ridiculous moment is when mister Wade says “Michael told me to always lie and deny”: to lie and deny what? No abuse or yes abuse? I mused.

There is no real evidence that states they were violated: go and share medical tests, like X rays, .. whatever that can show you were abused. Docs are the first who have to certify the physical damage. Why only women have to do that?

I got doubts on Wade’s mum behaviour: usually, when kids are victims of sex abuses they go home with a different attitude, a different temper… then when any adult gives kids “important” gifts (like money, jewels, for example …) and continually, which is the case, it is the first warning sign of that “morbid” attention.

I was watching the other day some of the celebrities who were friends with Jackson and defending him, forced to apologize after being attacked: I’ll say it again, this footage doesn’t give “the evidence” of the facts he was blamed of,.. ‘til then, for me he is not guilty.

“Bohemian rhapsody” is an inaccurate business – movie designed to sanctify a rock icon that didn’t need to be sanctified. “Leaving Neverland” is a very accurate documentary designed to spoil the reputation of a rock icon that instead ends up to spoil the reputation of the people who did it!

DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 7th April 2019

an – Electric Barbarella

Erin Stevenson – Make it last forever

Anna Ross  – Seventh heaven

Dom Brown – Blue boy

The Gravity Drive – The wild light

Andy Taylor – The wild boys ultra version 2009

The Power Station –  We fight for love

Robert Palmer –  Mean old world

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Good news

John Taylor – Time lapse (“Essere amato” original soundtrack)

Warren Cuccurullo – The lesson

Arcadia –  Keep me in the dark

The Devils –  Come alive

Bloom Twins –  Nothing ever changes

Autohypnosis –  Thanks a million

Luke Skyscraper (Pull of Autumn)  – Shimmer lizard

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

DD TV xx

DD TV The perfect list – April 2019

You will find listed below in no particular order and with a short, more or less hilarious comment, the things I think I just love. After listing the items I did not like, now I go and share more positive thoughts!

I love staying home on a day off, whenever I really need it.

I love watching non-favorite documentaries and listening to non-favorite music albums with the most open mind that I can;

I love the “schedule” button on most of the social media and blog platforms.

I love taking any decision on time, in order to avoid regrets and remorse later.

I like thinking positive: so damn helpful!!!

How good I feel whenever I find my things ready and in the can…

I do respect the band “The Cure”, I do recognise their influence on the music of other younger artists and to end, my congrats on their induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This much to say I am NOT a fan of theirs, though.

The Design Week in my town: I love that when the ”Week” is launched, I and my bosses we go off celebrating together, by visiting some of the activities we placed in town .. and later merrily drinking in a club!

I love Nirvana’s song “come as you are”, I think it is my favorite. Rock in peace Kurt

I love showing support ad cheering up the people I love and I care the most, but also love it when the feeling is mutual!


DD TV  xx


DD TV Playlist 31st March 2019

Duran Duran – Shelter

Erin Stevenson – Make it last forever

Anna Ross  – Seventh heaven

Dom Brown – Sweet mercy

The Gravity Drive – The wild light

Andy Taylor – Take it easy

The Power Station –  Taxman

Robert Palmer –  Every kinda people

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Angelina

John Taylor – Time lapse (“Essere amato” original soundtrack)

Warren Cuccurullo – For the masses, I, II, III

Arcadia –  The flame

The Devils –  Lost decade

Bloom Twins –  Nothing ever changes

Autohypnosis –  Middle management

Luke Skyscraper (Pull of Autumn)  – A small affair of the heart

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

DD TV xx

DD TV Glam pop party – March 2019

The Carnival and the Lent month slowly, but enough nicely, passed by for us. March here is rated as a “tough, hard and busy” one, together with May and October.

We say good bye to March 2019, proud of any achievement or any challenge raised in the past few days. And we can welcome Spring 2019, officially, too.

Let’s go for our ride in the Awards history

The Music Awards are recent: the names of winners aren’t from before than 2000.

The winners are from the main categories (if not, we are doing the list of similar to the following ones): Best Album, Best record, Best Female and Best Male Artist, Best Video clip, Best Breakthrough act and Best Live act/concert

Here we go: this time is the turn of the Grammy Awards: 2001

ALBUM OF THE YEAR – Steely Dan “Two against nature”



BEST SONG (video clip) – U2  Beautiful day

BEST RECORD – U2 – Beautiful  day

Our matches

Listening pleasure: Such great names… as always… at the Grammy Awards! We would pick both U2 and Sting, two of the best representative of pop and rock. We are long- time fans of these great acts

Legacy/currency: Wow, again we would choose Sting. Sting is, to us, the one who can look best to the future, as his solo albums are futuristic and full of pop experiments.

Make up/style: Macy Gray looked gracious and Sting is style as well.

Video clips:  We did use the Grammy Award category “song of the year”, as the clips are not honoured. And a song can be honoured also with the help of a clip, right? U2 Beautiful day I the case, we think. With over 123 million views, it is the one clip shot inside an airport and the top  scene is when they play in the point the aircraft takes off. Lots of irony, because a charismatic Bono plays tricks with some of the passengers…

Lyrics: We would put here Sting and Steely Dan. Sting has written milestone lyrics for songs, and we mean in his solo career, not The Police. Ditto for Steely Dan, a legendary band.

DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 24th March 2019

Duran Duran – Valentine stones

Erin Stevenson – Make it last forever

Anna Ross  – Seventh heaven

Dom Brown – Chocolate fever

The Gravity Drive – The wild light

Andy Taylor – I might lie

The Power Station –  Let’s get it on

Robert Palmer –  Sulky girl

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Always wrong

John Taylor – Time lapse (“Essere amato” original soundtrack)

Warren Cuccurullo – The trip

Arcadia –  Rose arcana

The Devils –  Come alive

Bloom Twins –  Nothing ever changes

Autohypnosis –  The numbers

Luke Skyscraper (Pull of Autumn)  – They came down

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

DD TV xx

DD TV The Screamer – March 2019

The “Whisperers”: how amazingly good vocalists are they?

Dido, Sade, Lene Marlin, Alizée, Emma Bunton (Spice Girls) … to name a few. There isn’t only Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey, in our generation. We listened to them over and over thru the years, we maybe have even skipped one or two songs later, because in those days we wanted to hear anything loud…. But it is not a matter of music level in your ears

Those delicate voices are soft, but work well with their unique style. Whisperers have a limit in pop music, as probably they can’t play rock songs, (those voices cannot offer you falsetto or just screams, typically rock), but a voice like theirs fits to most of any type of the rest of music.

The artists who bear this quality of voice are usually also humble and quiet people: they are grounded people even when their success, if grows overwhelming. They never have to cope the effects of a “super stardom”, although some of them would deserve it.

We noticed that in recent Talent shows more than one applicant went on the stage playing that voice, or just using songs of these “whisperers”: it was amazing to see the re-discover of  low voices. This is a sign that maybe now people do not want only noise!

* * *


The Voice will kick off on April 16th, with a brand new team of judges and a new presenter, a long – time appreciated lady of the Italy TV circle.

The first three confirmed coaches are Gigi D’Alessio (a melodic Italian songwriter), Elettra Lamborghini (Italian actress, singer and social media star, the grand-daughter of cars builder Ferruccio Lamborghini) and Gue Pequeno (an Italian trapper/rapper). The fourth one is a nice surprise comeback: Morgan, one of the best Italian musicians and best opinionated music fans of our country.


The 2019 Talent show which is aimed to give a second chance to few one-hit wonders of the past, kicked on TV on January 19th.  The new applicants were mostly one-hit wonders from the Italian scene off late 1980s and early 1990s

The winner is a one-hit wonder off the early 1990s: the Italian artist Paolo Vallesi. We supported all women and we were pleased to see they were located in high ranks on the final definite rundown. Now, all support on the winner’s comeback.

X FACTOR 2018 – 2019

The judges for the 2018 edition were announced. After rumours and much speculation, the new line-up is Fedez, Mara Maionchi and Manuel Agnelli, who are confirmed from the past editions, whereas the only new entry is the Italian actress Asia Argento, who accepted notwithstanding the recent loss of her fiancé, the American Chef Anthony Bourdain.

The news of sexual assault of late August 2018 pushed the X Factor crew to not welcome Asia any more: the actress won’t be taking part to the “Live phase” of the Talent Show: she was replaced by mister Lodo Guenzi, the young frontman of the indie Italian rock band Stato Sociale, who won in late February 2018 the Sanremo Music Festival.”

At the Bootcamps, we realized there are guys who are trying now a new voice type”: the “whisperers” (Dido, Sade…). The first “Live” with Sting was awesome and in our opinion, the new coach mister Guenzi, is too young to know about music.

The finalists were a band named “Bowland”, a young rapper Anastasio, an over 35 years old lady Naomi and a teen girl from Sardinia Luna. We supported for Naomi and Luna, both of them amazing vocalists, they also looked humble and determined characters. Who won? The rapper, the guy named Anastasio. Congrats to all and all support! The choreographies for the performances reminded us the “super- productions” off the 1980s: stunning and the art director had the right intuitions.

For the X Factor  2019 – 2020 edition, the coach Ms Maionchi has announced in early March 2019 she would leave the place.

We came to know that X Factor in our country will be regularly going on until 2022, because so states the deal signed by Sky TV with the X Factor brand… like it or not!


DD TV xx