DD TV Playlist – 14th October 2018

Duran Duran –  The edge of America/Lake shore driving

Dom Brown – Crocodile tears

The Gravity Drive – Inside out

Andy Taylor –  Night train

The Power Station – Life forces

Robert Palmer – Give me an inch

John Taylor – The sound of single girls

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Good news

Warren Cuccurullo – Jam man jam

Arcadia – The flame

Bloom Twins – Talk to me

The Devils – Aztec moon

Shadowy Lines – We didn’t believe in the ocean until it swallowed us

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion))  – Wildest dreams

Michael Des Barres – Raw Power

Erin Stevenson – Naked

Anna Ross – First day



DD TV xx


DD TV The Viewer – October 2018

October 2018

Aside the only official Oscar’s ceremony held in LA every year, this is the place where we post our feedback on some of the amazing movies we have watched in these past few months.

We use the following “rough” method for the rating.

*** (3 stars) good movie, but not excellent

**** (4 stars) great

***** (5 stars) don’t miss it, highly recommended

G.I. JOE – THE COBRA BIRTH” with Dennis Quaid and Channing Tatum (USA, 2009)

An amazing action movie, whose story is so current and based on the reality we are leaving, such as spies, conspiracies, plots and international terrorism.

A team of Marines have to deliver 4 atomic bombs in a pre-established area, where another team have to rescue them, but suddenly from the sky an air attack destroys the Marines air coverage and the tanks, to escort them. The ones who are behind the air attack actually are there to save the Marines and their bombs, as they knew beforehand someone else would have stolen them. When introducing, the survived Marines thank them and accept to join the guys, who are the “Cobra” team members. Cobra isn’t the acronym of the famous special anti-terrorism elite in the UK, but the name is due because their armed members are trained with real cobra venom doped in their neck, which has the effect to make them angry and motivated. The trainers are mostly holograms.

Suspense and action, amazing special effects and computer graphics. The best actor for me was Dennis Quaid, the trainer of the Cobra soldiers.

A bit sci-fi, but exciting movie. **** 4 stars out of 5

DEEP CALM with Sam Neil, Nicol Kidman Australia, 1988)

It is the tile of a thriller movie shot in late 1980s, of which I often heard of in the following years  since I was a teen, but never had the real chance to watch it. The chance to, arrived in early August, some thirty years later… LOL!

The beginning is dramatic, with that car accident and miss Rae ending up at the hospital in such condition. When her recovery begins the psycho-thriller begins as well. The man they rescue and get on board of their yacht… my congrats to the actor, by the way… to me was one, who was infected by whatever virus on his boat, since he was speaking of sick food. Instead he actually was psychopath killer… !

Suspense, violence and blood .. but I loved the suspense!

Actress Nicole Kidman was a breakthrough act then, but she was awesome. Sam Neil was recruited years later in the “Jurassic Park” saga, where he plays on more dramatic, still psycho-scenes and bigger roles!

Good cast was an amazing thriller story. Never trust in strangers, call the Coast Guards, the RN… LOL!

CAPTAIN HARLOCK anime Japan 2016 of Shinji Aramaki

Prior to say I didn’t know they realized a 3D anime movie of one of my fave manga, as when I was I was a kid, I, in fact, had doubt on the quality of this TV product, in terms of video quality and of possible changes of the original story: mine was a saga, in 2013 they turned into a 2-hours anime

Luckily the story has remained the same: in 2297 Earth is no more an inhabited planet and Captain Harlock, his Crew on the spaceship Arcadia plans to fight against the crooked Gaia coalition and to restore life on Earth. Unfortunately on board of Arcadia, there is someone who is plotting against him and tries to murder him.

Differently from the late ‘70’s, all characters looked more “explicit”, closer to really human character attitudes: this implied viewing “harder” scenes”, in terms of violence and of sex. Today anime movies are designed for smarter children. My hero, the Captain looked dead sexy, as much as he looked, originally!

The computer graphic and the rest of the special effects opted were very welcome, in particular when showing the details on the spaceship and on Planet Earth.

Nostalgia? Yes and no. It is known that on summer the good things lack on the TV airplay, so I opted for this anime as it reminded me the good old days. I did not have nostalgia, because the hi-fi tech improved the vision.

Good job Japan… (Now and then!)!

STAR TREK BEYOND with Chris Pine  – USA/China 2016

I saw the premiere in Italy on TV in September 2018 and a fan of the original saga could not miss it, my expectations were high.

Instead it was a bit disappointing, because although this was a “prequel”, that is a movie on the main original characters as “kids”, although my heart still beats for the legendary spaceship “Enterprise”, the story was disappointing: it was like watching a copy exactly of the first 1979 Star Trek, when the Crew was “captured” by a big cloud (an alien, actually).

Special effects, graphics visuals… were awesome due to 2018 hi-fi tech, but the story is just the same as the one of 1979.

SULLY with Tom Hanks and Aaron Eckhart – USA, 2016

It is the “psycho-drama” movie, directed by the awesome Clint Eastwood, based on the US air pilot Sullenberger, who, in early January 2009, took the broken aircraft he was driving to land on the Hudson river, saving all of the passengers and few on board.

The real fact is described in a 10 minutes sequence, the rest is all about feelings. The man struggled against the USA Flight Commission, which investigates on his move and blaming him for taking “exaggerated” decisions and his Insurance company bureau. Pilot “sully” manages to demonstrate that the evidence used by the Flight commission is wrong and inaccurate and he is finally acclaimed as a “hero”

All of my support thru all the story was to pilot “Sully”. Also, I could learn how the USA Flight Authorities work and how “justice” is in the country.

All actors are amazing. My final rating is 4/5 **** stars

Next update in February 2019


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 7th October 2018

Duran Duran –  Hold back the rain

Zoe Nash – Love bug

The Gravity Drive – Inside out

Dom Brown – Chocolate fever

Andy Taylor –  Come back again (what’s wrong?)

The Power Station – Communication

Robert Palmer – Dreams come true

John Taylor – Silent skin

Neurotic Outsiders –Angelina

Warren Cuccurullo – Player guitar

Arcadia – Missing

Bloom Twins – Fahrenheit

The Devils – World exclusive

Shadowy Lines – No one is supposed to be anyone

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion))  – Wildest dreams

Michael Des Barres – Raw Power

Erin Stevenson – Virtuous

Anna Ross – Trace elements


DD TV xx

DD TV Legacy and currency – How to make the right playlist

Every year, with regard to my music project on Facebook, which is the FB version of this blog, I have to decide, with the rest of the guys of the Crew, of a new weekly playlist to share – now also on Spotify – Playlists is just a list of your favorite songs and it became like a “must” on most of the music Pages, for any devoted music fan. What can we share next year, keeping mind that we wanted to share a different list?

We have used several ideas in the past, doing our weekly “Top 10s”: we picked up the real Top 10 of singles from few Countries in the world; we have used our favorite band’s catalogue, but we decided to share it only here;, we then thought of using the music of the artists who inspired their music, some 40 years ago. How to move on?

The big dilemma: legacy (old) or currency (new stuff)? When we used to Top ten singles that was only currency, but, in all truth our heart wasn0t there: our head only was focused! Sharing current songs is amazing for our “youngest” followers, but we do not have many young followers. Although they are not so many we have to show them respect (and gratitude) for following, so currency is to be considered, at least for a while, in our playlists.

We then thought of putting ourselves and our own favorite mixed again with our fave artists’ favourites! This was perfect; this was a balanced choice, because this way “legacy” and “currency” are equally represented. We’ll always do our best to respect anyone involved in. We’ll always do our best to not make the divide, but to be the bridge, trying to create the best possible connection between past and present, history and current times. Songs of any period are just the mirror, are like a photograph of the time we are living in. finally there is our heart to consider: we thought we owe ourselves something, as we ran this “business”.

Having said that, now we are going to share our final decision for 2019: the next year weekly playlist will be a sort of “Top two Fab Five songs”: it will deal with a list of songs in which alternating we will feature a song of our fave band, looking at voice, or bass, or drums, or guitars, or synths, and a fave song released as a solo by another vocalist, bass player, guitarist, drummer and keyboard player off our faves from past to present. Actually, two songs off “Fab five musicians”, including our own “Fab Five”.

It was a little complicated to explain, we are aware it will all be clear next year, so watch this space and wait until early 2019 to see it and to listen to it. There is not much time left. Until then …


DD TV xx


DD TV Playlist – 30th September 2018

Duran Duran –  Face for today

Zoe Nash – Love bug

The Gravity Drive – Inside out

Dom Brown – New soul brother

Andy Taylor –  Don’t let me die young

The Power Station – Still in your heart

Robert Palmer – Disturbing behaviour

John Taylor – Over

Neurotic Outsiders –Always wrong

Warren Cuccurullo – Nocera Inferiore

Arcadia – Say the word

Bloom Twins – Blue

The Devils – Memory palaces

Shadowy Lines – The clouds cannot sleep

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion))  – Wildest dreams

Michael Des Barres – Raw Power

Erin Stevenson – Funk them

Anna Ross – First day


DD TV xx

DD TV Glam Pop Awards Party – September 2018

Five Saturdays falling in the same month: it rarely happens during the year. However, the first month after the summer break is about to finish.

The way we say goodbye to it is the same as of previously done.

You will find some of the old topics used before here, matched, according to our taste, with the winners’ names off one of the Music Awards won by one of our favorite band. The matches are shortly argued, explained and justified.

The Music Awards are recent: the names of winners aren’t from before than 2000.

The winners are from the main categories (if not, we are doing the list of similar to the following ones): Best Album, Best record, Best Female and Best Male Artist, Best Video clip, Best Breakthrough act and Best Live act/concert

Here we go: this time is the turn of “GQ Awards”

GQ Magazine is a international magazine for men. They launched their own Awards back in 2009, but we could not find the winner in the “Music” category.

That’s due, because only in the following year, 2000, all categories and awards assignment were better defined.so this below is the only winner we can get involved in and you will find below our usual “matches”. Enjoy!

GQ Awards – Musician band Gorillaz

Our matches:

Listening pleasure: their music probably isn’t innovative, but it is good to hear.

Legacy/currency: this “virtual” band has got nothing to share with the past and it is launched to the future, as it deals with holograms and avatars.

Make up/style: the band members do not need it, but they have to be “digitally  updated” .

Video clip: you can see their performances on You Tube, thru the traditional ordinary clips. Their “being unique” is visually in another context.

Lyrics: They often speak of “social topics”, they reflect all of our frustration and we have their music used as our “spokesman”: we can only hope to be listened! Kepp up the good job Gorillaz!


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 23rd September 2018

Duran Duran –  Paper Gods

Zoe Nash – Love bug

The Gravity Drive – Inside out

Dom Brown – I’m not bitter

Andy Taylor –  Choices

The Power Station – Harvest for the world

Robert Palmer – What you waiting for

John Taylor – I do what I do

Neurotic Outsiders – Nasty Ho

Warren Cuccurullo – Simple man

Arcadia – Goodbye is forever

Bloom Twins – Set us free

The Devils – Memory palaces

Shadowy Lines – Randomness, surrender

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion))  – Wildest dreams

Michael Des Barres – Raw Power

Erin Stevenson – Hangin

Anna Ross – Silk


DD TV xx


DD TV Eye on Fashion – September 2018

Milan Fashion Week  Menswear 18th – 24th September 2018

We are happy our music heroes are recruting teens within our fan base, which is made also of older people, to advertise their t-shirts and items of clothings off their catalogue of their own merchandise.

There are often awesome and interesting exhibits on fashion, designers and clothes at the Palazzo Reale Museum of our town: we highly recommend you to come and pay a visit. Chech out our news below, to see subjects and dates.

“Punk Masters” by American designer Patty Palazzo: Patty is an awesome woman-designer, very much on demand. She can create some cool drum logos (played by some awesome drummers): she’s been doing designs for new tees; she designed artworks for records and books.  The gracious and talented Patty is hosted in this space as “special guest” in the behind the scenes of the Milan Fashion Weeks.


7th August: Armani, Versace, Fendi, Alberta Ferretti and the National chamber of Fashion are on the bill of the public events. John Richmond is amongst those who we are still awaiting for re-appearing in public (sigh…) .

The Vogue Fashion Night Out was celebrated on 13th September, still in the memory of France Sozzani, the Vogue Italy woman director who passed away one year ago. There was a big event in the centre of the town.

3rd September: the Milan City Council have agreed to locate houses sharpened like cubes, open to public, where inside there is an exhibit on a topic of Italian fashion and on the Made in Italy” brand: fabrics, history of the Italian textile industry etc.  … you can visit the “Fashion cubes” in certain locations around the Cathedral. An interesting on fashion and pop culture is at the Mudec Museum

14th September: the 2018 edition of the Green Carpet Awards were confirmed. It deals with an important appointment in town, held at the famous Scala Theatre, during which the National Chamber of Italian Fashion will honour the designers who during the year presented textile projects that achieved goals of sustainability. The applicants are mostly young breakthrough designers, whose talent in environment-related fields is recognized.

18th September: we found out that the total amount of export of the “Made in Italy” fashion items raised to over 2%; our fashion field was “alerted” for the entries from  China.

19th September: lots of superstars of music and cinema in this Fashion Week. American director Spike Lee was at Prada’s; US rapper Nicky Minaj was guest and presented her own collection at Diesel’s; 1990s popstar Tanita Tikaram appeared at Labo Art. Showgirl Amanda Lear was the super guest at famous Italian chef Cracco’s restaurant in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.  The Fashion Film Festival  is a competition for short video footage related to fashion and style, shot by directors from over 50 countries in the world: the judges were Bianca Balti (top model), Paz Vega (actress), Ana Lily Amirpur (director); there was a documentary on Alexander McQueen projected during the Festival.


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 16th September 2018

Duran Duran –  Lonely in your nightmare

Zoe Nash – Love bug

The Gravity Drive – Inside out

Dom Brown – Changing

Andy Taylor –  Mona Lisa Master mix

The Power Station – Notoriety

Robert Palmer – Found you now

John Taylor – Good tonic

Neurotic Outsiders – Nasty Ho

Warren Cuccurullo – Gone tomorrow

Arcadia – The flame

Bloom Twins – Amnesia

The Devils – Signals in smoke

Shadowy Lines – We are experiencing higher than normal call volume

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion))  – Wildest dreams

Michael Des Barres – Raw Power

Erin Stevenson –Work

Anna Ross – Sargasso


DD TV xx

DD TV Glam rock party – September 2018

Hello peeps! Resuming our latest adventures from rock world…

The legendary hard-rock English band Led Zeppelin are a huge influence on today musicians: although they stopped releasing records (their drummer has gone years ago and their bass player is retired), the new rockers still take inspiration from their music. And off the ‘80’s, you had Queen, who claimed they sounded like Led Zeppelin and Beatles.

We’d like to share our good opinion on the so-called “hard-pop” albums… : for example, one of the latest Prince’s spin-off projects, for example certain American bands in the ‘80’s, at the peak of “New Romantics” released albums where the guitars sounded loud, the riffs were equally and generously spread on their songs. These albums hosted a really interesting, intriguing guitar and, how funny, they were not rated “rock albums” and, they have been and still are often underrated.

Now some “rock” news, the most relevant to us:

14th March: the famous and awesome scientist Stephen Hawking passed away and since most of the famous rockers and pop stars shared their memory and condolences, as their fans we are going to do it as well: rock and think in peace.

13th June: documentary “Bowie Next” a review. We enjoyed the preview of a video footage, arts + music on the awesome late David Bowie. It dealt with interviews with the musicians of his band, who spoke of his personality: his Italian Manager, who brought him in Italy for his very first tour in the country, Steve Norman of Spandau Ballet, Rick Wakeman and various designers. They all paid homage to the “White Duke” with their arts in their own way. The footage wasn’t innovative for the interviews, but it was for the video effects on some of the clips and paintings off  the archives.

23rd June: Sad news for a new loss in rock music industry – Vinnie Paul, drummer and founder of the metal band Pantera passes away. Rock in peace.

23rd August: we are sharing the sad news of another loss in rock music: rock in peace Ed King, the guitarist co-founder of the rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. Remember “Sweet home Alabama”? He was one of the authors of this rock classics.



It is not exactly a rock and legendary rock album, but it was a hard-pop album, (please, read above…), it was plenty of hard-pop gems.

Guitars is heavily and wisely used on few tracks, as solo guitar parts and – or on playing around the synths, but however played in that way, to us it was genial.

The heavy guitar on typically pop albums was a fantastic case of “inclusion”, like a stranger in a whatever Country.

The band got split up and only their leader is a musician who scores soundtracks. This album left the marks.


This awesome glam-rock album is one by a Swedish band of Queen’s fans. That’s funny because the Swedish usually worship ABBA

You can hear the best glam-rock of the early Queen, without falsetto and without the due Bryan May-style rock guitar. It is a soft version of glam rock, but it sounds awesome and it didn’t bother Queen’s fans and critics, when it was released.

This Swedish glam-rock record was a one-hit wonder, it was a “case” in music industry: it remains an album with basically pop music instruments played, in a country with a pop culture (outside of ABBA, who did they have?), but it is awesomely packed as Queen-style. Bravo!

Our favorite songs are, aside the hit singles and: “Ain’t too proud to bow” (it sounds “Killer Queen”), “Angel heads”.


We finally can share our thoughts and feedback on this milestone album. It was this one that made us fans of the band up to early 1990s.

Rock guitar riffs, blues and accuracy in the arrangements are the key factors of this rock masterpiece. It wasn’t a commercial album, although “Money for nothing” was the wise single choice then, featuring an apparent controversy against MTV, the music TV of our generation.

Another thing that impressed us are the lyrics: more than one song is thought-provoking, against war, dedicated to young guys sent to the front, to fight. It is not sad, but we mean that after years we could realize with the awareness and wisdom of our age(ing) of the hot topicsm whereas, then as teens, we were used to laugh and dance with our friends. Chapeau DS!

Our fave songs are: all hit singles, Ride across the river, the title track, The man’s too strong.

DD TV xx