DD TV The Screamer – March 2018


Do you think falsetto is essential on rock/metal songs?

We are long time rock music fans and we often have rock songs getting played on our stereo or on the radio. We love listening to rock music off live shows, as well. One thing we mostly noticed is that the vocalists do portions in falsetto and we wonder: is it necessary to make that rock song “typical”? What is there behind the choice to do falsetto?

Falsetto needs a particular physical ability to reach out those notes and that vocal extension and it needs their “room” on the song to realize them: the right notes, the right groove, the right vibes. During the writing sessions all of the above is to be kept in consideration, because the notes, the vibes and the grove are beyond a guitar riff or a guitar melody. Then, any rock song must be imagined as one to have the power of being a possible “live” tune, so vocalist has mentally to “try” thinking how that falsetto could sound live.

Every rock song has to show and has to share passion and the vocal effort when doing falsetto. The falsetto portions add passion to the tune, whatever the lyrics of the songs are about; the falsetto moments are a fan favourite especially on the show concerts.

All performances in falsetto on rock songs are typical, but performances featuring falsetto portions can be heard also on the disco-hits – mostly in the 70’s..

Falsetto is the rockers’ and vocalists’ own choices: it is nothing personally requested by the fans and it is an addition in rock music.

The parts of the songs performed in the falsetto mode are fire, they are fuel: fans just rate these portions as a real source of energy.


We are still waiting for announcement and updates on the second year of this new TV Talent show for vocalists.


It seems that the Italian version of “The Voice” is scheduled to hit again the screen from 22nd March 2018 and within the coaches/judges rumours have it there is going to be Al Bano Carrisi, one of the major Italian singers.

All confirmed in late January 2018: the other coaches are J-Ax (the rapper took part in the two past editions), Cristina Scabbia the front woman of Lacuna Coil, the Italian metal band popular everywhere even in the US, mister Albano (see above) and Francesco Renga, a lovely and talented songster.

We watched the debut of the Talent and the applicants didn’t sound that bad: we support for the “rock category” (Cristina Scabbia); outside of her team we support a rock-metal vocalist who chose to join the J-Ax team. Overall, we are amazed at how well prepared the vocalists today are: they are supposed to know the game and they seem to not be shy.

X FACTOR 2018 – 2019

The team of judges for the 2018 edition was announced. After rumours and much speculation, the new “entries” are: Neffa (a quiet and clever Italian songster) and Tommaso Paradiso (one of the best lyricists and producers of our area). The two remaining coaches/judges, Mara Maionchi and Levante are confirmed.


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DD TV Playlist – 18th March 2018

Duran Duran – Do you believe in shame?

Anna Ross – Fall away

Erin Stevenson – Virtuous

Dom Brown – Love another day

Andy Taylor – Visible target

The Power Station –  Life forces

Robert Palmer – Your mother should have told you

John Taylor – Girl raw

Zoe Nash – Rather Die

Neurotic Outsiders – Nasty ho

Warren Cuccurullo – Transylvania boogie

Arcadia –  The flame

Bloom Twins –  Blue

The Devils – Dark circles

Shadowy Lines – Judo air

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Shining son

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star


DD TV xx


DD TV – Years ago vs. now into the future

I learnt one snippet and I realized one fact in these past weeks and they are related to hi-fi tech and I think these above both might be going to change my habits as a music fan: the news that CDs won’t be produced any longer from 2022 on and the flop of the Blue Ray discs.

I can remember I read somewhere the very first CD was put our back in 1987; I never tried CD immediately, as in my country it arrived a couple of years later and only in the Fall 1990 I could see few CDs displayed on the shelves of my local record stores. I carried on listening to music via music cassettes up to late ‘90’s: my first copies of LPs on CD formats were The Police “Synchronicity”, Duran Duran self-titled LP of 1993 and Vivaldi The Four Seasons. I am still purchasing CDs today, I love “touching” my music, although the use of digital download is spreading fast in my house. My stock of music, right now, is made of 30% of CDs and 70% of digital music. The news that CDs won’t be produced from 2022 got me a little sad, it is worse to me than when cassettes “disappeared” from the stores, because now I am older and wiser and I grew “conservative”. I think I’ll work on a plan B for the end of the CDs …  LOL!

I don’t remember exactly when I first heard of blue Ray discs, but I had to be at least 10 years ago: the promotion campaign focused – and of course – on the image quality of the discs. Only it didn’t mention you needed to get a specific device to view the disc and I think it was this that discouraged people to buy the BR Discs. On one hand, I regret of this flop, because it is a failure of technology, a step back to the past and one less step towards the future, on the other hand this failure might become a lesson to learn for the future: we have to put out tools to make our life easier with the device we already have. Personally I am not very keen to buy NEW improved computers to have fun, I don’t think I have used new software for breakthroughs, whose value is “temporary” Also, I hope they would see positively the longer success of DVDs for “home cinema”.

The effects are: the return of the vinyl (by the way it is as much cheap as the CD) on the market and the choice of consumers and fans to go to the cinema or to keep using the DVD to watch movies.

The news of the CDs is already pushing people to demand vinyl records. I think it is a good thing, as vinyl represents the top of audio quality and the best listening is guaranty with it. The widespread use of smartphones and computers is the main trouble to get the vinyl records, because it takes to buy the vinyl player, whereas a CD does not need new device.

I am not sure people will rush to get music downloads only, because we need, at a certain point, to “touch” our music: therefore, I will keep vinyl records safe, on our side.

I can remember when it was the end of the music cassettes thru the ‘90’s; I can remember the days, still in the late ‘90’s, when computers gradually replaced the typewriters: all those “little revolutions” that did change some of my habits and I had to fit in to the new situation, making my plans B. I think I will have to do the same thing right now. Rock on fans!


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 11th March 2018

Duran Duran – Electric Barbarella

Anna Ross – Fall away

Erin Stevenson – Funk them

Dom Brown – Crocodile tears

Andy Taylor – Night Train

The Power Station –  Some like it hot

Robert Palmer – You’re gonna get what’s coming

John Taylor – The Anti-wife

Zoe Nash – Rather Die

Neurotic Outsiders – Six feet under

Warren Cuccurullo – The chemical balance

Arcadia –  Say the word

Bloom Twins –  Set us free

The Devils – Hawks do not share

Shadowy Lines – Limited time-offer

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Hanoi annoys me

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star


DD TV xx

DD TV Danceophobia – March 2018

Our argument every time is developed in the three different phases, whose names took inspiration from groove and whose content changes according to the mood of the discussion. The “forerunner” is like an introduction, the “tour de force” is the place hosting the hottest words, and the “slow dance” is the conclusion.

“Can you guess the drummer’s name playing only by hearing a whatever song, without prior reading the credits?”


When you are a long-time fan you are supposed to have a good music background on the music scenario of your generation and supposed to have some information on the current musicians. You are supposed that when you hear the first notes of whatever song, you should be able to recognize performers, song title, … at least! What about each instrument player you hear: can you name him, as if blindfold, with no help of the prior reading the credits off the CD inlay card?


When we were early teens we were used to tease each other with quizzes and riddles on our songs and “their accessories”: it was an amazing game that helped us to keep our mind “alive” and the names, facts, anecdotes we gradually found out in this game grew as the news that shaped our background. It was just a fun game, with no pressure, no insults or obscenity thrown to the ones who said it wrong. Within the musicians’ names to guess there was also the drummers’ name: drummers are known to be hidden behind their drum kit, so fans are used to give him less “importance” than the one they’d deserve: the consequence is that the drum players are the hardest names to guess and if you knew the name you were more respected!

The “guess who plays what” game winner is the one music fan who really has a “global” ear: he’s one who is an avid listener and a true, complete lover of music; a curious music guy, also, who is 100% interested on his favourite music. The “pundit’s” weak point is that maybe is not very keen to share the info he owns, he comes across to be a “conservative” fan.

How to tease the fans’ “global ears”? We’d put him under test with the most unknown hits, that is songs that are charting and that are successful, but their performers are not so famous. Example? The “Italo-disco” artists! Those music acts had amazing drum beats, so much it seemed they were technically done by “professional” more famous drummers.

How to tease the drummers’ “professional ears”? We’d put him under test to co-workers who play on other different music genres than theirs. Is the metal music drummer able to recognize, to guess one playing on a Latin pop music? Ha!


In the end, we  guess drummers are the ones who more easily should recognize who plays on, more easily than the fans can do: fans mostly search for fun.


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 3rd March 2018

Duran Duran – Is there something I should know?

Anna Ross – Fall away

Erin Stevenson – Work

Dom Brown – The heat has gone

Andy Taylor – Night train

The Power Station –  Murderess

Robert Palmer – You’re mine

John Taylor – Divisions

Zoe Nash – Rather Die

Neurotic Outsiders – Story of my life

Warren Cuccurullo – Mirror Margana

Arcadia –  Election day

Bloom Twins –  Talk to me

The Devils – Dark circles

Shadowy Lines – Imipolex G

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Calling

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star


DD TV xx

DD TV The F*ck it list – March 2018

You will find listed below in no particular order and with  a short, more or less hilarious comment, the things I think I just don’t love.

I don’t like the 2016 version of Microsoft Outlook: I have trouble tagging the messages on our shared inbox mail address;

I still can’t stand hypocrisy within people, both in music and in politics.

I was so glad of finally being in 2018: so sick of that number “17” written and spelled everyday.. LOL!

I don’t like catching flu during the Year-end holidays …

I am not crazy for the bureaucracy of my country.

I am reluctantly a “night owl”, just prefer being a morning person.

I don’t like the reasons why people underrate my fave musicians. Lol!

I am not crazy any longer for the snow. Snow is beautiful to see only on mountain, in town it causes disruption.


DD TV  xx

DD TV Playlist – 25th February 2018

Duran Duran – Valentine Stones

Anna Ross – Fall away

Erin Stevenson – Tell me

Dom Brown – Talking blues

Andy Taylor – I might lie

The Power Station –  Living in fear

Robert Palmer – Dance for me

John Taylor – Immortal

Zoe Nash – Rather Die

Neurotic Outsiders – Story of my life

Warren Cuccurullo – In-fight entertainment

Arcadia –  Rose Arcana

Bloom Twins –  Amnesia

The Devils – Memory palaces

Shadowy Lines – Habitual force

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Burning down

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star

DD TV xx

DD TV Glam Pop Party – February 2018

Oh.. big news: February 2018 is coming to an end! It was a short and quiet month and we hope it was a decent one to you.

We come back to the original way of arguing; one topic versus some of the others that we usually speak of.

This time the topic is “Radio”

Enjoy the new list!

Radio vs. clothes/style

Maybe TV and video clips had the power to influence the clothing styles, but radio did spread the word, as well! Radio came to support the message. Today radio stations are even more connected media than the media was before.

Radio vs. the question

We often get, and got in the past, the answers to our questions about the music released and other snippets on the radio. The press focused more on sharing pics and gossip.

Radio vs. Live shows

We love that radio stations are keen to air some important live shows and music events: this way they give the possibility to “take part” to those concerts. Although we fans need the physical nearness to the stage, hearing the show on the radio rather heals our absence.

Radio vs. Legacy

Radio is the media that, with TV, made history, from news, to songs, to music events, to live sessions (on all: the airing of concerts and of the Hit Parades): facts that every generation of fans keeps in their mind and in their hearts as long time memories!

Radio vs. The charts

We mostly became music fans at the first hearing our favourite artists’ names on the radio and that occasion was the Hit Parade! Radio was the tool of our moon landing, before “Tops of the Pops” and (twinned/similar TV programs out of the UK): it was easier thru the radio to keep in mind those artists’ names; the “visual” aspect provided by the early TV music stations was a distraction.

Radio vs. Music Awards

One of our favourite big music events aired on the radio is just the Music Awards. This might read biased … LOL! The most important factor is the news on who won what; our main regret is the missed opportunity to not see the facial expression of the artist/s when go/goes to the podium to accept it! We love hearing the radio broadcast later, because the Music Awards shows go on TV late at night, due to the time zones: we actually just cannot make it! Thanks to the radio, DJs’ opinions on “who won what” is the debate around the Awards of the year and that’s the funniest consequence.

Radio vs. video clips

Video clips and radio: our favourite ground of argument … ! What media helped to reach people the most? We read on most of the long-time artists’ biographies about their doubts of shooting clips to accompany their songs. The few pioneers of the video clip industry of the early 80’s, of MTV, (Queen, Duran Duran…) still recall the details of the event that was just like a “revolution” in the music industry. It is funny to read that their feelings and thoughts was a mix of thrill and  apprehension, because nobody of them could bet on the impact on people and on the record sales the newly-born video clip industry.

Radio vs. Dj music

How awesome is to listen to DJ sets on the radio, especially during the weekend!!! Recently, we discovered the rock DJ sets, as well: it means energy and vibes! The rock DJ sets were done in the past years, but the so-called “EDM, electronic dance music” prevailed, due to a higher demand from the listeners. By the way, they are the men behind it all: if we have fun with the songs played on the DJ sets, it is only thanks to their taste, talent and intuition.

Radio vs. News

We used to get the info on the recording activity of our favourite artists thru the radio, as opposite today we get the snippets by the official websites. Radio is a bit of a secondary source, but the people who manage the artists’ social media, whenever share news they play the same role that the radio covers.


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 18th February 2018

Duran Duran – Planet Roaring

Anna Ross – Fall away

Erin Stevenson – The one that got away

Dom Brown – Going down but not slow

Andy Taylor – Suffragette City

The Power Station –  Charanga the remix

Robert Palmer – Looking for clues

John Taylor – Fields of Eden

Zoe Nash – Rather Die

Neurotic Outsiders – Story of my life

Warren Cuccurullo – Low speed chase

Arcadia –  Goodbye is forever

Bloom Twins –  Talk to me

The Devils – Signals in smoke

Shadowy Lines – Rad, man rad

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Love Shadow

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star


DD TV xx