DD TV Playlist – 18th February 2018

Duran Duran – Planet Roaring

Anna Ross – Fall away

Erin Stevenson – The one that got away

Dom Brown – Going down but not slow

Andy Taylor – Suffragette City

The Power Station –  Charanga the remix

Robert Palmer – Looking for clues

John Taylor – Fields of Eden

Zoe Nash – Rather Die

Neurotic Outsiders – Story of my life

Warren Cuccurullo – Low speed chase

Arcadia –  Goodbye is forever

Bloom Twins –  Talk to me

The Devils – Signals in smoke

Shadowy Lines – Rad, man rad

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Love Shadow

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star


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DD TV Eye on Fashion – February 2018

Eye on Fashion

Milan Fashion Week  21st – 27th February 2018

We are happy our music heroes are recruting teens within our fan base, which is made also of older people, to advertise their t-shirts and items of clothings off their ctaalogue of their own merchandise.

Top models in music? In the 80s few top models made amazing albums, although they were not properly professional singers: We pay homage to Sade, Brenda Russell; the late Whitney Houston started as a top model and ended up as a vocalist; later Naomi Campbell did an album. The most successful one was the lovely Sade. Rock on girls with your style!

“Punk Masters” by American designer Patty Palazzo: Patty is an awesome woman-designer, very much on demand. She can create some cool drum logos (played by some awesome drummers): she’s been doing designs for new tees; she designed artworks for records and books.  The gracious and talented Patty is hosted in this space as “special guest” in the behind the scenes of the Milan Fashion Weeks.


25th September 2017: Gucci and Prada are the soldest Italian logos in the world. Certified by an US agency

25th September 2017: The former “Vogue Italia” Director, Franca Sozzani, who passed away this past year, had a tribute movie, shot by her son and who was projected only for three days in late September in the Italian cinema. Design in peace, Franca

18th November 2017: the famous and awesome French designer Azzedine Alaia passes away. He was the one who dressed top models in the 80’s, Grace Jones and Michelle Obama within the rest. He was one of those rare designers who understood the connection between rock music and fashion and kept it alive. Design in peace.

18th December 2017: Borsalino, the famous Italian brand of hats declared bankruptcy: lots of workers and employees risk to be fired. We hope no more foreign industry would buy this brand and that the Italian Governors would do whatever possible to save and to defend the “Made in Italy”

20th December 2017: the brand of Italian lingerie “La Perla” was sold to a Chinese company. Now we understand and support it when foreigner managers find our territory an amazing place where to spend money and where to make business, but we are losing too many brands.

9th January 2018: the Versace family is not appreciating very much the dedicated US TV series featuring Penelope Cruz, Ricky Martin, on life and murder of Gianni Versace. So sad…

15th – 21st January 2018: Milan Fashion week Menswear: Fendi, Armani and Versace applied to rent public areas for their fashion sets at the open air, the rest held their shows inside private venues.

8th – 14th February 2018: Breaking news from the Fashion Week Womenswear: Pitti, Chanel raised controversy over the treatment reserved on their shows. Moncler wanted to set up an open air dinner in piazza della Scala, Milan, but the event got a staggering price and they gave up. The crew of the National Chamber of Fashion have once again stressed us, all the time: those guys will never learn we don’t work just for them!



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DD TV Playlist – 11th February 2018

Duran Duran – To whom it may concern

Anna Ross – Fall away

Erin Stevenson – Hanging

Dom Brown – Sweet mercy

Andy Taylor – Live wire

The Power Station –  Communication

Robert Palmer – Change his ways

John Taylor – See you again

Zoe Nash – Rather Die

Neurotic Outsiders – Janie jones

Warren Cuccurullo – The lost master

Arcadia –  Election day

Bloom Twins –  Blue

The Devils – Signals in smoke

Shadowy Lines – Stalefish

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – European cure

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star


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DD TV The Viewer – February 2018

Aside the only official Oscar’s ceremony held in LA every year, this is the place where we post our feedback on the most impressive movies we have watched in these past few months.

We use the following “rough” method for the rating.

*** (3 stars) good movie, but not excellent

**** (4 stars) great

***** (5 stars) don’t miss it, highly recommended

THE WAVE (Norway 2015) with Kristoffer Joner and Ane Dahl Torp.

It deals with a disaster movie, whose fact, for the first time ever, doesn’t take place in the States, or in Asia, or in Mexico, but in Northern Europe.

The story I that a tsunami comes to destroy a little town near Oslo, Norway.  within the fiords. The little town is crowded of tourists. Some of the “omens” are the local birds that scream and fly away and little earthquakes. A geologist is the “good Samaritan”, the hero of the movie, as he’s the one who realizes first of the meanings of the omens and tries to save from the water his family and the most of the other people in that moment on the place.

It was so realistic, because it is NOT fiction that Norwegians use drill to make holes in the local mountains to get oil and gas from the ground, in older to turn them into energy for their industry, but the consumed rock of these mountains can crumble and the biggest stones can fall into the water of the Sea making big tsunamis! We have had the Vajont dam, a similar fact that really took place in Northern Italy back in 1963 and 3,000 people died, after a big tsunami was generated by an avalanche off the Mount Toc, just over the town of Longarone, which was devastated.

I was impressed by the amazing computer graphic effects. I was impressed that despite destruction, I did not see much blood …

The conversationalist message is: certain natural disasters are the result of human (wrong) activity. Let’s stop spoiling or teasing the environment for the “energy no matter how much it costs” thing.

THE IRON GIANT (USA, 1999) of Brad Bird

It was an anime that was aired before – the movie is about 10 years old – but I could watch it only in early December 2017 and it was amazing, I was impressed, it did move me.

The story is that an alien iron robot falls on Earth, in the forest of a town named Rockwell, Maine USA. It is 50’s and we’re in the middle of the Cold War. The robot is “hungry” and his food is iron and goes around getting pieces of it, unbeknown to make damage to the human activities. A brave child, Hogart, finds him and speaks to him and they become friends, but the big trouble is to be accepted by the humans. Humans, in fact, try to capture and to destroy the robot, after all damage he has done, but the child only defends him. When the Russians launch a rocket against USA, the robot understand the humans are in danger and goes towards the sky to intercept the coming rocket and destroys it. Only now the humans understand the alien robot wasn’t hostile and regret for being cruel, but the robot is gone.

The message of the anime (the being different, the inclusion with the others) recalls me the one featured in ET, Frankenstein.

This anime, which many people labelled as “silly and only good for kids”, is better to be watched by the adults too. A true gem for everyone in the family.

OUT OF SIGHT – USA 1998, with George Clooney

It is an about 20 years old movie, but… I had the chance to watch it the first time in mid-December… LOL!

It is another “jail movie”, but the story seems a little different that the previous ones, apart from the starring actor the sex symbol George Clooney, thanks to whom the movie was successful (girls, do not deny it!!)

There is much irony in the story, action is guaranteed as well, seen the type of the movie. I loved, in fact, the several hilarious gags between the prisoner and the sheriff.

There is action, but not violence or blood, obscenity of any kind, either.

My final rating is 4 (four) **** stars: good, movie, but nothing epic!

CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER – USA 1994,  with Harrison Ford

It is a classic in the movie industry, as it was shot years ago, but I could finally watch it in January 2018 …

A drug story with Mexico and narcos involved in, because the US President puts pressure on CIA to stop the inflow of drugs in the country. A current topic these days.

Harrison Ford plays the part of a CIA spy, who works in tight connection with the White House… in change of favours.

There is suspense and action, but you have to follow all details in the story, otherwise you risk to miss the logics, the thread.

Actor Ford is not new to stories connected to the US President: years later he was also the US President (“Air Force One”)

Awesome movie, Harrison Ford rocks!

END OF A GUN  – USA 2016 with Steven Seagal and Florin Pieric jr.

It is an action, spy movie premiered in my country in mid-January. Mister steven Seagal is one of my fave actors, but given his role as “the bad, rough one” I’m always careful in choosing the movies of his I’d like to watch.

In fact, I picked up this “police movie” because there was action, suspense, but also hard scenes. Luckily, there is  happy ending where he’s the hero who saves all.

Obscene language is spoken, you see enough frequently blood, but this movie rocks! It didn’t leave me much upset. All thanks to the original story.

On one last note: you can hardly recognize the actor, as he got fat, he wears sunglasses all the time: I’m not sure he grew like he looked because of his rough role.

NUOVO CINEMA PARADISO – ITALY 1988 with Philippe Noiret and Salcatore Cascio

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of this Oscar winning movie, the Italian State Television RAI decided to air it again… and I had the chance to watch it first!

The story: in a small town of Sicily of the ‘90’s, there is a poor family whose parents had to raise two kids thru difficulties, both at school and at home. The oldest kid, Totò has a passion for film, movies projections and cinema, since the day he incidentally finds films off of his father’s bedside table, at home. His passion grows and he gets friends of Alfred, who is the man who manages the public projections of all movies in the only small hall of the town. One day, a fire destroys that hall, but Totò, now grown teenager,, but he is able to rescue all of the films and movies. He decides to open another nearby room and to name it “New Cinema Paradise”.

My highlights: the perspective of the facts are all seen with the child’s eyes; few violence scenes, but no vulgarities, though; when Totò in the early scenes is seen as a child going to school, you can see teachers making their pupils observe strict rules.

*** 3 stars is my final rating – although the well-deserved Oscar, to me the movies wasn’t excellent.

THE WATER DIVINER –  AUSTRALIA, USA, TURKEY 2014 with Russell Crowe and Olga Kinylenko

An Australian family, both of them farmers, living in the countryside, have both of their young boys sent to fight in Turkey, Gallipoli aside the UK Armed Forces against the Turkish. In 1919, five years after their departure and not seeing them back, no news as well, his wife dies by committing a suicide. So, the father, Russell Crowe as the final promise he made to his wife not long before her death, travels for days to reach Turkey and the place where the Gallipoli battle was held and in that area he tries to find out what happened to his children.

It was a truly poignant movie, on the values of family and unity. Russell Crowe is awesome, perfect in his role.

Underrated history movie: I’d recommend it also to students.


Next update in July 2018


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DD TV Playlist – 4th February 2018

Duran Duran – Do you believe in shame?

Anna Ross – Fall away

Erin Stevenson – Invisible woman

Dom Brown – Chocolate Fever

Andy Taylor – Space Station no. 5

The Power Station –  Life forces

Robert Palmer – Remember to remember

John Taylor –  Meltdown

Zoe Nash – Rather Die

Neurotic Outsiders – Union

Warren Cuccurullo – Goodbye

Arcadia –  Say the word

Bloom Twins –  Amnesia

The Devils – Hawks do not share

Shadowy Lines – Force of habit

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Bike boys

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star


DD TV xx

DD TV – Changes of heart

I have to admit I am sort of conformist kind of person, that is I love keep doing the same things, I love respecting (my) traditions, I love (my) habits: when it comes to new things, I get scared, at first.

I am a cautious one, I usually make plans “B”, but rarely are they used for the so-called “changes of heart” on things I was used to love. Because love to me is eternal, I am a loyal one, a loyal fan, a loyal reader.

Here I argue about the very rare changes of heart, in music and around. It is easy to list the changes of heart in music: no more love on an album track, no more posting on a social platform, no more listening to a radio station. My changes of heart arrive after long years of love and so, after someone “opened my eyes” on that song, or on that musician; changes of heart arrive in the “age of disillusionment”, which is right now.

The only changes of heart that took place to me so far, have just happened, no one has scheduled them, unless the change of heart needed a change of habits. I never think about it, at least immediately. Some days later I realize of the change and my very first reaction is like “I feel free now!”  Other times I crash down laughing at myself, because I’m really a traditionalist and it’s not frequent to see me accepting a change or making a change. As I said above, certain changes are known earlier to me, so they are pondered: I think about the change, the possible effects, and the new habits coming after that, the impact on the people around me. The reasons generally are profound and really come from the heart, never from my brain.

Considered my “traditions lover” nature. my changes of heart so far have been few and their effects/consequences last for a long time. I am used to think it twice before changing again, or before changing the first time. Changes of heart are taken seriously and I never hurry before letting them happen, unless they deal with my health.

I’m no more a teenager and probably that’s why changes of heart happened less frequently, as wisdom has a bigger role, a bigger room now. My family and friends of my circle stick around, but my decisions and my changes of heart are mostly of my own; if on important issues, like health or security, decisions might be taken together. My struggle to feel ok is daily.


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 28th January 2018

Duran Duran – American Science

Anna Ross – Fall away

Erin Stevenson – Addicted to you

Dom Brown – Woodoo Chile

Andy Taylor – I might lie

The Power Station –  Some like it hot

Robert Palmer – You overwhelm me

John Taylor –  Silent Skin

Zoe Nash – Rather Die

Neurotic Outsiders – Jerk

Warren Cuccurullo – The lesson

Arcadia –  The Promise

Bloom Twins –  Set us free

The Devils – Dark circles

Shadowy Lines – In the presence of nothing

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Red, green and gold

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star


DD TV xx

DD TV Glam Pop Party – January 2018

It is the end of the current month and we are here to share the first of the 2018 list, because we are saying goodbye to January!

We come back to the original way of arguing; one topic versus some of the others that we usually speak of.

This time the topic is “Legacy and currency”

Enjoy the new list!

Legacy/currency versus The question

It is awesome to celebrate the milestone anniversaries, but is it worth to celebrate the forming of a band or the very first hit release date, either is it necessary to celebrate the very day a solo artist begins his career?

Legacy/currency versus Live shows

We guess the hottest topic within the fans is the set list of the concerts scheduled under the anniversary date: on the fans’ side, you have speculation and expectations rising and, as opposite, from the artists you have “embarrassment”, so to speak, and lingering on. You know only during these gigs if legacy or currency is more important to your music heroes, by looking at the set list.

Legacy/currency versus Top albums

Fans can only hope for, expect (and demand, as well?) the release of compilations and “Greatest Hits”, or reissue under deluxe format of the latest album released, or of the most successful albums. Rarely artists go to the studio and sit down to plan making new music for the anniversaries: we can boost about being fans of one of these “rare” musicians. Business and long-time fan experience have seen legacy to prevail over currency.

Legacy/currency versus The challenge

This is, to follow, the best quote ever from one of our fave artists: “The challenge is to keep the connection with the fans”. It is beautiful that, at least, one artist read our mind. It would be amazing if the connection with fans were alive throughout their career. Long-time careers are consolidated “together” with the fans: there should be mutual respect, every single day of the public life they share with us.

Legacy/currency versus Music Awards

The Music Awards go to pay homage to the importance of the artists’ legacy, think of the Lifetime Achievement Awards; if whatever small is done for the currency is not very much supported. The Music Awards usually follow their own schedule: we have never seen Awards appropriately designed on the anniversary of milestone days: we secretly always wish this could happen, though.

Legacy/currency versus DJ mixes and music

Aside the release of “special” compilations, Best of, deluxe versions of albums, DJs can move on and work on new “special” re-arrangements of the most popular hits of the past: this might read naïve or boring, but DJs tend to positively empathize the music history of their artists. Legacy, in this way, can become currency for younger fans. The best situation for all fans – long-time and new fans – is the release of new music re-arranged, because DJs can offer their skills to make killer remixes that younger generations surely like and the “killer” remixes give more credibility to the long-time artist. The choice to go call for a DJ is just the artist’s decision; we fans cannot influence their option at all when the deal is sealed. One last thought can be that the contribution of DJs is much like the help from rappers.

Legacy/currency versus News

News has to come in, we should know of what happens on celebration and possibly, no speculation has to rise with news in. Taking assumptions on the steps your artists want to take is “embarrassing”, it marks there is not connection, there is a vacuum in the middle. Speculation is not a good thing on the artist’s reputation, because it is like gossiping back. On a personal note, we fear “the fog” in our own Fan community, because during the “no-news” gap every word is misunderstood and the speculation due to the “no-news” gets divisive on most of the topics: it is sad we are not able to enjoy both legacy and currency of our fave artist.

Legacy/currency versus Forming a fantasy line-up band

On particular milestone anniversaries, certain artists can decide to perform their most popular hits with other artists: it is better considering this move for the legacy, less for the currency. The new artists joining the party for anniversaries  – no matter if older or if younger – can appeal more attention, so more fans, although temporarily; these performances usually become memorable and cast new light on the artist’s credibility to others’ eyes. Of course, the choice of the artists to invite others needs to be pondered; one hint is that usually the best new breakthrough acts are encouraged by the name of the long-time artist who is celebrating!

Legacy/currency versus Covers and remakes

Artists rarely record covers and remakes, they are supposed to focus on new music; to focus on going on tour to promote their new songs! Re-arranging vintage hits never really helps to be popular within the masses: re-arranging old hits is just a dicey territory and that is the reason why artist rate covers and remakes as a “second option”, as something to release in a secondary market. The old hits to celebrate are just their own, they rarely intend to pay tribute to their covers of others’ ones.


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 21st January 2018

Duran Duran –  The man who stole the leopard

Anna Ross – Fall away

Erin Stevenson – Automatic

Dom Brown – Crocodile tears

Andy Taylor – Visible target

The Power Station –  We fight for love

Robert Palmer – Work to make it work

John Taylor –  Dis-order

Zoe Nash – Rather Die

Neurotic Outsiders – Revolution

Warren Cuccurullo – Zoom out

Arcadia –  Election day

Bloom Twins – Fahrenheit

The Devils – Newhaven – Dieppe

Autohypnosis – In the loop

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Calling

Michael Des Barres – Living in the USA

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star


DD TV xx

DD TV The Reader – January 2018

THE READER – January 2018


“Italia dei Secoli d’Oro” (Italy in the Golden age” by Indro Montanelli with Roberto Gervaso

It was a history book on the Italian Renaissance, from 1253 up to 1492.

It was an amazing read. This time I picked up an only-history book, but I didn’t find it boring or hard – like the history books at school have been – It is because its language was easy and the authors are two of the nicest men on Earth! All the facts were enriched by a supplement featuring the main protagonists’ biographies, the maps of the facts, and a list of few of the most famous paintings.

I did laugh, when it was due, although the centuries were crossed by the plague, few wars and other rows around the Roman and orthodox Churches and the growth of Islam.

It is not the right place to share what learnt, but it is the room for a review strictly on a writing, but, I want to shortly mention that it was the Golden Age for my country only in the arts, literature and architecture: we didn’t fight to have a solid state, we’d rather fighting to empower the Town Halls, differently than in other Countries, we didn’t have the National Parliament, a unique central Government and this lack has had an impact in the centuries to come. Awesome legacy…

The book is part of a series of history books by the same authors, all focusing on the history of Italy. Interesting…


“Down – Pinhole” by Glenn Cooper

An engaged couple, Emily and John – she is a scientist, he is a bodyguard – get involved in the top secret science project “Hercules”, which takes place at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland and in this phase, at the same time in a laboratory in Dartford, UK and it is aimed to study gravity and to find parts previously undiscovered.

One day it is decided to test the LHC parts accelerator, but during the experiment someone decides to go beyond the target of the experiment and something goes strange.  Emily, who is the closest inside the lab to the machine,  ends up … in hell. The LHC inside the Dartford laboratory is actually located in the same place where years before there was a prison: leading the parts acceleration to over 30 TeV of speed, the energy resulting from the particles acceleration created a space/time tunnel, thanks to which Emily is brought to another dimension: still in Dartford, UK, but she finds herself surrounded by  the zombies of the convicted of that prison and, at the same time, the science team inside the lab finds the “zombies” !! John, who throughout the book has looked to me like a Rambo character, wants to go “there” to try finding Emily and bringing her back, so he gets FBI, MI5 and the lab crew persuaded to repeat the “Hercules” test under the same condition and to repeat the test once a week until both John and Emily finally get back to 2014 Dartford. So the good day arrives and John happens to be in hell and goes to her search anywhere, until he can find and save her, with the help of few friendly zombies.

Cooper’s hell described here is influenced by the Dante’s one, as they both share the presence of the historic characters and leaders of their times. The Dante’s Divine Comedy characters aren’t zombies though, and are put under eternal torture; Cooper’s ones are zombies, who normally live in villages and towns in the real countries of their previous lives, but there is no church and the land is desolated, abandoned; there is no sunshine, or day and night

I love the “cinematic” language of this tale, whose plot takes place in 2014 and funny enough it is written in the past tense.

This is the first of a three-chapters saga: no, I’m not going to read the rest, because this reading enough overexcited me and the future chapters are similar to the first one.


Antonio Capranica – l’Intramontabile Elisabetta (the Elizabeth)

A royal gossip and history book on the most ancient Monarchy in the world, the Windsor. It is easy-reading, the language is the one of gossip, but the history facts are described with details.

I’m learning lot of things on the Windsor. The books kicks off from the birth of Queen Elizabeth up to these days, (so you can read about Her coronation, the birth of her children, etc. … )


Richard Blade – World in my eyes. The biography of the famous US DJ who cleared the ground for the British New Romantic bands to be successful in north America. A book of anecdotes, names and awesome music.

Corrado Augias – Le ultime diciotto ore di Gesù. (“the last 18 hours of life of Jesus”) The Italian journalist writes his “discoveries” on the “historical” Jesus, that is not about the “Prophet” written in the Gospel.


Next update: in June 2018


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