DD TV Playlist – 17th June 2018

Duran Duran – Medietrranea

Dom Brown – I get loaded

Anna Ross – Sargasso

Andy Taylor – I might lie

The Power Station –  Communication

Robert Palmer –  Pride

John Taylor– Girl Raw

Zoe Nash – Rather die

Neurotic Outsiders – Nasty Ho

Warren Cuccurullo – Meem

Arcadia –  The Promise

Bloom Twins – Set us free

The Devils – Aztec moon

Autohypnosis  – Absence of

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – It’s alright

Michael Des Barres – You gotta serve somebody

The Gravity Drive – What is love?

Erin Stevenson – Work


DD TV xx


DD TV Eye on Fashion – June 2018

Milan Fashion Week  Menswear 15th – 18th  June 2018

We are happy our music heroes are recruting teens within our fan base, which is made also of older people, to advertise their t-shirts and items of clothings off their catalogue of their own merchandise.

There are often awesome and interesting exhibits on fashion, designers and clothes at the Palazzo Reale Museum of our town: we highly recommend you to come and pay a visit. Chech out our news below, to see subjects and dates.

“Punk Masters” by American designer Patty Palazzo: Patty is an awesome woman-designer, very much on demand. She can create some cool drum logos (played by some awesome drummers): she’s been doing designs for new tees; she designed artworks for records and books.  The gracious and talented Patty is hosted in this space as “special guest” in the behind the scenes of the Milan Fashion Weeks.


20th February 2018: designer Judy Blame passes away. He was a fashion designer especially in the ‘80’s: he did lots of stuff for many of our music icons. He designed the clothes also of those 80’s musicians off their video clips. Design in peace.

8th March: the exhibit “Italiana: l’Italia vista dalla moda 1971 – 2001”at the Palazzo Reale Museum, opened until 6th May 2018. We visited it: it is about the evolution of the Italian fashion style from the ‘70’s up to 2000s. From the photographers and paparazzi, who shot celebs and their clothing and spread their photos on magazines, to the birth of the logos (Versace, Armani), to the more relevant role of the designers on the designing in the 80’s up to the current globalization, which meant actually a real “swap” of ideas, of design concepts and styles and the importance of the tasks given to art directors inside the various Maison off the 2000s. We saw few models designed by the major ones, like Prada, Versace, Armani, Ferretti, and Missoni. We were able to watch few clips shot from the catwalks off the dedicated decades and documentaries shot inside the main headquarters of the major designers.

12th March 2018: French designer Hubert de Givenchy passes away: he designed the clothing items of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. A sad loss in the fashion industry; there are clothing lines, haute couture and perfumes, eau de toilette awesome legacy. It was a solid brand, all support for their future!

12th March – Paul Berrow, the‘80s co-Manager with his brother Michael of pop super group Duran Duran, is now working into the fashion industry, in particular in cosmetics and has contributed to realize a product for skin care. Funny that also the keyboards player of the above band, not long ago, has announced his collaboration with another cosmetics company to try producing a skin cream. All support!

3rd May 2018: We found out Louis Vuitton company is traded in the Milan / Italy – “Piazza Affari” Stock Exchange and it is an enough safe brand for investing on shares and debentures

6th May: The legendary American disco-music Nile Rodgers of Chic, is going to work in the studio with French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. He is going to make music of Jean-Paul new theatrical work. Good work!

20th May: The Italian fashion major designers were invited to take part to a Horse and horses’ trainers Festival, named “the 135th Derby” in Rome. On the catwalk, both top models and horses. Wow.. aside Fashion and rock music, now fashion and animals! Geeeez… !

6th June: We found out the Fashion industry has a related “award”. It is called “CFDA Awards”: the acronym stands for “Council of Fashion Designers of America” and the Awards are given away since 1962, to the best personalities in the fashion field, during the past 12 months. Ha … !

11th June: we found out Versace has booked for the second time around the area of Sempione square, “Arco della Pace” Milan, for his fashion show in mid-September: after Roberto Cavalli, now it’s Versace’s turn and that environment, we can assure you, looks amazing.


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 10th June 2018

Duran Duran – Only in dreams

Dom Brown – Vanity

Anna Ross – First day

Andy Taylor – Mustang Sally

The Power Station –  Shut up!

Robert Palmer – Who’s fooling who?

John Taylor– Mister J

Zoe Nash – Rather die

Neurotic Outsiders – Six feet under

Warren Cuccurullo – Machine language

Arcadia –  El diablo

Bloom Twins – Amnesia

The Devils – Newhaven – Dieppe

Autohypnosis  –  The blame

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Bike boys

Michael Des Barres – You gotta serve somebody

The Gravity Drive – What is love?

Erin Stevenson – Tell me


DD TV xx

DD TV Legacy and currency – Italian rap music

I still follow music, also by reading the charts. I am interested in the “Top 50 Albums” of my country and my source is an enough credible one: the FIMI, the acronym for the Italian Recording Music Industry. I started following music in my teenage and since then, I put my eye on it, whenever I can. I still prefer reading the charts on the music magazines: the social media offer you a more “biased” world.

Charts often wrote history in music and of course the present times.

I am amazed that right now, almost 25 albums charting in the Italian rundowns are of rappers! They go strong in terms of sales and their concerts get sold out enough quickly and easily: their fan base are teens (and few of their dads, who are off my generation). It makes me laugh that their popularity arrived late, since its entry (America, second-mid 80’s), but there is a social reason behind.

Our most famous artists are still the major names related to pop music, but the largest majority of young buyers of music turned their attention on these young wild for reasons everyone is amazed at.

It is odd, because what do they complain about? (Rappers in America did have their reasons for it): the Italian rappers’ lyrics appeal on white and healthy teenagers about topics that are so far from them (on all, the political situation, rarely are lyrics about love; ok, same as American rappers but people there get involved in their democracy.)

It is odd, because the Italian rappers’ lyrics describe part of our society: they rap about being one of a community, or being a stranger in a community, being one colour in a multi-ethnical country (?): words that no longer read to “entertain”, but to throw a “commitment” towards their listeners, as if a message. As opposite, in America rappers could do it better, because their Country has always been a “multi-ethnical” place. In Italy, where “being Italian” is something strong, something to be proud of, our rappers are trying to address people in the same “American” direction with their messages.

Italian rappers  use DJs to back them up and not bands or pop musicians behind: so there is a new little industry growing up, that is young lads who want to become DJs to back up their favorite rappers. There had been recently on our local MTV  a sort of Talent show for this new “job”.

Their success is now at the top (all of my support, by the way), because they look determined, grounded guys and most importantly modest guys.

I say it again: I am impressed, because it is a little revolution in the charts. Their success is shaking our traditional pop music system and there is some “rivalry” (but not friction so far) between pop singers and rappers.

I do not buy these rappers music and never purchased American rappers music as well before (although Public enemy is in my “wishing list albums).

I still rate American rappers as the masters, the pioneers of the movement, as much as the British Punks were for Punk in general.

Ha, funny days are ahead and Italian rap music is now history and legacy for the generations of the next 30 years.


DD TV xx


DD TV Playlist – 3rd June 2018

Duran Duran – Before the rain

Dom Brown – Vooddo Chile

Anna Ross – Blow

Andy Taylor – Thunder

The Power Station –  Murderess

Robert Palmer – Mean old world

John Taylor /Terroristen – Hey Day

Zoe Nash – Rather die

Neurotic Outsiders – Story of my life

Warren Cuccurullo – Deep sleep

Arcadia –  The flame

Bloom Twins – Set us free

The Devils – Memory palaces

Autohypnosis  –  Hopeless American summer

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Hurricane

Michael Des Barres – You gotta serve somebody

The Gravity Drive – What is love?

Erin Stevenson – The one that got away


DD TV xx

DD TV Danceophobia – June 2018

Our argument every time is developed in the three different phases, whose names took inspiration from groove and whose content changes according to the mood of the discussion. The “forerunner” is like an introduction, the “tour de force” is the place hosting the hottest words, and the “slow dance” is the conclusion.

Do the “Top 100 drummers of all time” charts have an emotional influence on the drummers mentioned and not?


We can remember the days in our teenage when we had magazines featuring the run downs in question “The top 100 drummers/bass players/guitarists/…” and some of us sat down arguing the names of the artists in and wondered if one day fans like us could pick up their entries and could send them off to the address of those magazines. Passion and love for the style of our music heroes made us blind: no matter what it cost, but we had to change the journalists’ charts!


Now that we are supposed to have grown up older plus wiser, we have to share with you the question featured in our topics: do drummers really care of these rundowns? Do these rundowns really influence their drumming style?

We can answer to the first part of the query like this: we think they probably are told about the existence of the charts and might care of them: they feel they are judged by their fans and by other people in their business. The most emotional and sensitive drummers can take like “warning signals” the judges coming from the  outside ears and eyes. Every drummer would do his best to be always loved by their fans and to be always respected by the music industry: in this way we mean they all “care” of these charts.

The influence and the impact of all rundowns on their drumming activity is hard to define: much depends on how drummers rate the credibility of the charts, so the more they care of these charts, the more these charts can have an influence on their drumming approach, live and in the studio. Sources are relevant, the regular presence of the same drummers’ name on top or at the bottom make the chart a dubious one. The charts now on line, especially on Facebook, we think are made for fun, because the authors leave the fans change it by leaving in the comments your own entries: they are just more than rundowns – we see them as a list of drummers to argue on, without putting any kind of importance or weight on the name, which might sound “democratic and balanced”, but the freedom given to change it doesn’t make it a credible chart.


To end, drummers can keep doing awesomely their job, beating like hell: the records sales charts only can change the game.

Drummers are supposed to never forget their main task to respect their fans, when they play drums live and otherwise.

We would like the “social media charts” to keep being “open” as much as they are right now, because this way they can keep the argument on the more or less famous drummers from us fans alive, thought-provoking, interesting, if our arguing is made politely.

DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 27th May 2018

Duran Duran – Drug (it’s just a state of mind)

Fred Rister feat. Dom Brown – I want a Miracle

Anna Ross – Remember

Andy Taylor – Enemy

The Power Station –  Still in your heart

Robert Palmer – Hard head

John Taylor – The anti-wife

Zoe Nash – Rather die

Neurotic Outsiders –Janie Jones

Warren Cuccurullo – The end

Arcadia –  The promise

Bloom Twins – Blue

The Devils – World esclusive

Autohypnosis  –  Beyond beyond

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Dreaming

Michael Des Barres – You gotta serve somebody

The Gravity Drive – Break heart hill

Erin Stevenson – Hanging




DD TV xx

DD TV Glam pop Awards party – May 2018

The new thing is that the current month is coming to its end: goodbye May 2018. Long and busy month, to us, as usual.

The newest thing is that March 2018 brought us some inspiration and it helped us to replace the old content of the end-of-the-month lists.

You are going to still read lists, but the items matched are taken from Music Awards (so something more appropriate to our aim, as we are related to a Music Award!)

You will find some of the old topics used before here, matched, according to our taste, with the winners’ names off one of the Music Awards won by one of our favorite band. The matches are shortly argued, explained and justified.

The Music Awards are recent: the names of winners aren’t from before than 2000.

The winners are from the main categories (if not similar to the following ones): Best Album, Best record, Best Female and Best Male Artist, Best Video clip, Best Breakthrough act and Best Live act/concert

Here we go: Grammy Awards 2000

BEST ALBUM Backstreet Boys – Millennium

BEST RECORD Beautiful day U2 and Brian Eno



BEST VIDEO CLIP Foo Fighters – Learn to fly


Our matches

Lyrics Backstreet Boys – Millennium: To us the guys grew a little wiser, which is amazing to see from the boy-bands. We can remember it was in this period the other US band, N’Sync, the one of the more fortunate Justin Timberlake made their debut.

Video clip U2 – Beautiful Day was to us a better “visual moment”.

Make up/style Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera have always shocked the audiences for their style and outfits.

Listening pleasure Rocky Martin ad Foo Fighters. Latin music for fun and rock to take the pressure off: yes please…

Legacy/currency: Backstreet Boys and their success left the mark today, with more “teen sensations” that came out, in these days, with more or less their same popularity. The teen bands is a rather safe market for labels.

Fantasy line-up: for one occasional song or for a special event, we would like to see recording and performing together Brian Eno, U2 and Foo Fighters.


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 20th May 2018

Duran Duran – Serious

Fred Rister feat. Dom Brown – I want a Miracle

Anna Ross – Lie to me

Andy Taylor – End of the world

The Power Station –  Go to zero

Robert Palmer – Found you now

John Taylor – Anon (one day at a time)

Zoe Nash – Rather die

Neurotic Outsiders – Union

Warren Cuccurullo – Old photographs

Arcadia –  Keep me in the dark

Bloom Twins – Talk to me

The Devils – Come alive

Autohypnosis  – The numbers

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  –

Michael Des Barres – You gotta serve somebody

The Gravity Drive –Candle in the dark

Erin Stevenson – Invisible woman


DD TV xx

DD TV Fans’ power on the Net and the new privacy rules

We recently saw the Cambridge Analytica affair and we saw the  subsequent storm involving the CEO of the biggest social platform, Facebook. I knew the moment for these “Internet social giants” to tremble, to shake sooner or later would have arrive: I’ve always seen this business as uniquely a place for rights and not of rules.

I was shocked to hear of the sale of my personal data to third people for political aims. Few of my friends did deactivate their social accounts, but the ones who remained on the social now post less frequently than they did before the facts happened.

The obvious consequence, apart from the Facebook defence on one side and the global dismay from the USA and EU institutions, was a radical string of changes of the FB rules regarding the users’ privacy and the sharing. I agreed with the changes of the rules on my privacy and I want to trust on them. I would like to do as well with the sharing of my posts: if the rules of sharing move in accordance with the rules regarding the new ones aimed to protect my privacy, then I’d feel safe.

As for the relationship within me and the music FB Groups and Pages, will those new rules improve or not the liaison? And how? I guess we’ll all find the answers but not immediately: we are now all aware now on how our data are protected, so me and the other music fellow fans, having new tools to insecure our privacy, shouldn’t live bad moments when on-line. I trust we can, by now, theoretically have a safer level of  conversation. The global sense of “community” on the social platform should feel stronger.

Will I leave or keep being there ? When the Facebook facts came out first, I have to admit I wanted to throw it all away: my life is just out of the Internet, I can live my passion on music out of it. The social platforms are not an obligation for me. Having said that, in the beginning I was meaning to go away. I saw the news on the privacy rules and settings and I decided to remain.

I’m not a pundit of social network, I’m a simple fellow user, so I have no idea of what type of suggestions I could share; in the beginning, I had a rumour the Facebook CEO was going to make the login something priced: I thought the problem is not the “log in”, but it is the “while you are in”.

Time might hopefully be the healer, in the case: in the past, I’ve seen for any items that went “global” (let’s take the CDs, now they’ll be out of production in a couple of years), after touching their zenith, for generally outrageous, but futile reasons, these globally successful items they dropped out of the public eye. The social platforms as well, will maybe live their “golden period” and later might end up in the dark.