DD TV Playlist – 11th November 2018

Duran Duran – Valentine stones

Dom Brown – Vanity

The Gravity Drive – The wild light

Andy Taylor –  Suffragette city

The Power Station – Fancy that

Robert Palmer – Happiness

John Taylor – Silent Skin

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Jerk

Warren Cuccurullo – Wreckelection

Arcadia –  The promise

Bloom Twins – Amnesia

The Devils – Memory palaces

Shadowy Lines – No one is supposed to be anyone

Luke Skyscraper (Pull of Autumn)  – Trance fear

Michael Des Barres – Raw Power

Erin Stevenson –Addicted to you

Anna Ross – Early AM


DD TV xx


DD TV The Screamer – November 2018


Whenever we hear our favorite vocalists on our fave songs trying to reach the higher notes, we, of course love it, but are it always worth putting their voice at the maximum on many songs? Is screaming a real gift for the songs?

Let’s say that screaming doesn’t make the songs boring, indeed, you’d jump on the chair! Let’s say the highest notes do enhance the song only if the vocalist can easily reach them… exactly, that’s to us fans the basic, essential requirement to our fave singers: just add scream at your liberty and at your taste, but please know that it is always up to you, outside of the studio, to show fans and general audience that you can reach those notes.

Vocalists are supposed to amazed their fans and listeners, with their unique vocal experiences and arrangements, vocalists should be aware that their voice should arrive to our heart and soul with the best touch and delicacy, live and on the tape. We’d rather hear a beautiful, comforting voice than vibrations thru a scream.

Screams in rock music instead are more accepted because that’s quite a different place than pop or jazz, reggae music. Singing loud, especially live, is a delight to hear on a carpet of guitars and noise. Screams, a bit like falsetto, are more a rock characteristics! Screaming is a must!

Singing loud or screaming is just like “breaking free emotionally”, it is as if the vocalists put their heart out ; his fan base should be ready to collect this challenge and to support this vocal choice.


We are still waiting for announcement and updates on the second year of this new TV Talent show for vocalists.

X FACTOR 2018 – 2019

The team of judges for the 2018 edition was announced. After rumours and much speculation, the new line-up is Fedez, Mara Maionchi and Manuel Agnelli, who are confirmed from the past editions, whereas the only new entry is the Italian actress Asia Argento, who accepted notwithstanding the recent loss of her fiancé, the American Chef Anthony Bourdain.

The news of sexual assault of late August pushed the X Factor crew to not welcome Asia any more: the actress won’t be taking part to the “Live phase” of the Talent Show: she will be replaced by Lodo Guenzi the young frontman of the indie Italian rock band Stato Sociale, who won this late February the Sanremo Music Festival.”

At the Bootcamps, we realized there are guys who are trying now a new voice type”: the “whisperers” (Dido, Sade…). The first “Live” with Sting was awesome and in our opinion, the new coach mister Guenzi, is too young to know about music. Next time our opinions on the winner.


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 4th November 2018

Duran Duran – Virus

Dom Brown – Dr. Feel

The Gravity Drive – The wild light

Andy Taylor –  French guitar

The Power Station – Murderess

Robert Palmer – Lucky

John Taylor – Go about your day

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Revolution

Warren Cuccurullo – Sid Arthur’s message

Arcadia –  Rose Arcana

Bloom Twins – Set us free

The Devils – Barbarellas

Shadowy Lines – Broken shine exemplar

Luke Skyscraper (Pull of Autumn)  – Trance fear

Michael Des Barres – Raw Power

Erin Stevenson –Automatic

Anna Ross – Code to my heart


DD TV xx

DD TV Danceophobia – November 2018

DD TV Danceophobia –  November 2018

Our argument every time is developed in the three different phases, whose names took inspiration from groove and whose content changes according to the mood of the discussion. The “forerunner” is like an introduction, the “tour de force” is the place hosting the hottest words, and the “slow dance” is the conclusion.

What drummers who sing do you admire?


Although mostly of them are in band, you have to wonder why they are with other musicians if they can play one more instrument than theirs and you have to wonder about the chemistry within the band members of their bands, especially if there is a “controller”.

We always admired the multi-tasking musician that is the ones who in the studio and/or live are able to play more than one instrument, are able to make two things at the same time (LOL!)


Particularly, regarding to the question, we admire they have a god breath and oxygen supply, because beating on a drum is fatiguing physically and singing need “focusing on the voice, on the words to speak that have to be remembered. Singing and playing drums at the same time needs discipline, practice and huge patience when to learn.

Playing drums and singing is not exactly like playing the piano or the guitar and singing.

Here are some of our five drummers/singers.  Roger Taylor from Queen, Phil Collins, Don Henley. They are all names from the Seventies and from the past generation. They all could put passion and “pathos” on their songs, an outstanding contribution to music; in the period they started, songs were conceived like the epicentre of  their job and they could do it then, also because hi-fi tech and other computer-related resources were not as not so much used as it is today.

We have seen these guys drumming and singing since their early day: they seemed to do it genuinely enough, so it can make sense that when they joined their band they learnt to do it all together when younger.


The so-called “multi-tasking” musicians, apart from these drummers,  all shared an awesome solo career: their legacy can be influential to the younger musicians.

If their original bands occur to lose one member, being “multi-tasking musicians” they can play and record the missing parts in the studio and live: fans would grieve and would share fewer tears and the original bans, although in a different line-up, would be still credible.

They are the example of what tenancy and talent can so brilliantly do in a musician!


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 28th October 2018

Duran Duran – American Science

Dom Brown – Bad boy

The Gravity Drive – The wild light

Andy Taylor –  Suffragette City

The Power Station – Taxman (The Beatles cover)

Robert Palmer – (Love is) the tender trap

John Taylor – 2:03

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Feelings are good

Warren Cuccurullo – The guide

Arcadia –  Rose Arcana

Bloom Twins – Blue

The Devils – Newhaven – Dieppe

Shadowy Lines – No one knows everything about anything

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion))  – Wildest dreams

Michael Des Barres – Raw Power

Erin Stevenson – Juicy

Anna Ross – Sell me down the river


DD TV xx

DD TV Glam Pop Awards party – October 2018

The third “longest and hardest” month in the year is coming to an end: it was really a rock ride, but now it is getting over!

We can celebrate the end of a new month in the same way as we did with the old months.

You will find some of the old topics used before here, matched, according to our taste, with the winners’ names off one of the Music Awards won by one of our favorite bands. The matches are shortly argued, explained and justified.

The Music Awards are recent: the names of winners aren’t from before than 2000.

The winners are from the main categories (if not, we are doing the list of similar to the following ones): Best Album, Best Record, Best Female and Best Male Artist, Best Video clip, Best Breakthrough act and Best Live act/concert

Here we go: this time is the turn of “Q Awards”

Q Awards 2000:

BEST ALBUM: Coldplay – Parachutes

BEST NEW ARTIST: Badly Drawn Boy

BEST VIDEO CLIP: Kelis – Caught out there



Our matches:

Listening pleasure: Coldplay and Oasis. They are appreciated bands here by our gang, especially Coldplay. There is a slight preference to Coldplay.

Legacy/currency.   Badly Drawn Boy, who was honoured as “Best new act”  is still on the road in the UK, releasing alternative rock/indie rock music albums. Being an indie artist, he is not signed to any label, so he is not so famous in many other areas out of the UK. We are curious to listen to his music stuff in the future, as we are intrigued by that “alternative rock” label.

Make up/style: Kelis and Coldplay . They have our “wow!” for their style. No glam, but awesomeness!

Video clip: Kelis! Her hair… her rants, turning all upside down in the house, gathering all those women on the road to strike…. LOL!  Was she really the “quiet” one who made a duet with Duran Duran on “The man who stole the leopard” few years later?… Funny.

Lyrics: we struggle to give our “go” to Oasis or to Coldplay, although the bands were no rivals, they never shared anything.


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist -21st October 2018

Duran Duran – Anyone out there

Dom Brown – Chocolate fever

The Gravity Drive – Inside out

Andy Taylor –  Tremblin’

The Power Station – Fancy that

Robert Palmer – Love can run faster

John Taylor – Anon (One day at a time)

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Better way

Warren Cuccurullo – Channel one (I wanna see nirvana)

Arcadia –  El diablo

Bloom Twins – Set us free

The Devils – Signals in smoke

Shadowy Lines – The clouds cannot sleep

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion))  – Wildest dreams

Michael Des Barres – Raw Power

Erin Stevenson – Truthfully

Anna Ross – Karman line


DD TV xx


DD TV The perfect list – October 2018

You will find listed below in no particular order and with  a short, more or less hilarious comment, the things I think I just love. After listing the items I did not like, now I share more positive thoughts!

Having some time just for me, to do the things left to fix, which I could not do due to my 9 to 5!

I love tagliatelle again (Italian pasta), haven’t had them for a while

Taking naps in the afternoon: there are pros and cons, but I prefer the pros.

For the first time in years, for a moment, I was looking forward to go off on holiday spending some days off in a location off of the area where I live, which I was used to dislike

Sleeping for all of my due amount of hours, to avoid taking the afternoon nap.

Do not like exceeding with my selfies anywhere in my photos

I love being “rough” against people who hurt me before. When it was the case I wished my heart was a heart of stone

Making playlists and quizzes, polls … : fellow fans respond and that’s great!

I love the colours of Autumn, but I do not like the season.



DD TV  xx


DD TV Playlist – 14th October 2018

Duran Duran –  The edge of America/Lake shore driving

Dom Brown – Crocodile tears

The Gravity Drive – Inside out

Andy Taylor –  Night train

The Power Station – Life forces

Robert Palmer – Give me an inch

John Taylor – The sound of single girls

Zoe Nash – Love bug

Neurotic Outsiders – Good news

Warren Cuccurullo – Jam man jam

Arcadia – The flame

Bloom Twins – Talk to me

The Devils – Aztec moon

Shadowy Lines – We didn’t believe in the ocean until it swallowed us

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion))  – Wildest dreams

Michael Des Barres – Raw Power

Erin Stevenson – Naked

Anna Ross – First day



DD TV xx

DD TV The Viewer – October 2018

October 2018

Aside the only official Oscar’s ceremony held in LA every year, this is the place where we post our feedback on some of the amazing movies we have watched in these past few months.

We use the following “rough” method for the rating.

*** (3 stars) good movie, but not excellent

**** (4 stars) great

***** (5 stars) don’t miss it, highly recommended

G.I. JOE – THE COBRA BIRTH” with Dennis Quaid and Channing Tatum (USA, 2009)

An amazing action movie, whose story is so current and based on the reality we are leaving, such as spies, conspiracies, plots and international terrorism.

A team of Marines have to deliver 4 atomic bombs in a pre-established area, where another team have to rescue them, but suddenly from the sky an air attack destroys the Marines air coverage and the tanks, to escort them. The ones who are behind the air attack actually are there to save the Marines and their bombs, as they knew beforehand someone else would have stolen them. When introducing, the survived Marines thank them and accept to join the guys, who are the “Cobra” team members. Cobra isn’t the acronym of the famous special anti-terrorism elite in the UK, but the name is due because their armed members are trained with real cobra venom doped in their neck, which has the effect to make them angry and motivated. The trainers are mostly holograms.

Suspense and action, amazing special effects and computer graphics. The best actor for me was Dennis Quaid, the trainer of the Cobra soldiers.

A bit sci-fi, but exciting movie. **** 4 stars out of 5

DEEP CALM with Sam Neil, Nicol Kidman Australia, 1988)

It is the tile of a thriller movie shot in late 1980s, of which I often heard of in the following years  since I was a teen, but never had the real chance to watch it. The chance to, arrived in early August, some thirty years later… LOL!

The beginning is dramatic, with that car accident and miss Rae ending up at the hospital in such condition. When her recovery begins the psycho-thriller begins as well. The man they rescue and get on board of their yacht… my congrats to the actor, by the way… to me was one, who was infected by whatever virus on his boat, since he was speaking of sick food. Instead he actually was psychopath killer… !

Suspense, violence and blood .. but I loved the suspense!

Actress Nicole Kidman was a breakthrough act then, but she was awesome. Sam Neil was recruited years later in the “Jurassic Park” saga, where he plays on more dramatic, still psycho-scenes and bigger roles!

Good cast was an amazing thriller story. Never trust in strangers, call the Coast Guards, the RN… LOL!

CAPTAIN HARLOCK anime Japan 2016 of Shinji Aramaki

Prior to say I didn’t know they realized a 3D anime movie of one of my fave manga, as when I was I was a kid, I, in fact, had doubt on the quality of this TV product, in terms of video quality and of possible changes of the original story: mine was a saga, in 2013 they turned into a 2-hours anime

Luckily the story has remained the same: in 2297 Earth is no more an inhabited planet and Captain Harlock, his Crew on the spaceship Arcadia plans to fight against the crooked Gaia coalition and to restore life on Earth. Unfortunately on board of Arcadia, there is someone who is plotting against him and tries to murder him.

Differently from the late ‘70’s, all characters looked more “explicit”, closer to really human character attitudes: this implied viewing “harder” scenes”, in terms of violence and of sex. Today anime movies are designed for smarter children. My hero, the Captain looked dead sexy, as much as he looked, originally!

The computer graphic and the rest of the special effects opted were very welcome, in particular when showing the details on the spaceship and on Planet Earth.

Nostalgia? Yes and no. It is known that on summer the good things lack on the TV airplay, so I opted for this anime as it reminded me the good old days. I did not have nostalgia, because the hi-fi tech improved the vision.

Good job Japan… (Now and then!)!

STAR TREK BEYOND with Chris Pine  – USA/China 2016

I saw the premiere in Italy on TV in September 2018 and a fan of the original saga could not miss it, my expectations were high.

Instead it was a bit disappointing, because although this was a “prequel”, that is a movie on the main original characters as “kids”, although my heart still beats for the legendary spaceship “Enterprise”, the story was disappointing: it was like watching a copy exactly of the first 1979 Star Trek, when the Crew was “captured” by a big cloud (an alien, actually).

Special effects, graphics visuals… were awesome due to 2018 hi-fi tech, but the story is just the same as the one of 1979.

SULLY with Tom Hanks and Aaron Eckhart – USA, 2016

It is the “psycho-drama” movie, directed by the awesome Clint Eastwood, based on the US air pilot Sullenberger, who, in early January 2009, took the broken aircraft he was driving to land on the Hudson river, saving all of the passengers and few on board.

The real fact is described in a 10 minutes sequence, the rest is all about feelings. The man struggled against the USA Flight Commission, which investigates on his move and blaming him for taking “exaggerated” decisions and his Insurance company bureau. Pilot “sully” manages to demonstrate that the evidence used by the Flight commission is wrong and inaccurate and he is finally acclaimed as a “hero”

All of my support thru all the story was to pilot “Sully”. Also, I could learn how the USA Flight Authorities work and how “justice” is in the country.

All actors are amazing. My final rating is 4/5 **** stars

Next update in February 2019


DD TV xx