DD TV – The Screamer

We have been watching the overwhelming success of very young musicians, (sometimes teenagers, sometimes and children) like Hanson, Nikka Costa, Jackson 5 and currently we are watching on TV few Talent shows designed for fewer than 15 years old applicants, who win the chance to study for one year in the USA with a vocal coach. Our first impression is positive: all of these kids are amazing vocalists, they’re genuine and they mostly don’t look “manufactured”.

The power of the Talent TV shows mentioned above is arguable: some think it’s a right of every child’s to take part to the competition with other children, as opposite more people see it as a “too much, too early” business. We guess the rules and laws of the Reality Shows must designed in respect of their privacy and the early age for kids must be written, they must be shared by all the TV shows and they must be clear for everyone who takes part to.

As of the other very young vocalists who gained success out of the Reality shows camp, we are amazed at how wisely those brave guys struggled to keep their success in their adulthood, considering the change of their voice, the change of their life-style, their way of thinking, the change of the business in the rock industry.

We admire in particular the bravery of the ones who decide to carry on making music and singing: their records become successful just for their characteristic baby’s cute voice, just because fans love their baby voice. Unfortunately as they grow older, their baby’s voice disappears and people don’t find any longer good the main reason why they first purchased that record.

Michael Jackson, RIP, began selling records since his tender age, but we all know his life later wasn’t that easy: his struggle to chase the wave is the number one example of all mentioned above.  

Today, maybe learning Michael Jackson’s lesson, when are on top of the world the “enfant prodigy” are more protected, they can stand on stronger Managers and the record labels on the market are fewer.     



ITALY X FACTOR 2012-2013

There is always a Duran fan who manages to pass all of the castings and to be within the groups of final applicants. He was assigned to sing many of the band’s repertoire.

We noticed a higher number of applicants performing songs in English.

The trend is to have the screamer’s style, the “rock-style” voices à la Rod Stewart, Michael Des Barres, Bryan Adams, seem to be passé.

The winner of this edition is a young lady. Her new EP is already available for download on ITunes. The Duran fan was at the rank no. 3.

Good luck to all!   

A brand new Talent show designed for vocalists is kicking off in the next month and it is the direct competitor for X Factor. The judges include some major Italian rock stars and famous TV presenters


DD TV xx


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