DD TV Glam Pop Party – Speculation

has ever one of the below acts seen their career spoiled for dirty rumours and – or for morbid speculation?


Guns and Roses – during the pre-Chinese Democracy album years the band’s fame was shaking, due to fans’ and media pressure and to the record label menaces.   


Queen – some dangerous morbidity happened only in late 80s, when Freddie Mercury was clearly not feeling fine. Actually, in the end nothing could ever do damage to the popularity of this legendary band.   


AC/DC –The guys still stand up tall thanks to their loyal fans that are defending them from whatever kind of speculation.


Toto – Speculation around the splits up of some past members in the years put their name a bit in the dark.   


George Michael – The rumours on his coming out made him pass the worst days.   


Youth Kills – The morbidity around them might spoil their genuine interest in their music, but so far nothing seems to stop their growing success. They wouldn’t deserve anything bad!


XILL and the Brave – ditto for Youth Kills, but the art child is only one member.


Lady Gaga –   some of the rumours were true, but they appealed more interest in her music and around her. Despite all, she carried on.    


Andy Taylor – The rubbish appears whenever he’s in the studio, in Ibiza, but every time the written and spoken rubbish come back to the sender, like a killing boomerang.      


Madonna – Some of her latest decisions were not brilliant and were arguable, but as always, she doesn’t care.


Sting – His only real flop was the album titled “Mercury Falling”, but the disappointment didn’t spoil his reputation. 




DD TV xx.  


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