DD TV Dance Floor Massacre

The thread every time is developed in the three different phases that change according to the mood of the discussion. The “forerunner” is like an introduction, the “tour de force” is the place hosting the hottest words, and the “slow dance” is the conclusion.





The topic takes inspiration from the title of the successful biography of DD’s bass player John Taylor “In the Pleasure Groove”: he mentions the three ingredients of the pleasure groove: love, death and his band. The original word “groove” off the title has been mistakenly translated into the Italian “rhythm” so that the “groove” (meant as “mix, medley, cocktail”) turned out to be  “the pleasure rhythm”, which both in Italian and in English aren’t the same thing.

So, what are really for drummers the factors to make the best groove and the pleasure rhythm?



The factors to make the best drumbeat (i.e. “the pleasure rhythm”) are: the chance to take inspiration, to focus on a certain kind of music, to be given the necessary share of freedom to experiment, to practice with their drums and drum machines in the studio, to be heard by the producer, to hear the fans’ advice and support. Travelling (for holidays or on DJ tours) could be another encouraging ingredient that can help the drummer to find out new sounds.

The pleasure groove is a combination of drumbeats that make their entire album a milestone experience. The zenith is reached when behind-the-scenes in the Studio are all favourable the following things: complicity, support, relax on one side; drummer must have a well-organized recording schedule and the best quality equipment and technicians on the other one.

In both pop and rock industry, the pleasure grooves usually tend to become classics, music best sellers, music whose record sales get unbeaten for over a long time.

DJs realize “pleasure groove” on occasion of parties, of big events, of fashion shows, of opening important artists’ concerts. Their “pleasure groove” attracts crowd who go bananas.    



A groove and the rhythm are “groovy” creations, which are savvy to always appreciate.

It takes longer to think of a rhythm than a “groove” to make people dance.  




Girolamo Giuseppe: he’s the Italian drummer who lost his life in the Costa Concordia incident on 13th January 2012. He let a child occupy the only free seat left on the lifeboat,: thanks to his choice the child is today alive and safe, whereas the drummer isn’t.  RIP. 

Huey Lewis and the News drummer

Jethro Tull drummer

Rockets drummer

Jonathan Moffet, Madonna drummer in the 1987 “Who’s That Girl“ tour

Elliot Taylor

Carl Palmer of Asia and of Emerson, Lake and Palmer

David Green

Ryan off The Gravity Drive


DD TV  xxx


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