Blog: legacy – instructions on how to be remembered

Legacy: is it better to be remembered for the quantity or for the quality of what was done?

The above awesome question can be answered only by the fans, this is not arguable.

Every performer wishes to be on the road for a long time and to be able to make at his very best most of the things he dreamt to do in the very beginning of his career. Artists are aware only by growing older that the original plans might be changed by factors like luck, economic crises, health, critics and their fans might influence their plans, but positively.

I wouldn’t agree with the ones who think that an immense legacy is made of many albums-movies, but I do think that if the releases were many, it means they were able to work at their best. Only, if all of the releases were all flops, it means the celebrity wasn’t at his best.

As opposite to the above thought, sometimes, quantity of releases just doesn’t matter at all: the artists who were pioneers of a music genre or of a movie genre generally are remembered only for that one thing they pioneered. Also, some artists are remembered for legendary live performances only, although they released mediocre records: this might sound odd to hear, but what about the epic performances at Woodstock in 1969. Live Aid, Live 8 and Live Earth? The very fact any of those artists took part was a boost for their popularity, no matter what they released

The quality of what was done can be rated with the help of the number, or type of Awards gotten , or other forms of honors, tributes received; fans are proud and are used to remember their trophies. It must be said that critics can never argue on these Awards: like it or not, critics acknowledge that also the performers who they dislike did get an honor.

Now, to end, I’m discussing on the Reality Shows: what about the guys who won any of them, or however took part and who both released an album? My opinion is that the lack in these formats is basically that the support is given only to help them face the nominations, but when out they mostly risk to be forgotten. They have to work much harder than the artists of my generation did to keep their success. I’m having fun watching some of the talent shows on TV, but I do hope, for those young guys’ sake, that soon the shows would end.

I am reading the list of some of the amazing albums and some of the huge tours scheduled to see the light during this year: 2013 is going to give us a great legacy. World is back to be plenty of talented artists.

DD TV xx


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