What are the real top music albums?

Are the top albums only the best-selling ones, or the pure pop gems ?(that are however able to sell as well?)  

I’m an avid music listener and I can rate myself as an open-minded one, as my tastes range from heavy metal to melodic pop music albums of the past 30 years. My love for music started to grow as a kid, at the age of 6-7 years old: music was my best company as I’m an only child and I grew as a very sensitive listener.

I’ve believed in the power of the charts in my teenage: I supported for my idols to be number ones back then and the “number one” was that in the charts. Luckily, my idols were enough talented to conquer, with our help however, the radio charts, the Billboard charts and the video music-MTV charts.

My favorite rock and pop guys were also and always enough talented to have a prolific and awesome discography; they can boast about realizing easy – listening pop record, more experimental mature albums and ridiculous flops. I can take their discography as a benchmark for my ongoing argument.

I realized the best-selling albums are worshipped and are the legacies of the artists, of course, as opposite, the flops are forgotten.  Within the flops some of the fans find pop gems and they’re flops ‘coz they’re not understood, or underrated. Record companies might support their musicians to try anything new on their music, but, usually don’t offer the same support during the promotional campaigns, which means less concerts, less rotation on the radio stations, less fans contests/competitions, less video clips, etc… Flops can cause a double damage: mainly on the musicians’ reputation, on the record company’s one and later flops can break into controversy within the fans’ community.

There is a saying: if 3- 4 tracks out 10-12 sound appreciated by the majority of people that album will result being an awesome smash hit, so a milestone record. Music industry drastically changed today people’s tastes, so I don’t share with that saying. I love taking into consideration every album, every case; to me it’s silly to rate records with such too “generic” method. The actual above mentioned method is applied also on the albums of the winners off the Talent Shows, for my opinion doesn’t change.

To answer the original question, to me the best albums are all of the awesome albums released: the “most commercial” and the “most innovative” ones. The artist’s talent can come out in both of the different forms: tat talent type that appeals to the majority of people and the one appealing to a smaller, but powerful group of listeners, who are able to encourage the rest to give a listen.

DD TV xx


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