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There isn’t actually any school to learn making and playing rock music. Rock is a feeling. Making rock music is often a result of a hard childhood, or a hardship, or a deep crisis. Think of milestone rock artists, like Santana, (he told he was abused when a child), Axl Rose off Guns and Roses (he said he suffered the same unfortunate fate as of Santana), Andy Taylor, (he spent a hard childhood); of course a hard time in one’s life is not THE rule to become successful rock music makers, but rebellion, anger tend to lead them to create more drastic sounds than to writing softer electro-pop melodies.

Almost all of the main “revolutions” in music history were started by rock: Elvis Presley, the Punks and the New Romantics… 

As for X Factor Italy 2012 – Edition, we are noticing they have recruited the applicants with the screamer’s-style voice: the “rock” voices, à la Rod Stewart, Michael Des Barres, Bryan Adams seem to be passé. 

Rap and rock together? It is possible and the first few performances were good. The leading music is rock, it’s the one that gives you the classics in the years to come. 

Is it possible after a long time writing and performing live amazing rock music to turn page and performing softer music types, like blues, country, and folk rock? It seems it is: rock stars like Rod Stewart, Robert Palmer recently stopped being “wild boys” and released real masterpieces in blues, folk. Their rock DNAs is still recognizable in few songs, but with their charisma they would be able to sing whatever. We fans are shocked at first, but later we admire their changes, labels often struggle to agree with the change, which is a pity.  

The debut albums in rock music are the most important of the entire discography: they’re milestone records, as it’s in these first records you get an idea of what music the band is playing, you get the idea of the band’s DNA. Think for example of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin (heavy metal), Queen (rock and opera)  

Death and funeral are usually sources of inspiration in hard rock, heavy metal lyrics: Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Metallica, and Queen. 




It was a pleasure to listen to the studio rock album of this young band. The lyrics are typically dark, but not necessarily are inspired by death.

The arrangements and the vocal style of the lead singer, Jared Leto, remind Linkin Park, another amazing rock band. Some critics found their music the “new prog rock : we loved this vision, but we don’t agree with the critics and however we appreciate and encourage the new young breakthrough rock bands to create new visions in rock music.

Our fave songs are the title track This is War, Hurricane, Night of the Hunter.

We disliked the long silences in some tunes, but we did love the children’s choirs: the kids were a very original piece on the record and other young indie rock bands were influenced by the kids’ choirs.     



They were one of the leading bands of the so-called “grunge” revolution between 1990 and 1991, aside Nirvana. This is their milestone album and on the most important records of that period.

Robust guitars, Chris Cornell’s hot rock voice, the lyrics of the songs spoke of rage, disappointment, nerves on the edge, disillusionment. The songs represented the feelings of a new generation, the children in the 80s, the MTV kids, as well.

Although it was a high-quality rock album, sometimes the arrangements of the guitars sound over the vocals, badly tuned with the drums. For, our fave album track is Black Hole Sun, the symbol of this album.

This band was more able to realize slow songs than rock dance songs.

 DD TV xx


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