DD TV Glam Pop Party – On promotion campaigns

Are promotional campaigns necessary for the acts below?


Guns and Roses – the band is now touring, with their new line up. They sound in a fine form and their popularity, after their co-founder member guitarist Slash’s split up, lost a little bit of its original shine. They’d deserve to play to more fans. 


Queen –  although their big loss (the legendary lead vocalist and frontman Freddie Mercury) and after some changes of line up, the surviving band members are making it on their own!


AC/DC – ditto for Queen, but, luckily, there isn’t any recent big loss in the line-up.


Toto –   their upcoming European reunion tour is receiving an enough hot reception everywhere. Certainly, a little more “intense” promotional campaign would let their name be heard within the younger generation of fans.


George Michael –  absolutely not, despite his recent recovery.


Youth Kills – they’d need support from a record company with a better reputation than EMI have had, some fans are arguing . We think that seen what that same label did in the 80s with their famous dads, we’re grateful this amazing duo is going on a promotion on another level.  


XILL and the Brave – ditto for Youth Kills.


Autohypnosis – the one-man band in question is using, in our opinion, modern tools of promotion, sometimes anticipating the moves that more prestigious record labels probably would do as well.   


Lady Gaga – Her superstardom is on a level that more promotion would be unsustainable.       


Andy Taylor –  A huge promotional campaign for his upcoming new studio album would be dangerous for him, but we’re sure he would very likely love to be back for his fans with a proper global rock party.     


Madonna – She’s using her name in campaigns out of music.


Mark Ronson – he’s already a big name in the music industry, everybody appreciates his science. He’s got his own label to promote his music.


Sananda Maitreya (Terence Trent d’Arby) – A dedicated more intense promotional campaign would put his name back to the levels of his original T.T.D. fame, but he doesn’t seem any longer interested in that kind of popularity.


Sting –  Performers and big trademarks out of the music circuit are using his name to promote their own interests… LOL


DD TV xx.  


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