Blog: music’s next challenge

I am going to give a short list of kind of breakthroughs that for me marked a change in the arts. The artists who made the below things possible won their challenge against part of the critics, the skeptical and the traditional who all refused to believe in a change. The whole entertainment industry and their fans should be grateful ever to them.  

The albums featuring for the first time traffic noise sample and computer noise.

The on-location clips.

The video-projection during the concerts.

The fusion of fashion and design with music.

Live Aid-charity gigs.

The vinyl records.

The Pop Art.

The very first mp3 audio file.

The file-sharing.

The avatar.

Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the “social” sites.

The above mentioned ones to me are the major conquests in the arts, but what is music’s next challenge? In my opinion there is still much to do to get closer to the fans, to communicate in order to break prejudice on silly clichés: for example, it is a shame that in 2013 if I say “I love Andy Taylor” (Duran Duran’s awesome guitarist, who split up from his band twice), I have back insults, death menaces in my mail box his former band’s fans!!

Now that hi-fi tech has been giving us much to enjoy the music sharing, it’s time to improve the conversation within the listeners. Maybe fans communities have to do the bigger effort than the musicians on the communication side, but I guess everybody in music should be involved.  

This is hopefully to be updated soon. 

DD TV xx


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