The f*ck it list – April 2013

You will find listed below and in no particular order, followed by a short comment, the things I just think I’d don’t love.


Making rows on different opinions when arguing on music acts: let’s stop attacking on futile arguments, based on silly clichés.

Mathematics: still strongly dislike the subject. Sudoku is not my game.

Going out without umbrella while rain takes you by surprise: I actually am used to do the strangest, craziest things!

The period ranging from mid -March thru mid-June, from mid-August thru mid- September and from mid-November thru early January at work.

The catering service of the “La Cantina del Mangia”’s in Milan: meals are served cold and not of the best quality.

Suing my boss for mobbing. I don’t like being forced to write an act against my boss. I’m brave and feel disgusted by being mobbed.

Jane Austen’s novels. I never loved her when I was at school and years later I still dislike her books.

Falling asleep when I’m having fun with friends in the nights out.

Being ambitious. It’s not worth “burning my brain” to play the heroine in a country where your good actions are not acknowledged.


DD TV xx.


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