Thoughts on the charts

The charts, are they still safe and credible to musicians to sell?

I guess most of my favorite musicians, from the 70s and 80s to today, when they kicked off their careers they were encouraged by the data of records sold, concert tickets sold and their names mentioned on the media as “being “number ones” of this and that. If they’re still doing it is because their fans base is a loyal one: the fans’ loyalty is not certified by the charts.

When I was a kid I sometimes did use the rundowns to get some advice on buying the albums. I was used to listen to the Sunday Super Top 50 on TV; in the late 70s, this same top 50 was aired also on the radio and I did listen to it while doing my homework. Back then, I loved the charts company on the radio and TV, so I took the charts for a form of entertainment.

For every musician at the beginning of their careers and in every era, the charts are part of the game, that is they got to do their music right, ‘coz any f*cking no. 1 is their best visiting card.

The musicians will always be “addicted” to the top 10s, 20s, 30s, 50, 1000s, rundowns, but their fans look to be more addicted than their heroes are.

The charts form the artists’ legacy. The number ones, the major hits altogether make the legacy the package of memories shared from generation to generation.

The fans are the makers of the charts: buying the records and keeping them on the top of the charts is basically what they enjoy doing. The fans can influence the future of the arts; behind the no. 1s there is a crowd of amazing fans!

The charts I mentioned so far meant to be the ones related to the records sales: I guess that all of my words can be spoken also for the You Tube ones. The You Tube charts and the related Video Awards are just “the children of MTV”, the legendary Music channel that gave birth to the video music business.  

To sum up with it all, speaking of charts and of their credibility in the long run is an interesting argument: the charts were a wonderful invention to argue. 


DD TV xx


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