DD TV Glam Pop Party – the politicians call

have they ever made “political” songs? Have they ever written lyrics that can be rated even little close to today global crisis?


Guns and Roses – their latest studio album “Chinese Democracy”, but also their smash hits “Welcome to the Jungle”, ”Civil War”. The band was founded in the late 80s, when all values and certainties were tumbling down.  


Queen – Maybe songs like “I Want to break free”, “The prophet’s song” (the latter can be referred to the today anarchy)


AC/DC – they played angry rock, but nothing really close to that reality.


Toto –   they basically were on top of the world in better times than these…!


George Michael – His song “Shoot the dog” was against the second War in Iraq, as we’re all still paying the price for that war.


Youth Kills – their debut single “Time is Now” is about the moment of uncertainty the young people are living. They are sort of “representatives” of the generation who is paying the highest price for the politicians’ failures.   


XILL and the Brave – never performed anything “serious”, thank God.


Lady Gaga – ditto for XILL and the Brave.


Madonna – her studio titled “American Life” featured her perspective on a certain situation – it was a commercial flop, too – but her short “incursions” into politics are not relevant, despite her popularity.      


Andy Taylor – He does mention something on the world in his song “End of the world”. His rants on politics were on few recent blog posts on his website.


Mark Ronson – No way: he’s the man designed to make you party!


Sananda Maitreya (Terence Trent d’Arby) – His writings and lyrics are quite sarcastic and so “real”.


Sting – He and his foundation band the Police did write more than one “political” track, which are memorable smash hits.  


DD TV xx.  


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