DD TV The Reader – May 2013

I believed for a long time that books had to be made only of paper, that the scent of the paper while you turn the pages is something unique to smell, that the value of a manuscript is even sometimes impossible to compare to other material things, but… I’ve recently purchased an E-Reader device: I’m (also) an e-books reader!!!

I’ve read

Political Writings (Scritti politici) vol. 1 by Antonio Gramsci

I’ve never been appealed by political essays, but the title of this book recalls the name of an amazing British brit – pop band of the 80s, Scritti Politti whose members maybe had Italian origins and/or have heard of Antonio Gramsci.

His writings were made in early 1900s and are nothing than rants from the first page of the book thru its end on the political situation of the back then moment, in countries like USSR, USA, UK, and on the Pope’s figure. Gramsci was one of the hottest fans of the new born Communist party, which was founded in 1921 and which took inspiration from the USSR and from their thoughts against Karl Marx theories on the free – market economy. The most surprising topics were the Italian cars factory FIAT (what if he knew 100 years later it is FIAT-Chrysler?) that the author refers to as “a local Soviet”, his repulsion of Mum’s and Dad’s Days, ‘coz he thinks they’re designed by and for a free – market economy and when he openly pays homage to his “god” Lenin.

At the end of the book, I didn’t become a “comrade” and I still rather listen to Scritti Politti amazing pop music. 

I’m currently reading:

The Fall of Giants by Ken Follett

I have never heard anything of this author and I was curious to read of him.

Two books recommended by Italian critics:

Pope Frances by Silvia Rubin and Francesco Ambrogetti. A book to discover the newly elected Pope, who seems to be loved everywhere.

Lady Susan by Jane Austen. A new release by the amazing British writer

Next update in September 2013.

DD TV xx


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