Reality shows – the brand new ideas

the brand new ideas I’d love to see realized in a Reality Show.

Prior to say I’m not an avid fan of Reality Shows and that I’d rather watch the ones where music is the main protagonist, prior to thank TV Mania for being the pioneers of the format in the late 90s, I think so far we had crossed the line on the arguments o on is topic over the years.

I’m sick in particular of the academy formula where the singers are judged and win the contract. It’s a failure, because the Reality show offers support only at the beginning of the young winners’ career, after that they got to work harder to maintain their fan base.

My first suggestion is to let the talent show-TV academy last longer: it should be like a TV art school. I’d no more involve the audience, no more mobile or web voting, no more nominations.

Another suggestion is to change the environment: no more in a TV studio, but in a real recording studio: The “coaches-judges” could be the technicians- sound engineers. I’d stop involving the celebrities. I’ll let the applicants work for some time free in a studio, to see how they conceive, write and release an EP.

Live experiences: why don’t they go on a tour? Again, no more locked in a TV studio, or in a “TV academy”: just out on tour. The applicants could be given a band and the necessary tools to design the stage, choreographies, set lists of their own songs, etc…

Training on the job: I’d let them spend some time with legendary producers, to travel with them to see them how they’d produce someone else’s record, how they’re produce a live show. Let’s see them on making music and stop seeing them performing the classics. How can you judge someone singing old songs? Also, for me real talent is the one to make music, not to be able to sing as the original performers did on the hits assigned by the coaches …

I might have sounded a little wicked, but I want to see a little more: there isn’t the RIGHT way of singing, but YOUR way of singing, I’d love to see THEIR “vision of good music, not the coaches’ or judges’ one.

I’m afraid today talent shows are offering the same boring formula of opportunities to show the applicants’ innate talent.


DD TV xx 


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