A-Live Aid or Live Aid?

A-Live Aid: wishing it could be as much big, unique and successful as Live Aid, Live 8 and Live Earth were.

People off my generation all know and do remember the thrills and the rest of the emotions shared on the days of Live Aid in 1985, Live 8 in 2005 and Live Earth in 2007.

I took part with them in all of these years to the talks, the controversy, the gossip and the various rumors and legends around the concerts: I’m proud of having lived the three experiences. This was the big legacy of my generation!

It seems the organizers were not “satiated” by all and years later they organized “A-Live Aid”, which actually is a big concert, scheduled for October 19th in Rome that will see together performing the best tribute bands of the major artists who, in 1985, took part to Live Aid. Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Duran Duran, U2, George Michael, Madonna, Queen, to name a few will play most of the hits off the original bill. Sir Bob Geldof was invited to take part to A-Live Aid 2013, aside with other important personalities; the proceeds of the show will go to an Association of volunteers and doctors who work in Africa and its name is AMREF.

I was invited to attend, but still haven’t got the ticket. What did prevent me for fully accept to be there? It’s not the distance between my town and the venue: I can reach it in just 5 hours by train. It seems to me to sort of “cheat on” my original music heroes….

The concert is a challenge: will it be so “powerful” as Live Aid was? I had most of my idols there on the stage performing, here I have talented guys, but are less than famous. Secondly: does the African Continent need a help from the rest of the world in terms of food? Thinking that Amref Association, it doesn’t, seen that Amref is a group of volunteers proving medical and social assistance in Africa: in 1985 we left Africa off while struggling against famine, starvation poverty …  

The budget for the original Live Aid I guess was enormous. Today with the hi-fi tech, communication and connections are easier and that contributed to reduce the costs and fees and the artists are dealing on a different “cachet”, as they’re tribute bands.    

To end, if in 1985 everybody admired the determination and bravery of Sir Bob Geldof, today I admire more these musicians off tribute bands and the organizers all as well. It’s all an unknown territory and time will tell if “A-Live Aid 2013 will have been a big thing.   

DD TV xx 


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