DD TV Glam Pop Party – June 2013

We are trying to make a wish for the below acts: a new studio album, a “Best of” compilation, a world tour, or a shooting of a video documentary?


Roxy Music – we guess a brand new video documentary would make the new generations aware of who they were.


Queen – Our wish is to have Freddie back and that he could make a new album with his former band mates, but seen it’s impossible to see realized, we have the new “Hungarian Rhapsody” live video and the awesome “Freddie Mercury Tribute concert” to enjoy.


AC/DC – Rock is best when it’s live, so we’re waiting for them again on tour (and in  Italy!)


Dom Brown – he’s both preparing a new studio album and scheduling new live dates. Maybe a video-documentary on his short, but prolific, productive life is the one thing left to wish…


Warren Cuccurullo – we came to know he’s writing his biography, but we’re also aware that he did play for some time in the past with the band who pioneered the clips. He’ a very “visual” guitarist, we wish some more clips would come out in the future.


Youth Kills  –  They’re touring, right now, to promote their music (and we wish them the best!). We’d love them to see them play live… more seriously.    


Andy Taylor  –  We’d love to hear the songs he’d been writing so far, for the Motherlode album (and/or others…); we’re sending our big share of support for his production on the The Ting Tings’ album.  


Dandy Warhols – We’d like to hear more music from the band.


DD TV xx.  


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