Being a rockstar’s wife: where are love, rock and stars?

Of course there is some irony in the title!

The partners of some of my past and present music heroes actually inspired me to post regularly on my blog on the “music wives”.

I’ve never been interested as a fan in my idols’ love affairs, other than doing some sane gossip with my friends. I can notice that back in my teenage, as mostly of teenagers do, when I daydreamt of living together with a rock star, my perspective lasted only one day, I’ve never figured the relationship could last for a lifetime, I could see my achievement last only for a moment.    

I’m developing the subject on different chapters and I’m posting my feedback with my ”teenager” and my “adult” points of view, to end with some satire on myself, or on the wives, wherever it’s possible.  


My “teen” view: I dreamt I could follow him wherever, being in the backstage to dance and having there an awesome time. Selfishly, it was cool in my fantasies to have my man on my side and getting the answers to my queries on music at any moment. 

My “adult” view: what matters to me is to show support, in high and low times and also when it’s not possible to get closer.  I’d do the best that I can to give him my positive vibes and energy, I ought to let him have my congratulations at any achievement.  

Satire: wife or Wi-Fi?


My “teen” view: to tell the truth, I actually never had in my dreams many “preliminary love phases” before going to bed: I’ve always seen my hero and me naked, in bed ready to…

My “adult” view: I think the “first night” should be a more intense and a more “gradual” experience to share.


My “teen” view: I dreamt I boasted about having a successful musician as a lover with my friends. I saw myself acting very shyly with his “friends”: I was used to be at very glam parties and to shake my hands with famous actors, musicians and celebrities and never asked them for an autograph, as they were “part of my new family”.  

My “adult” view: it looks exciting to attend exhibitions, movie premieres, concerts with my “new circle”, but I guess in order to keep “our privacy”, the both of us should play with another status, sort of…

Almost satire: his wife or everybody’s puppy?  


My “teen view”: I never knew of “adult – oriented” tales back then and if those tales really existed certainly I’ve never had the chance to read them, ‘coz inside Fans Clubs they were not authorized. I saw my rock star partner as an entity exempted from being hit by such dirty writings.

My “adult” view: if I were a rock star’s partner, I’d feel shocked to know of them and to read them, at first; later, I’d laugh on those writings, without mocking my man. I’d love our relationship to be strong, but not to be driven by any sort of obsession and jealousy.


My “teen” view: never considered his family in my circle, there was only exclusively him.

My “adult” view”: I’d do the best I can to be loved by them, without playing the stalker or the flatterer.

Semi -satire: the socially rampant wife! LOL  


My “teen” view: of course as a fan I didn’t consider I had to share my love with other fans. Also, everyone else in the Community was dreaming on their own to achieve that status and it was agreed to not fight on our dreams.

My “adult” view: it depends on the level of popularity of my rock star, as audiences are variegated. The kind of audience I’ve been spending my time so far, is a very hot one and “mutual respect”, “mutual understanding” isn’t granted. However, as a rock star’s wife I’d try to rarely appear in public and to follow him when it’s possible.

Satire: Vox populi, vox dei. People’s voice is God’s voice. 


My teen” view: I loved living my dream with the journalists; I wanted them as part of my dream: my wedding couldn’t have been celebrated without the media.

My “adult” view: after Lady D’s death in 1997, as a rock star’s lady I’d be strong, determined to defend our privacy, our safety. Today I’m glad stalking is rated as a crime act in many law systems in the world. 

Satire: “No – No Notorious….”


My “teen” view: whereas on one hand I still dreamt and really got ready to study to be an English teacher or a foreign languages translator, I was used to see myself working and never living an easy life with his money. 

My “adult” view: I realized how much fragile a rock music career could sometimes be. Hoping my man is a longtime successful musician, but these days I’d keep my job safe.

Satire: better with a plumber than with a rock star?


My “teen” view: I heard lot of stories connected to addictions, but the media grew less intrusive, invading, devastating as they got years later. My dream didn’t include any kind of addictions, he was perfect to me.

My “adult” view: if my partner were addicted to whatever kind of drugs, I’d help him to go rehab and get cleaned, with the most friendly and the most respectful manners.

Satire: red carpet massacre!

DD TV xx


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