DD TV The Sounding Board – July 2013

Rap and rock together? It is possible and the first few performances were good. The leading music is rock, it’s the one that gives you the classics in the years to come. 

Is it possible after a long time writing and performing live amazing rock music to turn page and performing softer music types, like blues, country, and folk rock? It seems it is: rock stars like Rod Stewart, Robert Palmer recently stopped being “wild boys” and released real masterpieces in blues, folk. Their rock DNAs is still recognizable in few songs, but with their charisma they would be able to sing whatever. We fans are shocked at first, but later we admire their changes, labels often struggle to agree with the change, which is a pity.  

The debut albums in rock music are the most important of the entire discography: they’re milestone records, as it’s in these first records you get an idea of what music the band is playing, you get the idea of the band’s DNA. Think for example of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin (heavy metal), Queen (rock and opera)  

Death and funeral are usually sources of inspiration in hard rock, heavy metal lyrics: Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Metallica, and Queen. 

Rock and heavy metal fans have silly stereotypes on pop music ones, in particular if the pop music fans are girls. Rock fans are used to mob and to use psychological violence, speaking obscene language. Women have hard life in rock music and it’s sad to acknowledge it in 2013!

It’s harder to imitate and to make covers of a guitarist than to make covers of a drummer. Drummer is just like a “groove maker”, whereas  guitarist is like a “melody-style” maker.    

Being jailed while he was listening to Pink Floyd’s music loud at night: so much happened in June in the UK to a young fan, after his neighbors’ protests. Rock music is noise and it’s the voice of freedom, but although the rules on listening to music at night are strict, they must be respected. The fact in the UK makes us laugh, because it took place in the “cradle of rock music”.

Rock evolved too fast, that’s why it’s since early 1990s rock music isn’t any more so exciting as it was before. We don’t mean commercially, but artistically, it stopped bringing really NEW things.

One year passed since we first noticed it, but for a woman in the western it’s hard to be welcome in groups of rock fans: girls are mocked when they love “heavy metal-heavy rock bands”. It’s hard to like such a made world. We think the only cure is to heal men. We’re desolated, but the girls in the DDTV group won’t stop listening to their fave rock and roll bands.      




On various occasions, on the media, since the beginning the band stated their music was a mix of Led Zeppelin and the Beatles. “A Night at the Opera” of the 70s, just reincarnates that vision. In the first couple of lines, the music does recall the Beatles’s “Yellow Submarine”. Starting from the third track on the music grows more and more rock and it sort of “approaches” to the Led Zeppelin’s style.

The Prophet’s song sounds similar to Bohemian Rhapsody, but it lasts much longer and the tempo doesn’t change. We were fascinated at the way the “echoes” in both of the tracks were made, since in the 70s no computer technology was available and the only way was t place dozens of microphones in the studio to get the effect!!

Two things to add before finishing this review: we miss you Freddie and thank you Queen!!



It sounds a visionary concept album, absolutely fresh and original for the back then albums released.

It goes beyond rock music, in the way we are used to mean rock, that is guitars, drums and screams.

The strongest point of the album is the visual lyrics: you don’t have to know who “Ziggy Stardust” is, it’s David Bowie who tells you about.  


DD TV xx


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