DD TV Glam Pop Party – live shows

in what of the below acts’ tour(s) would we have liked to be their backing vocalists?  



Roxy Music – the reunion tour was immensely surprising.


Iggy Pop – The early 2000 ones, he was very funny and in a great shape.


Giorgio Moroder – He works behind many bands, so the only chance to approach him is to go in his studio.


Dom Brown – We would pick up the show he held in London in the 2013 early summer: Queen’s legendary drummer Roger Taylor might have “noticed” the power of our amazing voices. (Roger admired Dom’s talent and that’s enough!)


Warren Cuccurullo – The last tour with Frank Zappa, the 1987 Strange Behaviour and the 1993-94 Wedding world tours.


Arcade Fire – The last tour, the one in support of the “The Suburbs” album. Awesome, alternative rock.  


Andy Taylor  – We would always sing back with Andy, if only we could. If only …    


Dandy Warhols – The tour in support of the “Welcome to the Monkey Business” album.


Electrons – They still have to debut live and we eagerly await for a the debut concert.  


DD TV xx.


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