Fans’ power on the Net

What are now the best campaigns my music heroes would be aware of-proud of?

This is a funny topic to blog and seen the fast evolution of the mass media usage, the topics should deserve a periodical up-to- date.

  1. Fans’ petitions to hear that particular song, or remix, or version.
  2. Fans’ petitions to include this or that item in the VIP packages.
  3. Fans’ petitions to ask the rock stars t come and play in a whatever country.
  4. Fans’ petitions to make closed competitions open to general public when it deals with sweepstakes of concert tickets  

I guess the above mentioned ones are the most frequent requests from the fans and when it’s possible rock stars try to find a way to make people happy, to find a solution. 

The fans’ power on the net is amazing when people are asked to vote for their idols in the polls, or to ask them to increase the visualizations of a clip off You Tube. If the fans are able to push their idols to the top, those musicians I guess they gain in terms of popularity, whereas their fans can add more achievements to share with other fans, memories to share with their children.

The “chains letters” or postcards” are still somehow used for personal aims, like the birthday wishes, or the getting well wishes to a single musician, or a particular anniversary date.

Searching for polls or other events to support on the web is essential and keeps the communication within the fans alive: only it shouldn’t become a sort of race, using unfair means, like hacking or violating friends’ personal profiles in the fan community.

Sending questions to our music heroes is a funny thing to keep doing: I have seen this kind of service multiplying also in other fans’ clubs. I guess you every day learn new interesting anecdotes on your fave music, you can come in touch with the fans asking and swapping information and I finally guess musicians are flattered to receive questions from their fans.

Writing blogs, posting on Message Boards and Guest Books are other ways in which fans express their power: they can spread our heroes’ name, this makes a promotion easier.

The Net is a beautiful sort of virtual world, where freedom is endless’ coz there is no rules: it would just sometimes for some achievements we all should use a little more common sense to run that freedom.     


DD TV xx


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