The f*ck-it list: August 2013


You will find listed below and in no particular order, followed by a short comment, the things I just think I don’t love.

Software database that I use at work to issue my authorizations for temporary occupancies of public areas.

I just dislike stopping what I’m finishing to do, to listen to the others’ silly things.

I don’t like (young and old, it makes no difference to me) people who keep complaining about all, this and that….

I don’t like waiting for whatever for so long: I’m not very patient, but when I’m in company with other people, I do wait, like it or not.

Whenever I go with my mum to a service, I don’t like her watching me to check if I’m really praying.

Whenever I go to a service, I don’t like, but sort of “throw a laugh on”, the people (young and old, men or women it makes no difference to me), who say their prayers loud, louder than the rest of the crowd inside the church, in order to play “the leaders”.

I don’t like the brand new Expo 2015 project, the only one out of the wards that are being built in the original Expo area: it’s going to deal with a 600 meters long-ski path: it will be built and arranged in a place close to the main Expo 2015 area, but hard to reach (and so to fully enjoy) to the skiers and the tourists. To me a waste of resources, time and money.

I never learnt loving the sniffy ones, actually the guys who keep sniffing, for no apparent good reason, for all day, over and over: I see it as a sign of snobbery and (out of place) pride.


DD TV xx.


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