Pioneer in music industry: will I ever be one?

Pioneer in the music industry and the arts: will I ever be one? What did I dream when I was a kid? What would I really try to change in the arts if only I could?

From what my grandparents and my mum told me, when I was a kid I never really had in my mind and never had the stuff to be an inventor, a creator of brand new things, or of techniques, or of new ideas, but I– as much as the kids are in their early childhood – I had my own perspectives and views, so to speak.

I can remember I was down to earth, well-grounded and loved playing “the lawyer” or “the teacher” in my social games when with the other children. What new things can these jobs ever create? None ever! This way I didn’t grow up preparing my mind to be creative. My back then childhood pals never dreamt of being musicians, or performers or artists, so I wasn’t even “encouraged” to be creative, as well.

Today I’m a grown up, proud longtime fan of a whole generation of artists who pioneered almost all what you see today in the arts in the 80s: my fave musicians were the most representative of that decade, because they incarnated “the new”, they were “the new into life”, into flesh and they just sowed what music industry is reaping now.

I’m into the music industry only as a fan and what would I try to newly create, if I could?

I’d make a reformation of the fans clubs: seen that worshipping a music hero or an actor is a bit like worshipping a god in a whatever religion (I’m aware the terms of comparison aren’t the same) and every religion needs to be up-to-dated, so to speak, I think it’s time the conventional Fans Clubs should change their rules, their offers. The growth of the internet and of the social network urged to change the way of loving the artists, changed the way to get the concert tickets and changed the way to get merchandise items. If musicians want to keep their clubs in the old formats, they have to make them more “social”: sticking the musicians Twitter or Facebook posts on a board is ridiculous: in my opinion, musicians should, if they could, find the way to be as much regularly on the Fans’ clubs’ sites as they’re on Twitter or Facebook.  

I’m fed-up with seeing young men off bands launched as “good looking, cute buys”: it’s a sort of sex symbol race that got nothing to do with music.  I’ve seen too many young kids having a short and unlucky career, because of screaming fans following their faces and underestimating their music; I’ve seen too many young girls spending their time screaming for their names: it could be flattering for some time for the men involved, but that stardom isn’t fruitful to anyone.  Young performers should be encouraged to make relevant awesome music, not to have a strong outfit, look and imagery; record companies should invest on the talent and not on the face. It’ll be hard for the fans, when grown older, to “defend” the (poor) legacy of their heroes, once they’re gone.

It’s hard to distinguish what I’d love to change in the music industry and what it takes to be changed’ because I’m a fan and all of thoughts read biased.

Also, “pioneer” is a big word. Pioneers are not lucky people: to me, they’re just guys who had the intuition to bring big changes at the right moment; luck just helped growing the success of their intuitions. I’d feel tongue-tied if I had the chance to meet with a pioneer. 


DD TV xx


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