DD TV Glam Pop Party: rock stars’ the legacy

what do we think people will remember the most (albums, concerts, soundtracks or videos) of the below music acts’?



Roxy Music – their early albums, as they’re so influential on more recent studio material of other artists. Bryan Ferry’s strong ego is something we’ll remember too.


Iggy Pop – “Iguana” Pop is a funny rocker. His numbers on the stage have been epic.


Giorgio Moroder – His outstanding contribution to the whole Italian disco music.


Dom Brown – His presence as guitarist in Duran Duran and his music for the BBC TV piece “Canterbury Tales”.


Warren Cuccurullo – his outstanding contribution in the music of in Duran Duran and of Frank Zappa.


Arcade Fire – the music of this band is particularly awesome: complicated harmonies created on an interaction of various instruments, some of which aren’t typical in the western world traditions.   


Andy Taylor  – His awesome music co-written with Duran Duran , all of his solo work and his grit.


Dandy Warhols – the sarcasm in their early work and the album “Welcome to the Monkey Business”.


Electrons – their awesome line-up and music. 


DD TV xx.  


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