DD TV Eye on Fashion – September 2013

Our reportage and news on the Fashion Week Women’s wear  18th – 23rd September 2013 


MARIA “NEFER” SUVIO. We welcome on board a new promising talented young Italian woman designer and stylist. Her designs are just awesome and she seems to really have good taste. Heartfelt congrats on all you do and all support! Hope to see your clothing line being showed in the future Milan Fashion Weeks!

LEVY-SKAIST AND NASH-TAYLOR. They’re a couple of brilliant American women designers, who are, also affectedly, close to the moderator of this column have founded and launched in February 2012 a new clothing label and line, in Los Angeles, named “Nowness”: sending them all of the rest of the DD TV’s crew support and waiting for their first fashion show in Milan in the future.             

JOHN RICHMOND (one of our favourite designers who, within the rest, created the merchandise for the 2004 DD Reunion tour and who in 2009 during a Milan show put a DD dedicated music set). He didn’t take part this time and we miss his style… but when it’s due he has to pay the fee for the rent of public areas, as the other designers did and do. He was indirectly involved in the D&G late July affair. Dolce and Gabbana did their apologies to the Mayor’s Staff, but John still has to.

PUNK MASTERS BY PATTY PALAZZO (it’s a sort of Juicy Couture’s branch office, all over the world; she is the designer of some cool drum logos, played by you know who): she’s been doing new designs for new tees.

Patty is hosted in this space as “special guest” in the behind the scenes of the Milan Fashion Weeks.



The 2013 edition of the “Vogue Fashion Night Out” is scheduled on 17th September. Our bureau is not so much involved in as it was in the previous years: luckily it was decided to host all of related events inside an appropriate private club-venue in the Brera area. This much was agreed after the more expensive fares for public occupancy area.  

Roberto Cavalli applied and on time this year and with no issue on the due amount.

Versace, Armani, Fendi applied too.  

We found out Burberry is going to no longer apply for a public area occupancy ‘coz the rent for the usage of the areas has become expensive. 

 National Chamber of Fashion are going to deal to have a dedicated Mercedes Benz showroom, as Mercedes is their main supporting partner of for their shows: the Council agreed to grant it for the 3rd time, but Mayor and the Council, our Bureau we all wish the Chamber could change sponsor from next year on. The F. C. guys stressed us with other final additions to their original requests, which we were almost all denied, because impossible to satisfy for the presence of monuments in the areas requested: we wonder how is it possible that any time their “case” grows so stressful? They just are not able to make plans, they maybe ignore their own schedules. The Chamber maybe ignore they deal with Public Administration bureaus that have to respect other schedules, as well. The Chamber of Fashion members have to accept they’re not “the owners” of the town, they have to acknowledge that the newly elected Mayor and Council (unfortunately) don’t seem to give support to fashion; the Chamber finally have to get ready that the time of being treated like “the favourite ones” by our Boss is finished, since our Boss is getting retired in January 2014.    

Sending our huge support to the Missoni’s family, ‘coz the Master designer Ottavio Misson’s eldest son, Vittorio Missoni, mysteriously disappeared while boarding on his comeback flight to Italy from Los Roques, Venezuela, this past 4th January. In mid-June his airplane was found in the deep waters of the Ocean and the aircraft appears broken in many pieces, but the mystery isn’t solved yet.  RIP Ottavio Missoni. 

Despite the tragic mysterious fact, their Maison carried on with their plans for the Fashion Weeks: we admire their decision to carry on.




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