DD TV Glam Pop Party – the top albums

what is the X Factor of the below acts’ top selling/most famous/masterpiece albums?


Roxy Music –the “secret” was their futuristic pop melodies. 

 Iggy Pop –The key was a mix of extravaganza, sarcasm and passion.

 Giorgio Moroder – His disco music was a well learnt lesson of the original American disco music. The X factor was just to understand THAT disco wave and adding some Italian good taste.  

 Dom Brown – He tries to never work on a melody over and over again: his recorded material, this way, sounds genuine. He just takes the songs for what they are, not as if they had to be “operas”.

 Warren Cuccurullo – in all of his albums it’s his musicianship the most relevant factor. His knowledge of guitars has no limits, his ambition touches every field in the arts.

 Arcade Fire –  their “bravery” consisted in making cool combinations of harmonies on their songs, playing the interaction of the most diverse instruments.   

 Andy Taylor  – ditto as for Dom Brown

 Dandy Warhols – “Welcome to the Monkey Business” reflected all the best characteristics of their early albums.

 Electrons – Their “X factor” is their ability of communicating.  


DD TV xx.


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