DD TV The Viewer – October 2013

Aside the official and only Oscar’s ceremony held in LA, this is the place where we post our feedback on the most impressive movies we have watched.

We use the following “rough” method to judge

*** (3 stars) good movie, but not excellent

**** (4 stars) great

***** (5 stars) don’t miss it, highly recommended

AMALIA EARHART with Hilary Swank and Richard Gere

I thought the legendary lady pilot Earhart simply passed away in a flight accident, instead she’s a missing person.
Nobody really knows what her fate was since her last flight over Japan: she sent out an SOS, then her airplane disappeared and was never found.
They searched for her in the area where presumably she might have landed, from where the SOS signal arrived, considering the early 1900s and using the today different levels of technology, but speculation grew, fuelling her legend.
Some say she’s still alive, leading a brand new life with another identity in Japan, others said she came back to the USA after changing her look thanks to plastic surgery and with another identity.
Truth is that her body, her luggage, her aircraft all disappeared.
Hillary Swank and Richard Gere were awesome for all the duration of the movie.

**** great movie

APCALYPSE NOW with Marlon Brando

It’s one of those “big classics” I have never watched so far and I had finally the chance to.

Telling the horror of war by movies and fiction is never easy. The scenes were rough and absolutely enough “clear”. The language spoken was everywhere obscene, but it is partially justified by the environment and the moment in history the movie is about.

“Full Metal Jacket” is the other Vietnam-related movie, but it includes the training footage in the tale, “Apocalypse” is shot in Vietnam.

I’m still not quiet after watching it and I do hope war facts would no longer be a source of inspiration to shoot fiction and movies. 

Peace in this world.

***** 5 stars to Marlon Brando

***** to the story, to keep in mind as a lesson to be learnt.


I heard of the second and the third chapters of the sci-fi “dinosaurs’ saga”, all of them co-produced by Steven Spielberg, but never had the chance to watch them.

They all reminded me a bit King Kong: both of the Creatures are all fictional and designed for cinema. In both “King Kong” and in “Jurassic Park” animals look more human than the human beings, who wrongly go there and tease them.

I guess WWF indirectly was behind the making of the “Park”, as the message of the movies might read something like: just enjoy the animals, wilderness, nature and DO NOT exploit them.

I didn’t see any “violence”: blood was there but just the necessary. Of course, as I easily get impressed, whenever dinosaurs tore pieces of human bodies away, I turned my head to the other side.

***** to the special effects

***** to the story

TRANSFORMERS 3 with Shia LeBeouf

It is the latest chapter of the robot-saga, co-produced by Steven Spielberg; the movie premiered on the Italian TV screen in late September.

I enjoyed the first two movies, so I enjoyed also the 3rd chapter, as well. 

“Transformers” is just the mix of the evolution of the Japanese manga I loved when I was a kid: Goldrake, Jeeg Robot, Mazinger, Daitarn III and the mid-80s horror movie “The Gremlins”.

I loved the gags between all robots and the humans: it is funny that robots are sort of “humanized”. I loved the 1969 Moon landing reconstruction at the beginning of the movie. 

I spent an enjoyable evening while watching at and I felt 10 years old again.

**** = the story, not so original, it’s the 3rd chapter of a saga.

***** = the special effects, computer graphics, hi-fi toys.

***** = actor Shia LeBoeuf, the absolute hero.

SPACE BALLS with Mel Brooks

I’ve never seen the original motion picture “Star Wars” starring Harrison Ford and I ended up with watching its 1987 parody.

I laughed so much! The gags, the surreal characters: my fave gag is when the Commander asks to an officer for his name and his reply is “Asshole”: so the Commander asks around in the room  “is there any other asshole here?” and everyone replies “Yes, I am here!”

Another gag I loved was “the instant videotapes” one.

Now I got to watch the original (more serious, I guess) “Star Wars”, right?

***** To the story and to Mel Brooks, the one who conceived it.


Next update in February 2014.  


DD TV xx


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