DD TV The Screamer – October 2013


In the States rap burst out just after Live Aid in 1985 and since then its popularity never faded. In America, there is a dedicated music industry, with rap producers and rap music record labels, there is a dedicated chart; like rock and roll, rap has American roots.

Since black people ruled the world of rap music, in the beginning it was hard for them to be accepted and recognized in their own country, then abroad.

In the mid-80s, when were still living the Second British synth – pop music Invasion, there was a sane competition with the rappers.     

In Italy, rap music lived a much more difficult story. they think it conventionally debuted back in the 60s with Adriano Celentano, a white songster, who performed a spoken non-sense Italo – English dance track.

It took years to have the “American transformed into Italian” rap music on top of the charts and it finally happened on summer 2013.

Difficulties to a proper (well deserved) success in Italy were given basically to the fact we’re all melodic songs lovers: Italy is the cradle of poets, lyrism, passion and melody and the Italians are traditionalist, conservative people.

Italian radio stations and other media, after 1985, were used to support (the local) pop songs, so the non-rap singers sold more records than the American rappers’ albums. Seen the biggest interest of the listeners is in non-rap music, no record label was interested in investing in rappers. In late 90s the long time “Second British Invasion” died, Italian pop music started to properly shine bright and that was the right occasion for the local Italian rappers to record and release their albums, which, slowly, gained their well deserved attention, success and support from people, record labels and critics.        

 X FACTOR 2013 – Italy

The castings are crowded and they have been one of the “cult” milestone events this summer.

Singing (in front of celebrities) started as something to have fun, now it’s growing like something more serious, as a real hope for a job: the guys who go there do believe in what they do.

The new judge pop music star MIKA (the one of the mega-hit “Grace Kelly”) is amazing and learnt speaking (the essential) Italian language soon; he’s a likeable guy. He just doesn’t know any of our Italian songs, but he’s got a technical ear right to judge.

Coach Morgan made his vocalists win the competition 4 out of 7 editions, so he’s the favourite coach of all within the young competitors.  


One of the celebrities members of the judges and coaches team (also the winner of the team very first Italian edition) announced isn’t going to take part again in the next edition.

We hope the rules of the competition won’t change next time, ‘coz they made it an almost “perfect” talent show.    


DD TV xx


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