DD TV Glam Pop Party – October 2013

What is their biggest challenge?


Roxy Music – They managed to make both their image and melodies influential on a number of variegated music acts of the present and of the past.  


Iggy Pop – He managed to bring something new in rock music.


Giorgio Moroder – He was able to make Italian disco music credible out of Italy.


Dom Brown – He managed to bring peace in a quarrelsome band.


Warren Cuccurullo –  ditto as Dom Brown


Arcade Fire – The brilliant guys made musicality and the sounds like the Beatles used to play  re-live again in their records.   


Andy Taylor  – he successfully managed to show the world that a formerly rated pin-up, but amazingly talented young musician can become a credible rock guitarist and a credible music producer.


Dandy Warhols – The boys were able to be credible enough to let critics change their mind.


Electrons – they’re helping to keep the trend of the “super bands” alive and hot.  



DD TV xx.  


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