Speculating on the celebs’ and performers’ death

Speculating on some of celebrities’ deaths: does it really help to fuel their legend? What is the borderline between speculation and fandom when an icon, rock star, actor die?

I regret for admitting it, but the topic for this blog entry arrived on time after Lou Reed’s (sudden) death, on last 27th October and on time for Halloween.

As a music fan, I got a vision on death which isn’t the same as of the non-fans have: I actually think my icons are immortal, my idols just never die, because music, songs, concerts, interviews, quotes are immortal.

Whenever I hear of passing away, I just react saying it was only the first part of their lives that has ended.

I am aware of odd, weird stories around apparent non-deaths of certain celebrities, like Jim Morrison, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson that we all think are created by speculation and fuelled by the hope of their fans, but it’s also true that few details on their death share mistakes, misprints and dubious facts that it seems they didn’t actually pass away. I heard of the Paul Mac Cartney’s death and his replacement with a replicate by the rest of the band; I find interesting the story of the plot against Lady Diana Spencer: it reads more credible.

On one hand we fans aren’t able to acknowledge the sad news of the passing away and do hope it didn’t happen: hooter fans might spread around the odd stories and odd details on the circumstances of their disappearing, encouraging in this way the global speculation. I don’t like very much those TV talk shows, or simply music TV shows featuring this or that performer’s death and forcing you to believe in their version that artist is still alive: to me it’s brainwashing.

On the other hand, music industry lives and is alive thanks to the business of the “memories” of who died: think of the turnover on people like Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury. Don’t mean the speculation is supported by the record labels, but they’re happy if the interest on the dead man, however it is expressed, is still alive.

Speculation is typically a fan’s job: although today, thanks to the modern hi-fi toys there is too much information, our “spiritual side” pushes us to imagination. We would always like to “see” beyond the facts. Speculation, theoretically never changes facts, but seen death doesn’t create any other new fact after, our imagination creates and provides the world with. 

Funny that death and funerals are sometimes sources of inspiration for performers themselves, in particular in the heavy metal rock industry and I wonder if when do they write and record them, are they aware they one day can be gone?!  LOL!! 

Finally, I can tell you I had suspect the news on Lou Reed’s passing away wasn’t true, I thought (and hoped) it was all a joke, ‘coz the death causes for over 24 hours were unknown. Instead … 


DD TV xx


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