Promoting music and arts on the social sites

I’m watching artists and performers promoting their music and art on the social sites and I am discussing on the following points. .

The right social website: the signed artists first built their official tradition websites, later (and to me reluctantly) joined the social networks. These artists back in the years were used to interact and communicate with their fans via other ways (letters, mail) and when the internet broke years later, it was quite an earthquake. They realized of the great opportunity to improve their established long time communication with their audience by taking baby steps.

I’ve noticed most of them now joined all of the social sites, preferably Twitter and Facebook. Communication first was written, now it’s visual. The social posts are replacing the role that the video clip had in the 80s: FB and Twitter allow them to be always and anywhere with their fans. I-phones, tablets, smartphones, which are sort of device connected at any time of the day with the internet are replacing the role that the video tape recorders had in the 80s.

The coolest things to post: The official page provides with news items, Q&A things, pictures off TV appearances, TV shows links. The social pages are supposed to give more important news, seen their level of popularity on the internet, such as tour dates announcements and contests.

The fans: should the heroes follow or not follow them, the all of them or only few of them? (the new “Hamlet” question): no artist is forced to, but fans do dream to be followed. People hope this could happen and take it as a sign of reward for their worshipping, for posting them their love messages, for sending them their signals of support. Following few fans makes only those fans happy and it makes envious the rest, but following the fans might appear as a positive thing to the non-fans’ eyes and it might bring in brand new fans in their acquired audience. The fans know how to be followed: they know it takes that little “seduction”; as opposite their idols might have established rules in regard of following their fans.

The sweepstakes: the “competition” is open to all the ones who want to take part to. No fan needs to do “stalking” to get the prize; no fan understands there is no “seduction” requested: the key is luck, just luck. Modern hi-fi toys can help to keep away corruption and “shortcuts” from both the fans and the performers, since today computers have replaced people to have the control on all. Sweepstakes are welcome by the fans: fans rate them as a sign of thanks for their being part of a community.

The polls and the queries: the questions posted on, in my opinion, do help the artists to know their fans, their likes, their views. It takes a strong motivation from the artists to do this; it takes to have the time to check the answers. It takes to the artists to be really interested in their fans’ reaction. Polls should be taken by the musicians beyond as a tool for statistics and numbers for marketing purposes: the questions should be seeds for discussion, argument, conversation. Fans don’t have to be rude, don’t have to do stalking and don’t have to raise controversy throwing insults to the ones with whom they don’t share their ideas: for, if mutual respect is guaranteed, polls should be periodically posted.

Having said that, I love how gradually and successfully most of my fave icons have been trying all of the above mentioned social measures: they often announce sweepstakes, etc…

I had to re-invent my habits, I had to give myself new schedules in order to manage better my quality time to enough regularly follow my heroes on the internet, to be “enough social”. Giving it up wasn’t a thing to do.  

DD TV xx


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