DD TV Glam Pop Party – December 2013

DD TV Glam Pop Party on clothes and styles:


The acts with the strongest image:

The Kiss

The Rockets

Black Sabbath

David Bowie

The Punks

The New Romantics


Madonna and Lady Gaga

Tokyo Hotel


The most celebrated outfits in music

Elvis Presley’s jackets

The Beatles

Queen’s Freddie Mercury in 1986 Wembley concert

Duran Duran off the Rio and The Wild Boys clips

Michael Jackson’s in the Thriller and Bad world tours

Madonna’s in Like a Virgin clip


The most incredible hair-styles

The Kiss

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Dead or Alive’s Pete Burns

Boy George

David Bowie

The Hair Metal musicians

Emo and Truzzi

Lady Gaga


The most celebrated dance styles:


Rock and roll

Disco dance

Samba, Lambada, Macarena  and the all of the rest of the Latin – American dances

Breaking/ Street dance

Hip-hop dance


Lap dance  


 DD TV xx.  


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