DD TV Glam Pop Party – The Questions

The most famous and successful questions in music

What have you done for me lately (Janet Jackson)

Who wants to live forever  (Queen)

Who’s that girl (Eurhythmics and Madonna)

Who’s who (The Who)

Whose side are you on (Matt Bianco)

Where is the love?

What is love (Hadday – Howard Jones)

Don’t you want me? (Human league)

Don’t ya? (Pussycat Dolls)

Who is it? (Michael Jackson)



The most asked questions to our heroes

When is the album going to be released?

What does your new album sound like?

What are your main influences on your new record?

When are you going to play in my country?

Is that true that …?

Have you heard that …

What’s the meaning of that lyric?

What is the instrument you played on that track^

What would you tell a beginner who would like to learn playing your instrument, or to be a vocalist?


The unanswered questions, the taboos, the “silliest” queries  

Queries about privacy, w.a.gs and h.a.bs

Questions about the sexual orientation

Questions like: “What are you going to do tonight?”, “Do you believe in aliens”, “Do you believe in the after-life/God”,

What about politics?

How does it feel to be compared to Beatles, Duran, U2, Madonna, etc…

Do you feel fans think and reason better than you do, do you think they’re smarter in music than you were in the beginning?


DD TV xx.  


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