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For the very first time for us after ten years from its conceiving, our “Awards” debuted on a social site. We wanted we wanted to share our fun with more people, but out of Second Life, as this was designed for the Avatars’ world and we never doubted it could be successful there. We discussed on a “plan B”, on the best alternative “social measure” to take, so to speak, and in the end we picked up a FB Page.

The funny thing is that the launch was on a date that in Italy corresponds to the Deads’ Commemoration Day and it’s very close to Halloween: he he…

The link is: www.facebook.com/ddtvmas

We’ll post updates, clips, links, songs, polls, etc…

Yes, it’s a commitment, but we aren’t scared: all things we will share are the same ones we have worked on during 10 years so far.

We still regret to this day we couldn’t embark on Second Life: “build up” there our virtual studios, the avatars….: probably it would have been too much for us.


As usual the opening of the ceremonials was the airing of a montage clip featuring the biggest events in music – and otherwise – on the music of “Communication” by Power Station: it’s this clip that officially introduces the DD TV MAs.

These are the slides used: http://notizie.tiscali.it/photostory/Dall-elezione-di-papa-Francesco-al-governo-delle-larghe-intese-dalla-morte-di-Mandela-all-alluvione-in-Sardegna-le-istantanee-del-2013/42607/

At the end of the projection, curtains opened and just like in a theatre piece, pre-announced by the “DD TV Voice”, one of the presenters made his way and arrived on the stage to start the 2013 edition of the Music Awards, by greeting the global audience. 

The “list” of the Awards was a long one: a real “marathon”, so the first category was almost immediately introduced.

It was a coming and going of presenters: contrarily to the previous editions, no performance of tribute bands or other art numbers did the break in the Awards: don’t worry we’re already looking to what to do in 2014!

We just celebrated the 10th anniversary, acknowledging few editions remained the same as the first one in 2004.




The winner is: Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue

We had a list of many strong title and awesome performances: proud that an Italian artist could win and she was better than U2… (But the U2 nomination arrived later, some may notice…) 



The winner is: Rusty Egan

We are glad a DJ in the likes of Rusty Egan ruled: it was an award this long time career, from the Blitz Club days, London, in the late 70s up to the most exclusive clubs all over the world.

Since he’s honoured now, he won’t take part in the category next year, as the DJ Set Award rules say.


The winner is Delta Machine – Depeche Mode

The interesting albums in 2013 both in pop and rock were several: it means record industry stopped looking “sleepy”, stagnating. 2013 was a surprising music year and we were thinking it was hard for the fans to pick only one album.

The guys won over David Bowie… just saying


The winner is: Toto Italian tour

We firstly commented that American rock rules!

Basically all rock music was in this category: it’s as if the fans this year thought only rock is able to give emotions on the stage.

Although we thought Muse could largely win the Award, the classic rock “Porcaro Bros” band conquered the audience with their awesome guitars.    


The winner is: Pussy Riot

It’s recent news that all of the components of the band were set free.

We should always send our support to this kind of “heroes”, coz’ they peacefully struggle against any form of human rights violation.  


The winner is: Fedez

The Hip-hop/Rap music industry has been on top since mid 80s, but, finally, the well deserved attention and success arrived in Italy 30 years later. Of course the Italian lyrics read to be about different problems, but the Italian rappers’ anger does have impact on the music fans and on the charts. The overwhelming, but late success of rap music recalls the overwhelming, but late success of the punks in the late 70s.  Welcome Hip-hop-rap music in Italy!    

DD TV xx Happy Holidays


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