DD TV – Time for a change: women’s rights

My blog is the first time on women’s rights, on their place and on people’s consideration of them in the music industry.

As musicians: girls are ruling the Music Awards and the charts of the soldest records for some time now and in more music categories they did before. This much has influenced more positively, I guess, the consideration that people have on them and their fans’ continuous support did obtain some reward. In the 80s, I can remember only few girlie bands and few awesome session women, like guitarists or drummers or keyboard players, who managed to have some respect. More rarely, back then, they were allowed to write lyrics. A special mention is on the female rock stars: they’re not gaining much benefit, because their careers tend to be successful, but short: girls can’t find the right balance between success and family; it’s naturally the woman who cares of her kids, not the man.

As of their position of CEO, or of bands’ managers, the difficulties are to be blamed to the same good share of mistrust towards them we have seen above. Today record companies are like dead and the unsigned musicians are free to choose women managers to manage their music, without any form of mobbing and pressure of the labels. Younger musicians are living in a different, more global generation where woman-bosses are more accepted in.

As fans: they say girls are most in the total of records buyers. This is flattering to know they are able with our passion, sort of “create” the new music idols!! Wow, but it’s important they’re the ones who can feed the whole music industry. Has it had always been like this, since music business exists??

As rock stars’ wags: the “ordinary women” were, are and will always be the most suffering rock star’s wags, the victims of  the silly and unfunny stereotypes the male rock stars build on them. The stereotypes are caused by a sort of “reverse snobbishness”: the girls who come from a very modest background are rated not able to deal with the rock stars, having so much money and being so famous. These girls’ parents think their daughters are tying the knots only for money or else. The musicians realize that their wife is not in the league and dump them for some more sophisticated younger girls, who replace and become the “2nd wife”, The newly married second wife looks and learns from the 1st wife’s mistakes, the 1st wife’s kids eventually suffer an ordeal inside. I hope everyday this vicious, damned “snobbishness” would soon end: I’m afraid time wouldn’t heal anything.     

As “coaches and judges” in the Talent Shows: girls use more passion than male coaches and judges do; women speak an easier language than the other judges do. Also, ladies use that maternal approach with the performers of their teams and this is a plus: who said that being strict and cold is the right approach to get the best from your team?

As music books writers: basically girls who write are fans, because they write when they’re still fans. I love their perspective on the world and it’s good they sincerely put a little share of their soul in the pages. I’m glad their novels are successful, although the fans’ novels are only recently a successful trend. It’s not easy to be accepted as part of “Culture”, it’s easier to be taken as a part of “a certain culture”, which has developed “in the dark” for a long time. Girls write books’ coz they need to try opening themselves a bit … “in a sore, afraid, new world” (as the famous song said. Ahem.. LOL).  No girl and no boy on Earth should feel shame for being fans, for what they feel towards their music heroes, as their feelings are strong, real and credible and loving music is never a crime act.  

As music journalists: women have had the stereotype of “gossipy” and “know-it-alls”. I guess that time was a healer, because today women journalists are as much respected as their male co-workers are.


DD TV xx


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