DD TV Dance Floor Massacre – January 2014




The drummers are paid and on demand to make noise: to this aim, they should perform in the best place for acoustics, in a venue where every kind of ear can be satisfied.

The whole crews (managers, stage managers, musicians, sound engineers) are supposed to periodically reconvene to search for and to get the best way to make fans hear the best, taking into consideration the budget and the costs for the equipment and the insurance, all of the possible “B plans” in case of any inconvenience.

Fans just dream to attend their best concert ever, taking into consideration their budget for the ticket, their devotion for the drummers and, like for the Management, all of the possible “B plans” in case of any inconvenience.

Making noise is great fun when both fans and musicians are in the right mood and when all of the above mentioned is connected.  

Let’s see what could happen in the following cases.  


In the studio everybody in the crew today wears earphones and the sounds of the drum are passed thru computers, so the final listening is the finest one. However, it takes to highlight that the ears of the crew members aren’t the fans’ ones.

Live in the stadia: the venue is the biggest possible, the best any performer dreams to play at and the concerts here need a particular organization to get the best equipment, instruments and any other necessary sort of device to get the loudest sound.

The lucky drummers who perform here usually claim they are the most gratified by the experience and the audience can hear a powerful sound. If and when those fans complain report that only few areas in the stadium were “served” so to speak.

Live in the clubs: the acoustics might change according to the “prestige”, to the level of popularity of the venue. The basic equipment is enough powerful and drummers should be satisfied to play in and to be heard. The fans’ excitement usually doesn’t give problems of hearing the music.

Live in the theatres: theatres are important venues and treated “with care”. The major rock stars choose theatre for “high quality concerts”. The equipment is prior to be tried and when it is likely to not satisfy the fans or the drummers, it is immediately changed.


Drummers are mostly instructed and encouraged to play in bigger venues, where the fans can hear and can enjoy the music. For drummers playing loud to a large crowd is the biggest reward.



Girolamo Giuseppe: he’s the Italian drummer who lost his life in the Costa Concordia incident on 13th January 2012. RIP.

Arcade Fire drummer

Lady Gaga’s drummer on the Artpop album

Katy Perry’s drummer on the Prism album

Jeannie Jett’s drummer

Boston’s drummers: Jim Masdea, Sibis Hashbian


DD TV xxx


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