DD TV The Reader – January 2014

I’ve read

“The secrets of London, stories and characters of the British capital town” by Conrad Augias

It’s a book about some of the most important monuments of London and the author tells the story of each of them: the Tower of London, the Trafalgar monument in T. Square, the Beatles’s monuments, the Cutty Sark shipwreck, Lady Diana etc…

I loved the language used by the author; he’s one of the most amazing we have in Italy, one of the best TV science shows presenters, a smart man with a profound sense of culture and of deep knowledge on all.

This was an easy-reading because it is not a tourist guide book.

I’ve read “La Collina del vento (The Windy Hill) ” by Carmine Abate  

It’s an amazing venture novel written by the amazing Italian writer Carmine Abate about the story of a South Italian peasants’ family, who lived and honestly worked as farmers on their land of a hill named Rossarco, in Calabria. The story takes place early in the 1900s and ends up in the early 2000s, because the fictional author is the grandchild who tells you the happenings of the family from his grandparents on. The major facts, happened during the First-Second World Wars; the rough approach to the Mafia members who wanted portions of their land on the hill, the author’s mum’s death are the parts who moved me the most.

The Rossarco hill was believed to hide the ruins of an ancient Greek town, named Krimisa and really recently some archaeology yards were opened to bring them to light: Krimisa is mentioned in all of the novel. The ruins really recently resurfaced, but not in the way described in the book.

I’m currently reading “A romance over the Holy Bible” by Sandro Mayer

One book recommended by Italian critics: “Above all, my Gospel according to songster De Andre”. Take the lyrics of one of the most successful Italian songster, Fabrizio De Andre, the wisdom of the Italian priest, Don Gallo and the amazing pictures by the Italian designer Vauro: the result of the mix is an involving book that appeals to spiritual values beyond every religion.

Next update in June 2014.


DD TV xx


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