A new start: memories and resolutions

My blog might read a bit serious this time, because I’m going to speak of Shoah, on the occasion of the World Memory day this past 27 January. Creating the “World Memory Day” was really helpful to educate the younger generations to remember? Why only the Jews’ Shoah is seemingly the most celebrated one?

I have to specify I am not Jew, my dad’s and mum’s families are not Jews, but like anyone who was a young man during the Second World War might have shared the same experience they did: my mum’s dad and a relative were captured by the Nazis in the small town where they lived and deported them to a camp in Germany, forced to work (not comfortably as I do on my seat, with, a desk, a PC and a phone…) for 5 long years. The total of the people captured from their small town were 6: in 1945 only two guys of them came back home alive. The Nazis needed young arms in their camps to work, aside the Jews to torture and kill in other different camps: that’s why they kidnapped or captured lot of non- Jews, too. 

I got aware of my granddad’s destiny when I was 12- 13 years old: I can remember there was an exhibit on the Shoah at our school and my parents told me all: when finished the tale I went out with the tears rolling on my cheeks. The other kids and my teachers tried to console us. Years passed by and I grew up in other schools. When I was a teen, although, I must say it again, I am NOT Jew and only occasionally I told about my “granddad’s German facts” during a class on history about these facts: I was mobbed and discriminated, left apart from the rest in my class for this reason. I was never able to understand how one can mob (or worse…) the other for the look, for the attitudes, for the religion: never did I manage to tune into their heads and see why they see the difference as something negative. Time was not a healer.

Some guys I know they feel to celebrate the Shoah Day, but would like that Day to be also for the Memory of all victims of similar genocides. I agree with what these brave fellows point out: in Africa thousands of innocents are dying for starvation and also for war and all happens under our nose and no one is moving a finger to stop.

Who’s killing who in the music and arts industry? Well, it would take an essay from me to post my view and without throwing offence on anyone working in that field, it suffice to acknowledge that the today talent shows and the so-called “digital music revolution” upset music are taking away good things and introducing others. I’ve seen attitudes growing and developing, others are dying, others surviving. I don’t see any genocide: I’d rather calling it “evolution” and am getting aware that my fave habits and tastes can’t be compared to this generation’s one. I don’t feel “old” either “old-fashioned” or “dead as a dodo”. I guess the arts industry can survive thanks to some of things that some guys now rate like “dead”: I’m sad for their disappearing, whereas the music industry managers might be happy they got rid of them! In the music business you get this equation: death  =>new => future.

So, every “end” is supposed to be followed by a beginning: the descendants have the power to sow the seeds of whatever new or to bring all what remains into darkness. Every end is supposed to mostly be a sad event, in respect of the people who previously started that thing off.     


DD TV xx


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