DD TV The Viewer – February 2014

Aside the only official Oscar’s ceremony held in LA every year, this is the place where we post our feedback on the most impressive movies we have watched in these past few months.

We use the following “rough” method for the rating.

*** (3 stars) good movie, but not excellent

**** (4 stars) great

***** (5 stars) don’t miss it, highly recommended

TOP SECRET with Val Kilmer

It deals with an amazing B Movie, shot in 1984 and whose main actor was a young, but interesting debuting Val Kilmer.

The look of Kilmer was clearly inspired by Duran Duran front man and lead singer, Simon LeBon, as in the time it was shot LeBon’s band was on top of the world.

The story is quite original: it deals with rock music and the story takes place in the Nazi East Germany, where Nick Jervais – the rock star incarnated by Val Kilmer – is sent to promote American music within the Nazis. His mission is a venture and a hilarious one.

In the end, the movie is a description of the Nazi Germany seen with the eyes of a young, naïve, ephemeral rock star, pretty much like the 80s music stars were really taken.

**** 4 stars to the story

***** 5 stars to the sexy Val Kilmer/LeBon

JOHN Q with Denzel Washington

The story seems a fantasy one, instead it is just what it really happens in the State. There, in the major economic power of the West world, if you are not covered by the insurance bill you don’t have the right to cure your diseases. No European citizen can conceive this: we complain of our own National Health Services, but a doctor is guaranteed: the same, a personally guaranteed doctor is not conceived in America.

The only “unreal” things in the movie are the consequences that happen to mister John Q., when he finds out he’s got no insurance bill that can financially help him to cure his deadly child: he decides to kidnap the doctors of the hospital where the child is, and he is about to commit suicide to have his heart donated to his child.

Movies like this one and like, for example, the science dramas on the climate crisis, are designed to make pressure on a certain part of the public opinion about the  relative problem. This kind of movies I guess  surely makes the viewer ponder of what could come next if things don’t change.

Wow, I was emotionally involved in the movie, I really enjoyed it and the “Obama Care” affair really is one of the hottest topics for everyone. 

KING DAVID with Richard Gere

I didn’t know mister Gere covered a “religious and serious” role in a historical big movie. I didn’t recognize him, in the role of King David as adult.

The story is exactly like the one written in the Holy Bible, in the Old Testament; overall the interpretation given to the real facts seems accurate.

There are some violent and cruel scenes, especially the ones picturing the legendary fight against the giant Goliath.  

Richard Gere is an awesome talented cute man, but, although his cliché as “sex symbol”, he did play well.

***** 5 stories to the story

***** 5 stars to all of the actors and to Richard Gere.

ROBOTROPOLIS shot in 2011 in Singapore, with Zoe Naylor.

It is a B-movie shot in Singapore that can be “noticed” only for the big question its story features (and pushes to you to wonder yourself): how long can hi-fi tech (robots, i.e.) be a help to humans?

The story is a simple one and that’s why it makes the movie appears silly and naïve. In Newtown, in an automatized center for oil exploitation, robots and human work and live together, spend their leisure time together: all seem quiet, when suddenly during a football match with the humans a robot gets crazy and kills one of the humans. It gets hard to find and capture the robot killer, as all of the robots look the same.

Reality is that in Japan hi-fi tech is progressing in robotics and the movie is close to that reality.

Can robots replace men in whatever of their activity?

**** 4 stars to the story

***** 5 stars to the robot killer

Next update in July 2014.  


DD TV xx


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