DD TV Playlists – February 2014

Playlist by Manu  

 DD – The man who stole the leopard

DD – Meet el presidente

Frank Zappa – Slime

Madonna – 4 minutes

Chic –My forbidden lover

Led Zeppelin – Rock and roll

Youth Kills – Rabbit hole   

Dom Brown – Miss Marmalade

Mick Jagger – Lucky in love

The Beatles – Back in USSR

David Bowie  – Where are we now?

Sex Pistols  – Pretty vacant

Sting – Practical arrangement

Kraftwerk – The model

Michael Jackson – I’ll be there

Tori Amos – Crucify

Yusuf Cat Stevens – Father and son


Playlist by Leo   

 DD – Notorious

DD – Rio

Frank Zappa – Joe’s garage

Madonna – Like a prayer

Chic – Le Freak

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to heaven

Youth Kills – Time is now

Dom Brown – Open Road

The Rolling Stones – Tumbling dice

The Beatles – Strawberry fields

David Bowie  –  The stars (are out tonight)

Sex Pistols  – God Save the Queen

Sting – Fragile

Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express

Michael Jackson – Bad

Pink Floyd – Great gig in the sky

AVICII – Hey Brother




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