DD TV Glam Pop Party – The top Albums The legendary producers: Nile Rodgers Bernard Edwards Quincy Jones Rick Rubin Timbaland Colin Thurston Alex Sadkin Brian Eno Mark Ronson Arthur Baker Youth Flood Mack David Richards Stephen Duffy TV Mania Stock- Aitken – Waterman The best studios: Sphere Studios Sonic Vista Studios La Grande Armée The Power Station Studios Nomis Studios Priority Studios Air Studios Red Bus studios Abbey Road Studios The Factory The X factors: The music arrangement The vocals The lyrics The melodies The duets The artwork A good production The right time for release The multimedia attachments The instruments The distribution, the sale The chemistry in the working team DD TV xx.

*So far we have posted lists – we apologize if we forgot someone or whatever, but these topics keep coming on rotation, so next time we may include different things in the lists.** The legendary producers:Nile RodgersBernard EdwardsQuincy JonesRick RubinTimbalandColin ThurstonAlex SadkinBrian EnoMark RonsonArthur BakerYouthFlood MackDavid RichardsStephen DuffyTV ManiaStock- Aitken – Waterman The best studios:Sphere […]

DD TV The Screamer – March 2014

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR FAVOURITE VOCALISTS’ PERFORMANCES: DIETS, TREATMENTS… We have loved and worshipped performers with an amazing voice or with an original voice: how do they keep their voices amazing? We guess drugs and alcohol worked, but any addiction is dangerous to all. Diets and vocal training (apart from the one they usually do in […]