DD TV The Screamer – March 2014


We have loved and worshipped performers with an amazing voice or with an original voice: how do they keep their voices amazing?

We guess drugs and alcohol worked, but any addiction is dangerous to all.

Diets and vocal training (apart from the one they usually do in the back stage), gym look more healthy; if only vocalists lead also a more regular life, the results should be guaranteed.

Vocal trainers are much on demand these days: it’s a “brand new job”, thanks, in particular, to the TV Talent shows and the question would be the same: how do the vocal trainers keep their voices in the right form to teach?

Diets are an easier tool to think of: vocalists have the freedom to choose the doctor, to choose the food (hopefully only food), to decide when to start. If responsible guys, they should keep following that diet for some time.

Both for vocal gym and diets, motivation, trust, luck and patience are the essential elements to get the best results.  

Diet or vocal gym: what would work the best for the long promotional tours and the best for the recording studio sessions?  

Of course, during the world live tours their voice is under pressure for a longer time, vocalists should take more care o themselves and should keep in mind of the fans’ expectations.

The voice on the studio material is important as well, but the vocalists have only specific working periods, according to the days booked: we guess the more peaceful period is the best medicine, a better one than diets and vocal gym could be.  

 X FACTOR 2013 – Italy

Hip- hop music and rappers seem to be the current choice of most of the applicants in the castings, but the number of the screamers is still high.

The feedback of the judges are often “senseless”, because they put value only on the technique and not on the ego: according to their words, no one of our idols of the past (80s, 70s and 60s) was a decent singer, they all had an imperfect voice.

The 2013 edition winner is a young guy, whose “X Factor” seems to have been the lyrics. Funny he belonged to the judge-coach’s team that has won most of the editions so far.

However, good luck! 

X FACTOR 2014 is kicking off next 7th March on the Italian TV: our feedback are coming next.


One of the VIP members of the judges crew of the first Italian edition (also the winner) announced wouldn’t go to take part again in 2014. He’s going to be replaced by a rapper, the “godfather of rap” in Italy.

Some of the rules of the competition will be slightly changed: ”Steal” is the first brand new add, here the singer who lost can be rescued by another coach and he can change team; before the “Live Shows” sequence, we’ll enjoy the “Knockout”, where two team members compete with each other performing a song for each and at the end of every single match the coach can eliminate definitely one of the two vocalists.     

 DD TV xx


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