Time is a river

“Time is a river …. A silent, icy river” …. Has my ageing changed the way of being a music fan? How do I support and worship my music arts heroes now?

They say time is a healer, they say time will say. Prince, in the 80s, had an awesome song titled “Sing of the times”. … Whoever said all of the things above on time was right, universally and specifically.

Prior to say (and proud to say it… LOL!!), I’ve always managed to mentally keep distant the concepts of “person/musician” from the “icon” one, I was never really able to think and to behave like the other more deeply supporters. I’ve always been grounded and down to earth: yes, I had the walls in my room tapestried with their posters, I have been glad to hear them whenever they were passed on the radio/TV, I was glad to actually scream for them, but I was with the “person”, never been with the “icon”. I was sad many other fans didn’t share my point of view; I spent lonely days at times, because I couldn’t vent with the people, but we just let it go and never really spoiled any of my friendships.

In the years my motto has resisted and it actually is: “Never put your life into your hero’s one, but put a little of his into yours” and this helped me to carry on. Having some of my superstars’ “presence” with me enriched my days, helped me to grow up wiser.

The time “wisdom” arrived (“Finally!” mum said one day… LOL) was around 2007: I started to throw critics on my music and arts heroes’ decisions, decisions taken also beyond their music or movies, although I loved them. There were times I was amazed of how hard my words sounded: my opposing has continued up to this day and I still don’t feel shame for having such opinions; this time my views are shared with other peeps and I can vent with them; I’m still “distant”, I just call “fiction” all what I can see, learn and hear from my heroes’ public life, so my critics just last for a short moment, as I come back to spend my time with their “presence”. 

They say making music, hearing music has changed: was it because of us fans growing older?

I don’t think the older fans’ wisdom could ever change the trends of the music industry, as the industry main target is the teenagers: teenagers are most of the music buyers. Music managers, I guess, are also aware that the older people love the heroes of their generations, the vinyl records; I guess they are also aware that the old fans mostly have a family and can attend concerts in a different frequency than the one they did when they were teens.

Prior to say I’ll put under control my wisdom and I’ll do the best that I can to not let it turn into continuous rants, grumbling and stalking against my fave musicians and actors, I wish my wiser attitude could arrive to them: I’d love them to know I’m grown up and I might be more demanding on new things and that’s why communication was and is important for ageing together.  

“… Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow…” is a ten-years old lyric of an amazing band: I will carry on listening to music, I’ll cherish the best moments in my life as a fan, both in my teenage and in my adulthood. The worst moments are now all lessons learnt; tears, regrets, disappointment all featured the same message: don’t worship and walk on your own lane, don’t put your life into theirs.  

 DD TV xx


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