DD TV The Sounding Board – March 2014


One of the best most amazing Italian music journalists and one of the most appreciated by musicians all over the world, mister Red Ronnie, back in 2009, in partnership and in collaboration with the Milan City Council had the opportunity to realize with all of his memorabilia an exhibit on rock music, from the ‘50s to 90s, in a sort of Music Museum, just like the Rock Museum you currently can visit in London, UK, but the Milan Museum was in a temporary building. Since one of the DD TV staff members works as employee in the City Council, journalists never misses a chance to thank her for making it all possible, “together we could accomplish to realize something revolutionary”. By the way of “revolutionary”, rock music IS still an odd thing in Italy: it’s the cradle of “mélo” and poetry, although the Elvis-lead rock invasion, the punks, and the first and second British music invasions were overwhelming. Still happy for visiting your Museum Ronnie!  

Progressive rock music is kind of more balanced rock music: it features softer sounds, so to speak, than the rest of rock music and that’s why it seems to be underrated.

In the rock bands you often have songs written by all of the members, whereas in pop music in every group you have a leading mind, who also serves glue for the group. In rock music you often have lead guitarists, who, sometimes are kind of rebel guys, but mostly are like glue that keeps together their bands; they do defend the chemistry within the group members. 

The latest DD TV Music Awards hosted and honored basically rock performers in the “Best concert-tour Award”: is it because rock music is the one that gives the hottest emotions to the fans? It’s not the music type, but the way it is played that influences people’s emptions (and votes, in this case).

What’s matter more in the awesome rock pieces of music: how the guitarist’s fingers move or the guitar’s trademark (Fender, Stratocaster, Taylor…)? In our opinion, it much depends on the way he can move his fingers, ‘coz they create the guitarist’s unique style; the guitar gives you the sound quality.  

The 2014 Rock and Roll Hall Fame inductions ceremony was embarrassing: never seen so many artists inducted and invited to perform who, later, refused to, for a reason or another: duh?  




It sounds classic rock, filled with screams and falsetto, with epic guitar riffs and choirs typical of the 70s.

It is the soldest debut rock album ever in the USA.

The lead vocalist, Brad passed away in 2007: RIP.

Our fave songs are: the mega hit More than a Feeling, Piece of mind, Rock and roll band, Smoking and Let me take you tonight.

It is great to notice that the symbol of this album, the track “More than a feeling” is pretty celebrated by the new generations, it’s just classics.



When we were teens in the 80s and heard their smash pop hit, “In the army now”, we just didn’t have the least idea they guys were hard rock makers!

We got this “Best of” compilation and the guitars thrive….

We could recognise the older hits like “Whatever you want”, “Rockin’ all over the world”. We love their cover of The Doors’s Roundhouse Blues.

We think other rock pieces like “Dear John”, “The Wanderer”, “Fun fun fun” (with Beach Boys) are amazing and don’t deserve to be underestimated.



It’s not a proper “rock” album, this one the Genius released in late 80s, but Zappa was also a rock music maker and he did few innovations in certain fields of the rock scene. He was a prolific, genial artist, who is still missed after 20 years.

The album, which is all instrumental and recorded “live” in what sounds to be a theatre, with a playing orchestra and a couple of audio introductions that break the performance and which we expected a hard rock thing, just sounds nothing other than a sort of soundtrack of a moment in someone’s life: it’s as if the characters lived in a sort of Reality Show: certain song titles recall to a specific moment in the day.

As mentioned above, the tracks are all instrumental and the instruments played are strings, piano, classic guitars.

It’s amazing how in late 80s, it seemed he could imagine and pioneer the Big Brother: we recommend you to listen to TV Mania “Bored with the Prozac and Internet”, released in 2013 and you will realize both the albums share much of their concepts and vision. One of the two TV Mania members is that Warren Cuccurullo from pop British band Duran Duran, who gained his pedigree working for a long time aside Frank Zappa and, to this day, he still considers Zappa his mentor.  

The most famous track is probably the one titled “Questi cazzi di piccioni” (These f*cking pigeons), whose title reveals the Italian origins of the Maestro.


DD TV xx


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