The best question

“What do you think we should do now?” actually is THE question every enough longtime fan would like to hear asking him from his music hero.

When you start following an artist with a passion, you just get into the events of his public life and in the beginning of your fandom you don’t realize these events take place thanks to you, to your love and attention.

After some time and if your hero is still on the road and if you are still there, maybe a little selfishly, there are moments when you watch your idol’s moves once you have grown opinionated that you can’t help from being the critics, from leaving comments on his/her official page/websites that read, at times, surprising forms of advice.

The beauty of today fandom is that everything the artists and their fans post is visible to all and can be shared; we fans can say and share our ideas, views, comments with others.

I said above they might get aware of our comments: but how? I guess they should be more “present” on their official Message Boards; they could use fewer cold “press releases” when have to announce whatever to the crowd; they should be as much close as to our human level, if and when it is possible. I guess every fan would content of a “sign”, of a “baby step” in the directions above. It is harder to approach to the crowd if there isn’t any liaison since the beginning.

How would our feedback to the “What do you think we should we do?” question really help? Given that they care of what we tell them, the whole of our mutual feelings could improve and this could positively influence their way of making music, of performing, could fix trouble in their organization (if our advice was on the organization). Given that they care of our replies, their credibility would look stronger to the eyes of the public. If only they listened …

The “What do you think we should we do?” is the best question ever, but are there others that, if answered, might help to take amazing decisions? I think the one given to blog about is enough strong and it usually is a successful one; it reads as the most open, complete of all.

What would be the question I’d love him/her/them to ask me if I win the contest prize to have a call from my favorite artist? I think that when they want to hear their fans’ opinion, they’d rather ask and read written Q&As: I wish our phone conversation would be the most civilized and friendliest as possible, given my tongue-tied condition and their presumable hurry to speak to me.

I’m not asking my heroes to be my slaves or my butlers. I am a long time music listener and I have witnessed how the music industry is (badly) evolving: I think if we fans we were allowed to send them a sort of “warning”, like “Hey, What are you doing? That’s wrong to me”, maybe today there would be less rubbish around.


 DD TV xx


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