Live shows: my own shows!

Live performances – my weirdest and wildest dreams.

After blogging long enough on my music heroes, in my dreams: what would be my lives sets? Enjoy and laugh, when it’s possible.

This is in my dreams: the Reality Show where to sing and what song of my heroes I’d love to perform.

The choice of the right show is the hardest one, a bit due to the celebrities, who are members of the juries and who are coaches, the rest is due to the prize offered. Given I’m tongue-tied and shy, I’d probably pick only the “Blind Auditions” off “The Voice”, but also given I like re-creating and re-arranging old hits and classics, (I said, “I like”, not “I am able to”: my ideas often turn into orders to other musicians friends of mine… LOL), I guess “X Factor” could be good to me. I think an environment and an entourage like “The Voice” is the best pick: I have noticed the celebrities look to have more human touch than elsewhere.

Wow … now I must dream of the cover-song of my dreams: as a longtime fan, I wouldn’t love to change much of the classics I grew up with; to me it would be a form of disrespect. What would be more “relevant to be noticed” at home by the viewers: songs form the 70s or off the 80s? Well, the hits off the 80s are more visual, the words of the lyrics often moved in synchrony with the images on their related clips. Oh, sorry: are you waiting for the actual song titles? Nah, I just am not able to choose, it’s hard to narrow down 20 years of legendary songs.        

This is in my dreams: the songs I’d love to try singing in the famed “Killer Karaoke”. I am preparing the audio file of me “singing” Andy Taylor’s I Might Lie and Duran Duran’s “All You Need is Now”. And this is to be the tease: I’ll be sat down on a chair, my arms are tied up and a guy behind me teases my hips with his hand with “sexy” massages. That would definitely be a tease hard for me to resist…! Get ready to cry with laughter… LOL

Before the famed “Killer Karaoke” was created, we all used to sing our fave tunes with the ordinary “Karaoke”: I always had in my dreams performances of rock songs, but actually I never found anything really funny in it, I thought it was just experts’ stuff.

Who would I perform whatever in front of? I’m watching the various Talent Shows on TV and I find the celebrities’ involvement as a reward, as a tribute to the celebs themselves for their sacrifice in the arts. I think some VIPs are fit to judge and to play the teachers, whereas I consider few others as (no more or less) famous people who take the Reality Shows as a moment to try flying solo. I wouldn’t want a performance in front of my fave heroes: they would do a biased feedback, I’d rather sing and dance in front of other people off the 70s- 80s music industry: they know my stuff and would be more opinionated, they’d have a wider, larger, deeper vision of the song. I hope my heroes just would stay home, just watch me and … laugh!

Wow: I hope you enjoyed my “live shows”! More to say in the future about live performances: ‘til next time.

Happy Easter to the ones celebrating.  

DD TV xxx.


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