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The legacy – how I get the new music.

This is history: in the past years I could hear the new music on the radio and thanks to the new clips on MTV. Today it’s thru the social sites, with the friends’ word-up; partially radio still has a role in passing and spreading new music, also the indie artists’ one. Today, other new names come out from the Talent TV shows, but only the talented ones are also lucky to become stars and passed on the radio.

It’s funny how things evolved this much and so fast, within a decade. I am not going to blame the globalization, where the “world is just one >> the potential music market is just one”: globalization affected the economic systems of the countries, not music.

None ever forced me to prefer one musician to others: record companies had their schedules for releases and today, on Facebook, friends can pass me along names, but, in the end, it’s up to me, the “final part of the chain”, to pick up my number one.
The music albums price was affected by the fall of the frontiers and of globalization: the biggest consequence was the digital music and the file sharing. It was like a tsunami that washed away from the musicians’ and from the record labels guys’ eyes a good part of their certainties: who bought what! The digital music world is in fact “invisible”: again, who buys what?

The Record Store Days are one of the coolest events designed to celebrate the legacy of my generation: the vinyl records and the record stores. I miss the record store dealers of the area where I lived before: it was a small store near the railway station and two young guys ran it. They got the news on concerts and on releases before the radio, they followed the gossip and rumors around a certain artist, they had vinyl albums of artists from every corner in the world. I could have a dialogue with people: whereas today things like ITunes offer you the same wide range of choice of the record stores, but… I deal with a computer!

The news on my heroes travel more quickly and more regularly, thanks to the modern electronic toys, like the smartphones. News are spread so fast…: the new hi-fi device just build their “commercial rivalry” on the speed to offer up-to-dates. I was used to listen to the radio or to the retailers of my local record store to get news, so the hi-fi big change got it a little more frustrating to me; I was used to buy my weekly music magazines, or the fanzines, today the websites or the pages of the social sites replaced all: the web/FB Pages don’t spoil reality, but … I miss the artwork and the “craftsmanship”, so to speak, of the ‘zines curators.

Attending concerts or going to clubs still gives you the chance to get to know with new bands and new artists you didn’t know before and I guess this will probably be the only kind of legacy of my generation that will resist in the years: the stage is the real test for the artists to show how relevant they are to the everybody’s eyes.

Is the legacy totally spoiled? I don’t think so, as live music seems to be a hard-die tradition; I think it would take probably few restrictions on the internet to support the artists who release on line their things.

DD TV xxx.


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