DD TV The Reader – June 2014

I’ve read “A romance over the Holy Bible” by Sandro Mayer
It was an amazing read and it wasn’t the first time I was pleased to read over the Holy Bible, seen I’m a believer.
The book features that mix of history and romance that I do love, that I search for in my fave history-novels, venture novels.
The book is about only the Old Testament and I’m not going to tell you what it’s about. I’m going to tell you my fave character is Joseph, the one who was sold to the Egyptians as a slave by his brothers, who eventually became the vice-Pharaoh.

I’ve also read “The devil is coming” by Glenn Cooper
It wasn’t the first time I read a novel by this author and it was once again an amazing read.
He’s just Dan Brown’s best pupil.
The story is built around the Saint Malaki’s prophecy: “112 Popes are going to be elected in the Vatican, then the end of Rome and Satan will rise” and on the “Doctor Faust” opera by C. Marlowe, in which the protagonist Doctor Faust sells his soul to the Devil and goes to hell… . The facts take place in Rome, in the 2000s when an international group of criminals – whose bodies has a particular detail: the tail – works to kill the favorite Cardinal during the Conclave and to replace him with another “tailed” Cardinal. Their plan fails, because a brave nun discovers on her skin their plot…, but the ending lines of the story unveil you it’s not a happy ending at all!
However, our current Pope Francis really is the 112th Pope in the Malaki’s list: what is going to happen when he dies? Saint Malaki really existed and his prophecy is reality.

I’m currently reading “One billion butterflies” by Eben Alexander
It’s the book written by the famous American neurologist who tried a near-death experience during his coma. The tale actually features the amazing proof that the after-life exists; it’s the book that shocked a good part of the public opinion.
One book recommended by Italian critics:
“Il Nero e l’Argento (Silver and black)” by Paul Giordano
The story is about a married couple with a child who baby sitter is an extra-ordinary, patient, loving, kind and a hard-working woman, who is never mentioned by her real name until the end of the book, but mysteriously only by “A.”. The family business can carry on with the help of this amazing woman. Suddenly she gets seriously ill and then the roles are swapped: it’s the family members who have to give a hand, who have to give their support. When she’s about to die, only then she’s called by her real name and while pronouncing it, she passes away.
It’s a maybe poignant and a deep novel.

Next update in September 2014.

DD TV xx


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