Top albums (announcements) – thrills and expectations

The best music ever enters your heart since the first chord you hear, both when you are a child and when you are a teenager, or a wiser guy. The thrill you feel is the same in terms of intensity, but, maybe given the different moments of your life, the different surroundings, every thrill is a story on its own.

You have the highest expectations to have a good music album from your heroes in particular during your wiser age, because you are aware of how long you have waited, how long and hard the worked (from what you hear them saying… LOL!) and after all what you have done to support them in the gap.

When I was a teen the “studio album” concept arrived later, in the second mid-80s: I was just used to buy hits compilations featuring the hits of various artists and it was nice to have all my number ones in one record. I started to think of the fatigue, labor, and long recording sessions of my fave music acts after 1985; my total devotion and relative admiration for their recording sessions arrived in late 90s.

During the “studio gaps”, when the news from the headquarters usually sounds like “We’re working hard …”, “We got many ideas to develop …”, “The mood is high…” “The creative juices are flowing in …” it’s funny to see how differently the rest of my fave heroes’ crews tries to entertain the fans and to keep their support alive on the social media. Believe me, as a fan it’s important that every musician, while he’s locked inside to work on his new stuff, has a good team behind to “interact” with the people: the “studio gaps” are boring and people aren’t always patient.

The announcements of a new studio album have always been an exciting thing to experience at any time. What do I usually do in the post-release announcement moment? Well, I keep thinking on the release date with a smile for a good while: the thrill is my company in any moment of my days: morning, afternoon and evening..

Live albums? When I was a kid, I didn’t even know what a live album was. In my family we rarely attended concerts, so listening to my fave artist from the stage has always been a really “special, alien” thing; in fact, I think that in my whole teenage I purchased only 2 live records. Those couple of live albums were the chance to hear other people’s voices: listening to live albums made me aware I shared my passion with thousands of other young guys.

Technically, live albums are the chance to realize of the “difference” in terms of performance from the studio albums: I always admired my heroes for their physical resistance of playing on the stage for a couple of hours without breaks.
Having my idols announcing tours is used to be another wonderful moment: I still think touring is the best evidence then and today that my fave guys are still in a good form and that they can still make it.

The release day of top albums can never be an ordinary day for us, music lovers: “the album is out” is just the phrase which keeps playing in your mind until you purchase that album. Much we have read, much we thought, much we expect before finally popping the record into our record players…..

DD TV xxx.


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