DD TV Glam Pop Party – On reality shows

Our view on the Talent shows thru the lists below. Share a laugh (when you think it is possible to) and enjoy.

The songs we would perform the best:
the hits that became famous for their clips, because we grew up in the video-music generation and imagination would help us performing better.

The songs we would perform the worst:
the too old songs: we just weren’t born when they were written and recorded and we never had the chance to “feel” them.

Our “dream team” of coaches and judges, here:
it would be a couple within the major musicians and a record label representative.

Our “dream team” of coaches and judges out of Italy:
it would be our best musicians and best actors.

The rule or phase inside the competition we would remove / the one we would add:
We’d remove the duets with the professional music acts: light years away from the Italian standards, the non-Italian acts are more competitive and also, are harder to invite due to their crowded schedules.
We’d introduce a “surprise Karaoke” set: being able to improvise whenever and during a televised Show is a form of talent.

The reasons why we would let the applicants perform their own songs:
How can they find their talent if they are judged on performing covers?
Making new music means you have your own vision on whatever, making a cover it means you have it on that songs, it’s a limit to your talent.
The covers are hard to be accepted by the original artists and by their fans; the new songs can more globally be discussed and maybe also appreciated.
Coaches should teach how to perform on new songs, because it would be more exciting to see: prejudices on the covers limit the thrill the viewer/listener gets from hearing something really new.

The reasons why we think Talent Shows are not the remedy to all good music agony.
Thinking Talent Shows can save music with new talented people found out and raised in this way seems to be not the right idea.
Music needs new things, not new temporary characters.
Music needs a global fan base who appreciates and supports the new comers, not few coaches who support them and sell them on the market.
Much was said against the role of the TV talent show coaches, who are “replacing” the producers or of the art directors: well, we think art directors and producers were genuine and naïve and took all risks of their artists, they spent time with their guys away from the media and that continued contact helped their connection to grow civilized and nice; whereas the Talent Shows coaches are free to prepare and promote/sell their guys, but once the TV Show is finished they stop giving them advice.


DD TV xx.


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