DD TV – The Sounding Board July 2014

The latest DD TV Music Awards hosted and honored basically rock performers in the “Best concert-tour Award”: is it because rock music is the one that gives the hottest emotions to the fans? It’s not the music type, but the way it is played that influences people’s emptions (and votes, in this case).
What’s matter more in the awesome rock pieces of music: how the guitarist’s fingers move or the guitar’s trademark (Fender, Stratocaster, Taylor…)? In our opinion, it much depends on the way he can move his fingers, ‘coz they create the guitarist’s unique style; the guitar gives you the sound quality.
The 2014 Rock and Roll Hall Fame inductions ceremony was embarrassing: never seen so many artists inducted and invited to perform who, later, refused to, for a reason or another: duh?
We have watched the TV talent show “The Voice of Italy”: we were positively impressed by the high number of “rock” vocalists who took part in the Show. (Great to see girls, too!!) We were disappointed to see that “screaming” rock lyrics is the best way to perform the rock classics!! We were disappointed to see that the metal fan lost in favor of a singer-nun: it’s just clothing, it’s just imagery that determined the winner.
We do try deep admiration for the “art & roll” bands” in pop music: although they’re not guitar-centric and despite their musical “distance” towards (their) guitars, they are able to make awesome music.


Their 1998 studio album is maybe their most commercial, most “pop” of all, but to our ears it sounds incredibly hard-rock; it sounds amazingly written, arranged and packed.
It is exactly a post-punk record, featuring all of the basic elements of that music: screams, rage in the lyrics, loud guitars and drums. To be fair to our really punk friends, the post-punk in late 90s is not the one of the late 70s, probably only Offspring share only their music with Sex Pistols.
The awareness of that difference encouraged to make similar amazing records
Our fave tracks were the singles released, which were well deserved huge hits.

The legendary album of the greatest guitarist of all time, every guitarist’s hero, it first sounded as if someone was grumbling. Actually, it’s the guitar riff which goes in a crescendo and it blows up towards the end of the record.
He wasn’t a great vocalist, his main skill was playing very well the electric guitar and his fingers really were the precious thing of his body.
Like Carlos Santana, he was a guitar virtuoso as well, but Santana had the Latin American melodies that differed.
The album cover? Wow: legendary!
Our fave tracks are: Voodoo Child, Voodoo Chile (Reprise), Long hot summer night. But the songs performances are all milestones.

DD TV xx


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